Unleash your inner daredevil with the all-new 2023 Toyota GR Corolla

PXL 20231021 214058605.MP2

While some cars simply weather the storm, the all-new 2023 Toyota GR Corolla embraces it with unrivaled excitement. This rip-roaring daredevil is the rowdiest member of the GR family, making it every gearhead’s dream come true. With its exclusively manual transmission and rally-built hot hatch design, this track-tested beast is ready to take on the […]

The Chery Tiggo SUV: a marvel of style, performance and affordability

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Are you in the market for a car that combines style, performance, and affordability? Look no further than the Chery Tiggo! This remarkable vehicle has been turning heads and winning hearts with its impressive features and undeniable charm. Let’s dive into a lifestyle car review of the Chery Tiggo and discover what makes it a […]

Ford Australia kicks off countdown to 60 years of Mustang

Ford Mustang

In anticipation of the iconic Ford Mustang’s 60th anniversary in 2024, Ford Australia has announced the launch of the seventh-generation Ford Mustang, promising a completely reimagined driving experience. This new lineup will include the Dark Horse Special Edition, the first new Mustang performance nameplate in 21 years, which features a sinister yet premium styling. With […]

Ford’s behind-the-scenes journey with The Inside Scoop

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In a move that is as innovative as it is engaging, Ford has launched a new video series titled “The Inside Scoop”. This series is an open door into the world of Ford, giving viewers an exclusive look at the people and processes that bring their beloved vehicles to life. The Inside Scoop is not […]

Embracing the Future: Extraordinary Luxury Meets Innovation at LANDMARK by Lexus

Lexus digital render car 2

As the confluence of Japanese and Australian landscapes and sensibilities merge, the much-anticipated LANDMARK by Lexus returns to the famed Flemington Racecourse in 2023. This exclusive pavilion, characterised by its sophisticated and elegant design, offers not just the best view of the Flemington Racecourse front straight, but also an array of culinary delights, entertainment, and […]

Ford’s Ranger plug-in hybrid: the future of power and performance

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It’s time to supercharge your adventures with Ford’s new Ranger Plug-in Hybrid. This powerhouse of a vehicle is set to redefine the standards of power, performance, and sustainability in the pickup segment. The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid is not just any ordinary vehicle — it’s a mobile power station on wheels! Equipped with Pro Power Onboard, […]

About the game-changing, electrifying Ford Mustang Mach-E


Buckle up, Australia! Brace yourself for an electric revolution on four wheels! Ford is introducing the Mustang Mach-E to its local line-up, a vehicle that doesn’t just promise but delivers an exhilarating drive and the longest range in its class. The Mustang Mach-E is a testament to Ford’s commitment to innovation and electrification, featuring a […]

The Game-Changer: MG4 Electric, Australia’s First Affordable EV

MG electric car

MG Motor Australia has made a ground-breaking announcement that is set to revolutionise the automotive industry: the launch of Australia’s first electric vehicle (EV) under $40,000. The new MG4 Electric, starting at an industry-leading $38,990 (+on road costs), is an all-electric hatchback designed to offer affordable, zero-emissions motoring without compromise. This announcement comes as the […]

A technical look at the new Ford Everest Ambiente car

Ford Everest Ambient Sydney view car

First things first; I am not a technical car person, BUT, the new release of the Ford Everest Ambiente in Australia is such an approachable drive, it deserved the time. So, without further ado, let’s get under the bonnet (sorry) of what’s actually up with the new Ford Everest Ambiente and discuss the real question: […]

Talking about cars? Great, but what is torque, anyway

Ford Next Gen Ranger All Models car truck ute

Car torque is a term commonly used by car enthusiasts, but many people may not fully understand what it means. In simple terms, torque is the twisting force that an engine generates. The more torque an engine produces, the more power it has to accelerate a car. Torque is measured in units of force multiplied […]