Embracing the Future: Extraordinary Luxury Meets Innovation at LANDMARK by Lexus

Lexus digital render car 2

As the confluence of Japanese and Australian landscapes and sensibilities merge, the much-anticipated LANDMARK by Lexus returns to the famed Flemington Racecourse in 2023. This exclusive pavilion, characterised by its sophisticated and elegant design, offers not just the best view of the Flemington Racecourse front straight, but also an array of culinary delights, entertainment, and the warm hospitality synonymous with the Japanese tradition of omotenashi.

In its sixth year as the Principal Partner of the Victoria Racing Club (VRC), Lexus Australia continues its proud tradition of offering unique experiences, showcasing the melding of opulence and elegance with sustainability and organic production. This year, LANDMARK by Lexus pays tribute to Takumi craftsmanship, under the theme ‘Close to the Source’, celebrating the beauty and rarity of natural materials and genuine ingredients.

Koichi Takada Architects have exclusively designed the LANDMARK by Lexus exterior, making a grand statement with the pavilion’s awnings fusing Japanese and Australian landscapes. The structure naturally integrates the best of both vistas, with the terraced awnings echoing the curvature of rice fields and softening the angular lines of the base building.

Upon entering, guests of LANDMARK by Lexus are greeted by the Lexus Electrified Sport, a stunning futuristic sports car making its Australian debut. It perfectly embodies modern luxury, with pure materials crafted into works of art, set against striking floral arrangements.

Lexus digital render 1

Inside, the pavilion consists of three distinct levels, each showcasing a synergy of sustainability and exceptional design. Australian restaurateur, Luke Mangan, is the culinary maestro behind the Lexus x Luke Mangan dining experience, which emphasizes fresh, sustainably-sourced, and seasonal produce.

Adding to the celebration of luxury, Lexus will also showcase the all-new Lexus LBX, its compact premium urban SUV. Perfect for those with active lifestyles, the LBX promises an electrified, fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain and will be available from the first half of 2024.

As the guests revel in the festivities of the Melbourne Cup Carnival at LANDMARK by Lexus, they will be joined by a host of Lexus Ambassadors, making this a truly unforgettable experience. The Lexus commitment to crafting amazing experiences is once again on full display, as it takes elegance, sophistication, and luxury to the next level.