How to overcome driving anxiety

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Are you one of the many Australians feeling the pangs of anxiety behind the wheel? Surveys reveal that up to 84% of individuals in Australia experience anxiety while driving. In Melbourne, studies from Monash University project that only half of the eligible young population will obtain their driver’s license by 2025, marking a significant shift in driving trends. Since 2000, the rates of driver’s licenses have been on a decline in Victoria, reflecting a changing landscape of mobility and personal choices.

Understanding the Roadblocks

Various reasons contribute to the reluctance to learn driving, ranging from resource constraints and mental health challenges to self-doubt and physical disabilities. In response to these challenges, Toyota Australia has initiated the Find Your Drive program. This groundbreaking initiative enlists the expertise of driving instructors and psychologists to guide four individuals through adversity and empower them to learn driving. The program has come to life through a compelling online content series featuring three captivating documentaries, offering an intimate look into the transformative journey of the participants. You can experience these empowering stories right here.

Navigating the Path Forward

To support those hesitant about obtaining their driver’s license, psychologist and expert on driver anxiety, Merryn Snare has outlined three effective strategies to overcome these obstacles:

  1. Identify Your “Self Talk”: It’s crucial to recognise and understand the internal dialogue that influences our decision-making process. Seeking the guidance of a psychologist can aid in identifying the origins of this self-talk, particularly anxious thinking and the narratives we construct to justify not pursuing a driver’s license.
  2. Seek Help to Change Your Thinking: Recognising the impact of limiting thought patterns on our quality of life is the first step. Professional support can help individuals navigate through these challenges, leveraging the proven concept of neuroplasticity to reframe their thinking and embrace a positive mindset.
  3. Assess Your Logistical Roadblocks: For those considering practical factors such as convenience and economic considerations, evaluating the benefits of having a driver’s license, even if not immediately essential, can open doors to greater opportunities and enhance the quality of life in the future.

Join the Movement

For more information on the impactful Find Your Drive program, explore the comprehensive media release and captivating images of the campaign. Additionally, delve into further insights through a headshot of Merryn, the driving force behind these empowering strategies.

Toyota invites you to embark on this transformative journey and discover the empowering possibilities that await.

For a taste of what this looks like, head to the Toyota website

Unleash the Power Within

By embracing these proactive steps, individuals can conquer their driving anxieties and embark on a path of empowerment and freedom. Let’s pave the way to a future where confidence behind the wheel knows no bounds.