Public performance in Randwick Sydney by artist Lauren Brincat

Lauren Brincat When Do I Breathe 2024. Performer Jasmin Lancaster. Photographer Zan Wimberley. Courtesy of the artist

This week, the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct will experience an exceptional infusion of art and community spirit through a public performance by the celebrated multidisciplinary artist Lauren Brincat. Scheduled for one-night only, on Wednesday, 24 April 2024, Brincat’s performance marks the launch of the new Laneway Art Program. This initiative, commissioned by the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct and supported by Transport for NSW’s Safer Cities program, seeks to enhance perceptions of safety for women, girls, and gender diverse people navigating the streets and laneways of the Precinct.

Brincat, along with Rochelle Haley, another leading Australian artist, has been entrusted with the mission to improve night-time connectivity and comfort within the precinct through performance-based and site-specific artwork. Both artists have engaged directly with health workers in the area to shape their projects, aiming to make the public spaces more welcoming and to strengthen the sense of community, safety, and inclusiveness across the site.

The artwork, titled When do I breathe?, is an ambitious collaboration with sound artist Evelyn Ida Morris, UNSW Choral Director Sonia Maddock, and choreographer Charmene Yap. It invites the public to actively participate in shaping new paths across the precinct, offering a unique experience that encompasses three activation sites within the UNSW Kensington and the hospital precinct. The performance, beginning at 5:00 pm on the UNSW Scientia Lawn, is a reflection on the interconnectedness of local communities, especially those separated by differing work shifts and daily rhythms.

Lauren Brincat When Do I Breathe 2024. Performer Loulou Mitsis. Photographer Zan Wimberley. Courtesy of the artist 1

Aiming to reclaim public space through collective action, When do I breathe? presents an artistic critique on the societal value of care. It’s a narrative woven through movement, song, and the interaction with large-scale fabric sculptures, creating a palpable link between participants and the broader community fabric.

In June, the Laneway Art Program will unveil Rochelle Haley’s Lunar Sway, a permanent, site-specific artwork designed to enhance the laneway’s ambiance and promote well-being for those traversing the Randwick Health Campus. Inspired by lunar cycles and the natural colors of sunrise and sunset, Haley’s installation aims to light up the night, providing safety and an uplifting experience for health workers and visitors alike.

The projects have garnered strong support from Transport for NSW and Create NSW, with significant investments aimed at ameliorating safety perceptions in urban areas. Sophie Forbat, Placemaking Curator & Producer for the Randwick Health & Innovation Precinct, emphasised the role of these artistic endeavors in fostering vibrant, inviting spaces that support diverse community members in feeling safe and connected.

Both Lauren Brincat and Rochelle Haley express a deep commitment to engaging with and enhancing community spaces, underscoring the vital role of art in public life and well-being. These initiatives not only serve to beautify and animate the precinct but also to kindle a sense of belonging and security among its users, reflecting a thoughtful and inclusive approach to urban development.


When do I breathe? A public performance by Lauren Brincat
Location: Beginning at UNSW Scientia Lawn, moving through the Health Campus and concluding in the Heritage area of the Campus, off Avoca Street Randwick.  
Date: From 5-7pm Wednesday, 24 April 2024
Link to event page:here