5 tips to surviving the Aussie heat on the ultimate road trip

Holen Acadia beach

You know what’s good? Summer. You know what’s not good? Summer.  For a season we all love so much, it sure comes hand-in-hand with some sucky elements: you’re hot, you’re sweaty, you’re bothered. Sure,it makes some activities more pleasant, like swimming, picnics and whatever you decide to do in your social or personal life, but […]

Green vehicles move over: Hyundai has launched its first electric vehicle, the Ioniq

2019 IONIQ Electric Premium - 18

Hyundai can now add another three notches to its belt in Australia thanks to its latest feat – the introduction the Ioniq electric, plug in and hybrid vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still (moronically) in the “green cars are for hippies” camp, or whether you’ve converted fully to the ways of the world, the […]

The spare parts to take on a road trip

Van in snow

Road trips can be a lot of fun. They’re one of the most recommended holiday ideas to try out, and you can go anywhere you want at any kind of speed you want, with everything you could need on the backseat within easy reach! Sure, a road trip places a lot more emphasis on the […]

Toyota announces new Toyota GAZOO Racing Australia rally team

Harry bates Toyota

Because Toyota Australia are awesome and all about supporting talent where it’s found, they’ve announced something new and exciting for drivers around the country. Toyota is significantly boosting its support for local motorsport, announcing the formation of a factory-backed Toyota GAZOO Racing Australia rally team to campaign two Yaris AP4 rally cars in the Australian […]

Who’s at fault for your car crash?

car crash

Australia ranks 17th out of 34 OECD countries for road fatalities per 100,000. This is a better score than American motorists have recorded. However, 10% of all car crashes results in multiple deaths. Over a third of all crashes occur in major cities where the traffic lanes are more likely to be saturated. However, while […]

5 things Australians care about when buying a used car

Four wheel drive car

When it comes to cars in Australia it turns out there’s one thing we’re all unanimous on – you need one! So, there’s no surprise when there are some pretty vital things to look out for before taking the plunge and dropping a few tens of thousands on a new ride that you should take […]

Test driving the Toyota C-HR 2WD Koba SUV

Toyota Koba CHR

Toyota is top-shelf. If they’re not supporting upcoming drivers at the T86RS around the country, they’re producing awesome vehicles like the Toyota C-HR 2WD Koba SUV, perfect for inner city driving. The car is zippy, modern, urban and since 2017, became one of the best contenders on the market for wheels out there along the […]

Ford Ranger Wildtrak and XLT – difference and test drive

For Ranger XLT test drive

Luxury sports car meets tough off-roader in the new 2015 Ford Ranger. With Ford’s advanced technology and state-of-the-art design, delivers a utilitarian vehicle with the capability to perform. As their tagline suggests, the ‘smarter ranger is here’ and driving this car really makes you feel like you’re driving a car like no other. RELATED: We […]

McLaren has launch its latest 600LT in Australia

McLaren 600LT Chicane orange

McLaren Automotive has unveiled the lightest, most powerful and quickest road-legal model to join its Sports Series range: the McLaren 600LT. The newest member to McLaren’s Longtail range of rides, it’s the car that redefines expectations of super-sportscar performance and pays homage to McLaren rich racing history, according to George Biggs, Managing Director of McLaren Automotive […]

The kind of care you need: Mercedes has launched its new A-Class

Merceses Benz aclass 4

With today’s rapid and constant advancement in technology, Mercedes seems to be at the front if it all with its latest and smallest model  – The A-Class – which has been launched and is now poised to revolutionise the way humans, car and technology all interact. Mercedes seems to have an exciting future planned. A future […]

The new MG ZS car is the ultimate entryway into owning a SUV

MG ZS SUV James Banham

When you see a car like this, you think expensive… Sunday drives ? The new MG ZS SUV launched in 2017 as the second SUV from MG Motors and does style easily, and affordably ??? And the best bit? Has all the extras as standard and starts at $22,990! #mg #suv #newcar #testdrive #fourwheeler #sunday A […]

Driver-friendly tips for having the best car possible

Road trip car

As a qualified driver, you want to be sure you have the best car you possibly can. There are a lot of things you need to make sure you focus on if you are serious about having the best car you possibly can. Drivers want to have the best looking car possible, and this is […]