Ford’s Ranger plug-in hybrid: the future of power and performance

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It’s time to supercharge your adventures with Ford’s new Ranger Plug-in Hybrid. This powerhouse of a vehicle is set to redefine the standards of power, performance, and sustainability in the pickup segment.

The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid is not just any ordinary vehicle — it’s a mobile power station on wheels! Equipped with Pro Power Onboard, this truck offers the unique ability to power tools and appliances by plugging them into outlets embedded in both the cargo bed and the cabin. Forget about lugging around noisy, bulky generators on your worksite or remote campsite. With the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid, you have on-demand electricity right at your fingertips, freeing up more cargo space for other gear and equipment.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid also gives you the flexibility to decide how and when to use the EV battery power, thanks to its EV drive modes. Whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring rugged terrains, the selectable drive modes help optimize performance based on your driving conditions.

And, let’s not forget about the proven four-wheel-drive capability that has made Ranger a favourite among off-road enthusiasts. Coupled with advanced driver safety and driver assist features, the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid ensures a safe and confident journey, no matter where the road takes you.

“The Ranger Plug-in Hybrid will help our customers move into an electrified future, with the confidence and capability that only Ranger can provide,” says Andrew Birkic, President and CEO of Ford Australia. “Ranger Plug-in Hybrid will join the Ford Australia line-up as our fifth electrified vehicle alongside Mach-E, E-Transit, E-Transit Custom and Puma BEV.”

Indeed, the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid is more than just a vehicle — it’s a statement of Ford’s commitment to a sustainable, electrified future. So, gear up for a new era of power, performance, and sustainability with the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid. The future is here, and it’s electrifying!