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Unleash your inner daredevil with the all-new 2023 Toyota GR Corolla

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While some cars simply weather the storm, the all-new 2023 Toyota GR Corolla embraces it with unrivaled excitement. This rip-roaring daredevil is the rowdiest member of the GR family, making it every gearhead’s dream come true. With its exclusively manual transmission and rally-built hot hatch design, this track-tested beast is ready to take on the road while still being suitable for running errands. Buckle up and get ready for the most thrilling ride of your life. Passion is what fuels innovation, and at Gazoo Racing (GR), Toyota’s global motorsports division, our passion for motorsports takes us to new heights. By challenging ourselves on the race track, we continuously learn and improve. It is this dedication to growth that led us to develop the GR Corolla, a rallying beast born to be driven. Toyota is absolutely ecstatic to welcome this genuine hot hatch to the rest of the unmistakable GR lineup, offering sports cars for the everyday driver. Engineered to compete in the World Rally Championship, the GR Corolla is designed to deliver peak motorsports performance. Developed at the same Motomachi plant as the GR Yaris, you can be certain that this car is built to help you redefine your limits. Its all-weather capable GR-FOUR AWD system distributes vigorous power to your front and rear wheels, ensuring ultimate traction. With three selectable power settings – Street Mode, Touring Mode, and Track Mode – you have the flexibility to transform your driving experience based on the thrills you seek. And if that’s not enough, the available dual… Read More

Ultimate winter wonderland guide: top holiday destinations you can drive to in Australia


We’re allowed out, the weather’s getting chilly and the desire to see more of our own backyard’s never been stronger! Here’s where to go if you’re in the ‘throw everything in the boot – like the spacious option of Toyota’s SUVs, like C-HR city SUV – and go’-kind of mood. NSW – Capertee Valley Capertee Valley is home to the world’s second largest canyon! Make sure you spend a night (or two) in the cosy comfort Bubble Tent, looking up all the bright stars and falling asleep to the sounds of animals, wind and rain. Of course there’s a wood-fired tub and a fire pit (outside the tent!) to keep you warm and relaxed. VIC – High Country A region of diverse beauty and breathtaking views, yes especially during winter season! Whether you’re up for a ski over the Alps or a romantic snow-watching with your partner, High Country has it all! SA – Flinders Ranges and Outback Snow falls in some rare parts of the Flinders Ranges (if you’re lucky), they said! Driving through the Flinders Ranges and Outback, you’d probably think that you’re in another planet, as the surroundings might be something you had never seen before! Don’t forget to pay a visit to the beautiful nature spring, Coward Springs. How springs, cold weather, good times – what more could you ask for? ACT – Snowy Mountain Perfect destination for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding! But don’t worry if you’re not a sport enthusiast, other fun experiences are also available in this region… Read More

The new Toyota Yaris test drive: compact in size but clean, green and huge on safety features

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid ZR

Good looks. Tick. Compact. Tick. Safety features. Tick. Hybrid option. Tick.  The latest Toyota Yaris is hard to go past if you’re in the market for a compact-sized vehicle. There are three grades available in the new Yaris range – Ascent Sport, the SX, and the top of the range, ZR. If cleaner and greener are high on your list of priorities, the hybrid version (available in the SX and ZR) delivers outstanding performance and efficiency by combining the benefits of an electric motor with a petrol engine. We test drove the ZR and the verdict is out – the 1.5L Toyota Hybrid System with auto CVT is big on safety features, technology, and fuel efficiency. Providing a smooth and comfortable ride, the Yaris is perfect for city driving and squeezing into those tight, awkward parking spots with the assistance of front and rear parking sensors as well as a reversing camera (which is standard across the range).  But with cutting edge safety technology such as the head-up display, blind-spot monitor, lane trace assist (steering assistance when you’re out of line), and pre-collision safety system, this is also the perfect ride for those long, out-of-town road trips. There’s no danger of cramping your style as there’s ample space to throw in your luggage, plus extra space designed underneath the floor of the boot.  One of the first things you notice when you turn the engine on is how quiet the hybrid system is. You have to check twice to make sure the car is actually… Read More

The return to recreation: The new Toyota RAV4 is the car for life

Toyota RAV4 2019 parked outside the d'Arenberg Cube in Adelaide

We’re in the age of the SUV! Literally every car manufacturer that matters is playing in the space and pumping out car-after-life-inspiring-car that makes you want to sell your current hunk, buy an SUV and a bike, throw it all in the boot and disappear for a while. That’s actually what Toyota is all about with its new RAV4, too. They’re all about turning up the ability for you to live life, away from the city BS we surround ourselves with all too much. What ever happened to weekend camping trips? Kayaking down the Murray River? A drive to the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart and riding the bike back down? The Toyota RAV4 is the type of car they’ve made to allow that to happen. It gives you the opportunity to check out of life for a little bit to actually go camping, actually try cruising up the coast to the beach and staying the night, or seriously giving that interstate road trip a go in style, comfort and practicality. It’s a car that is regarded as one of the original SUVs – back before everyone was doing ’em, 25 years ago – which has now reached its fifth generation and considered the safest, most capable, most refined and comfortable RAV4 ever. And what makes the new car that much more exciting is that Toyota is pumping them out in hybrid variants for the more ecologically and environmentally conscious. The hybrid type is best because it combines and ICE engine (internal combustion engine)… Read More

GAZOO Racing Australia: Toyota announces new GAZOO Racing rally team

Harry bates Toyota

Because Toyota Australia are awesome and all about supporting talent where it’s found, they’ve announced something new and exciting for drivers around the country. Toyota is significantly boosting its support for local motorsport, announcing the formation of a factory-backed Toyota GAZOO Racing Australia rally team to campaign two Yaris AP4 rally cars in the Australian Rally Championship. In case the excitement of the T86RS tour around Australia recently wasn’t enough to get you going, or reading about the hottest Toyota SUV, the C-HR 2WD Koba, doesn’t get you going, then perhaps this news will: The new rally team will make its debut with leading Australian driver Harry Bates behind the wheel of the Yaris at Rally Australia in Coffs Harbour from November 15-18. The philosophy that underpins Toyota GAZOO Racing is that it runs the global motorsports program including the leading World Rally Championship team, which in turn, feeds into its development of their new sports and performance cars. Harry Bates is a super talented driver who comes from Australian rallying royalty with his father, Neal, having won four Australian titles driving his legendary Celica GT-Four in the 1990s and then the Corolla S2000 in 2008. Find out more about the new venture at the Toyota Australia website.