Ford Australia kicks off countdown to 60 years of Mustang

Ford Mustang

In anticipation of the iconic Ford Mustang’s 60th anniversary in 2024, Ford Australia has announced the launch of the seventh-generation Ford Mustang, promising a completely reimagined driving experience. This new lineup will include the Dark Horse Special Edition, the first new Mustang performance nameplate in 21 years, which features a sinister yet premium styling. With only 1,000 units headed for Australia, the Dark Horse Special Edition will be priced at $103,002 Manufacturer List Price (MLP).

Over the past 10 years, Mustang has been the best-selling sports car in the world, according to Ford analysis of registration data from S&P Global Mobility. In Australia, this popularity is evidenced by Mustang’s consistent lead in the sports car segment every year since its introduction in 2015.

Ford Australia’s President and CEO, Andrew Birkic, expressed his excitement about bringing the seventh-generation Ford Mustang to Australia, stating, “The Mustang has always been a favourite among Australian drivers, and the new model takes the experience to a whole new level.”

The new Mustang combines edgy, timeless design with a heart-pumping driving experience that has made it a global phenomenon. The modern chiseled look of the seventh-generation model, paired with its heritage-inspired design, aims to appeal to the broadest Mustang customer base yet.

The seventh-generation Mustang’s most technologically advanced, driver-centric cockpit ever, features a 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster that can be customized to display different animated designs and new drive-mode-dependent visuals. This digital instrument cluster flows seamlessly into a 13.2-inch SYNC®?4 centre stack behind the same piece of integrated glass, angled towards the driver. These screens create a fully immersive digital experience that emulates a fighter jet cockpit – but in a real-world sports car.

The Mustang Dark Horse, an exciting result of a special team of Ford engineers, designers, and experts working for more than three years, is a street-and-track-capable performance Mustang with the most striking visual cues of any new road-going Mustang. It projects 349kW2 and 548Nm, making it the highest performing vehicle in the Australian Mustang family.

For those interested in the new-generation Mustang, it is available for purchase at Ford dealerships across Australia, with the first customer arrivals scheduled for Q2 2024. For more information on the All-New Mustang and Mustang Dark Horse pricing and specifications, visit here.