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Ford Ranger new champion of utes

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When it comes to towing, camping, and off-roading, Aussies know what they need in a vehicle. That’s why the Ford Ranger has become a favorite among adventurers and hardworking individuals alike. Since its debut in 2011, the Ranger has revolutionized the ute segment on a global scale. It has transformed from being just a work vehicle into a versatile companion that can handle any task thrown its way. “We see our customers take it to the most extreme off-road locations and then see them parking in tight city streets and unloading their groceries and kids. A Ranger is a do-everything, go-everywhere vehicle,” says Birkic, a representative from Ford. Exciting news has recently emerged from Ford: the Ranger will soon be available as a Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV), set to arrive in early 2025. This means that the Ranger PHEV can be driven in pure electric mode for over 45 kilometers without using any fuel or producing tailpipe emissions. Not only will this help customers save at the pump, but it also aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation options. With more than half of Ranger customers traveling 40 kilometers or less per day, they will be able to complete their average daily commute on electric power alone. In addition to its impressive electric capabilities, the Ranger PHEV will feature the Pro Power Onboard function. This innovative feature allows tradies to power their tools directly from the vehicle, eliminating the need for separate generators. Furthermore, it enables campers to light up their campsites when venturing off-road,… Read More

Ford Australia kicks off countdown to 60 years of Mustang

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In anticipation of the iconic Ford Mustang’s 60th anniversary in 2024, Ford Australia has announced the launch of the seventh-generation Ford Mustang, promising a completely reimagined driving experience. This new lineup will include the Dark Horse Special Edition, the first new Mustang performance nameplate in 21 years, which features a sinister yet premium styling. With only 1,000 units headed for Australia, the Dark Horse Special Edition will be priced at $103,002 Manufacturer List Price (MLP). Over the past 10 years, Mustang has been the best-selling sports car in the world, according to Ford analysis of registration data from S&P Global Mobility. In Australia, this popularity is evidenced by Mustang’s consistent lead in the sports car segment every year since its introduction in 2015. Ford Australia’s President and CEO, Andrew Birkic, expressed his excitement about bringing the seventh-generation Ford Mustang to Australia, stating, “The Mustang has always been a favourite among Australian drivers, and the new model takes the experience to a whole new level.” The new Mustang combines edgy, timeless design with a heart-pumping driving experience that has made it a global phenomenon. The modern chiseled look of the seventh-generation model, paired with its heritage-inspired design, aims to appeal to the broadest Mustang customer base yet. The seventh-generation Mustang’s most technologically advanced, driver-centric cockpit ever, features a 12.4-inch digital instrument cluster that can be customized to display different animated designs and new drive-mode-dependent visuals. This digital instrument cluster flows seamlessly into a 13.2-inch SYNC®?4 centre stack behind the same piece of integrated glass, angled towards… Read More

Ford’s behind-the-scenes journey with The Inside Scoop

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In a move that is as innovative as it is engaging, Ford has launched a new video series titled “The Inside Scoop”. This series is an open door into the world of Ford, giving viewers an exclusive look at the people and processes that bring their beloved vehicles to life. The Inside Scoop is not just about showcasing the final product; it’s about the journey. It’s about the engineers who pour their expertise into creating cutting-edge technologies, the designers who turn visions into reality, and the many others whose dedication and hard work contribute to every Ford vehicle. The first episode dives deep into the world of the Ranger Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV), with a focus on the Australian market. Rob Sharples, the chief engineer behind this project, is our guide through this fascinating process. With over 35 years of experience in engineering, Sharples provides invaluable insights into the changing landscape of the automotive industry. “The automotive landscape is changing and evolving faster than it ever has before,” says Sharples. “The Ranger Plug-In Hybrid is an example of just how fast and how hard Ford is working to meet the needs of new car buyers.” This series promises to be a treasure trove of information and entertainment for car enthusiasts, tech geeks, and anyone curious about the inner workings of one of the world’s leading automobile companies. The Inside Scoop will feature interviews with experts from various fields, each contributing to the creation of Ford’s vehicles and services. The Inside Scoop is a celebration of ingenuity,… Read More

Exciting news from Ford: the new Mach-E GT is coming to Oz

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Ford Australia is set to launch the Mustang Mach-E electric SUV later this year, marking the company’s first all-electric passenger vehicle, they have announced at this year’s Melbourne International Grand Prix at Albert Park. Three different variants of the Mach-E, namely Select, Premium, and GT, will be offered to customers, each designed to provide exhilarating driving experiences with performance and convenience features built-in. At the top of the range is the Mach-E GT, boasting MagneRide suspension and performance brakes, making it the quickest car that Ford will sell locally. Its dual electric motors give it an impressive 0-100km/h sprint of 3.7 seconds and up to 490 km of range. The Premium variant runs on a bigger battery of 91kWh, making it the longest range option with close to 600 km of running on a full charge. The Mach-E’s Untame mode offers a driver-centric experience and adds more fun to your drive. The Mach-E’s interior can comfortably sit five people, featuring a 15.5-inch infotainment system with Ford’s SYNC 4, a 10.2-inch digital cluster, wireless mobile phone charging, and a 10-speaker B&O sound system. All Mach-Es delivered in Australia will come standard with a panoramic sunroof. Ford Australia’s President and CEO, Andrew Birkic, expressed his excitement about the Mach-E’s arrival, saying, “We know Australians love that feeling of driving a performance car, and the Mach-E will mean they can enjoy that iconic Mustang freedom with all the benefits that an EV offers. There’s something special about the Mach-E that you can only really understand once you get… Read More

What you need to know about the new Ford Everest Ambiente in Australia

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The 2023 Ford Everest Ambiente is one of the most hotly anticipated car releases in Australia. With its cutting edge technology, sleek design and impressive capabilities, this model has made a real splash in the Australian SUV market and it’s easy to see why: it’s just super nice to drive. Big, tall, safe, with all the mod cons that mean you’ll get from point-to-point in top-notch comfort, one of the key selling points of the Ford Everest Ambiente is its innovative features. This model boasts an advanced infotainment system that is designed to make your driving experience more enjoyable than ever before. With a large touch screen display, easy-to-use controls and seamless connectivity to your smartphone, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Another standout feature of the Ford Everest Ambiente is its impressive off-road capabilities. This SUV is built tough, with a robust body and a range of advanced driving technologies to help you navigate even the trickiest terrain. From steep inclines to rocky trails, the Everest Ambiente is designed to keep you safe and in control, no matter where your adventures take you. Under the hood, the Ford Everest Ambiente packs a powerful punch. 2.0L Bi-Turbo diesel engine that delivers 154kW of power and 500Nm of torque (a lot), this model is able to tackle even the most demanding driving conditions with ease. And with a towing capacity of up to 3 tonnes, you’ll be able to take your boat, trailer or caravan on your next adventure. The 2023 Ford Everest Ambiente… Read More

A 16,000km test drive of the Next-Generation Ranger by Ford Australia

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A team of 16 drivers came face-to-face with 1,000km each, putting the Next Generation Ranger by Ford Australia through its paces. From Melbourne to Sydney, to the top of Queensland, through to the Northern Territory, down the West Coast and back across the Nullarbor. Unfolding in a single Ranger, the Unlimited Test Drive saw 16 Aussies test the vehicle’s capability and versatility in every possible environment for work, family and play. Amongst the 16 Australians is Mitch Morrison from Yaroomba, Queensland. A Leaf Gatherer, collecting the best vegetation to feed Australian wildlife. Alongside these stories, the campaign incorporates content that tells Ford’s ownership story and showcases the product and design features that make the Next-Gen Ranger is the most customer-centric Ranger ever. The test drive has made a content series that Ford will release over the course of 2022-2023, giving us unprecedented insight into the car, how it drives and what you can do with it. Alongside these stories, the campaign incorporates content that tells Ford’s ownership story and showcases the product and design features that make the Next-Generation Ford Ranger worthy of anyone with a life they out through its paces. See more about the car at the Unlimited Experiences website, where Ford’s team of ‘Ranger Experts’ are on hand to help you get the most out of your Ranger.