The updated Stake investing app is here

Stake new update

If you’ve jumped on board the trading-on-the-go from your phone trend that’s exploded around the world, then you know about Stake. And if you don’t, then check them out. Just today, they’ve ripped off the veil and shown the world a brand new better version of their app – and it’s nice. The now older […]

Father’s Day gift guide 2021

Man hands gift

We’ve scoured our favourite parts of what’s available this year for Father’s Day and found some quality gift ideas for those of us who are, shall we say, struggling. AncestryDNA kit  Help Dad piece together his family story. Has your dad ever thought he might have a war hero in his family? Or be the descendant of a […]

7 tips to great sex life for long-time singles

Many people believe that being in a relationship gives life meaning, and you may think so too. Maybe you’ve had your fair share of experiences, or you’re just starting out in the dating game — and yet, you find yourself being single. Weeks pass, and nothing changes! You may be wondering what you should do. […]

Tasty solutions to cool down and refresh yourself in this heat

Summer is lovely; the flowers are blooming, days are longer, people tend to be out and about more. Due to the recent pandemic, this summer maybe even more appreciated than ever. However, we’ll soon remember that even though it’s lovely to be out in the heat and sunshine, we need to keep hydrated. With this […]

7 healthy hair habits to adopt right now

Woman hair

Some people take their hair for granted. They pay them no mind until they start noticing split ends, hair thinning, or, even worse, hair falling out. By then, the damage has been done, and the best thing you can do is to cut your precious locks and hope to grow them back again. If you […]

Krispy Kreme launch ‘Doggie Doughnut’ treats in time for International Dog Day

Doggie Doughnuts

Pooch lovers, get excited! For a limited time, you’ll be able to treat your furry bestie to Krispy Kreme’s dog-friendly ‘doughnuts’! And they are super cute!  Each ‘Doggie Doughnut’ is inspired by an iconic Krispy Kreme flavour, with six flavours to choose from including Original Glazed, Choc Cookie, Choc Sprinkles, Choc Iced, Strawberry Sprinkles and […]

Property selling tips and advice: how to sell your house


Are you looking to move to a new place? One way most people cover the cost of buying a new house is by selling their old one. With the state of the housing market worldwide, it can actually be quite tough to sell a home easily. Some people take years before they sell their house […]

How important is it to protect your joints when you’re highly active?

Fitness man bike

Protecting our joints for optimal performance today is one thing, futureproofing them to continue to challenge yourself physically later in life is another. It used to be widely accepted that joint pain as we age was inevitable, and simply due to ‘wear and tear’ – a catch phrase to explain any pain, loss of mobility […]

Top benefits of using Youtube for your business

Playstation video game

If you’re a small business, you must have thought about expanding the horizons of your business at some point in time. Bear in mind, if you rely on Youtube, it will prove itself as the most cost-effective for growth. Today, with Youtube advertising, companies are having a major moment right now. Because Youtube has over […]

Why Skullcandy should be #1 on Dad’s Father’s Day gift list

Skullcandy Dime

Father’s Day is dawning on us soon – 5 September – so time’s now to get thinking about gift ideas. Heard of Skullcandy? Well, if the mid-year slump is starting to kick in, or you’ve got a ‘pick me up’ playlist well underway; if it’s music that keeps you motivated and your spirits high, this […]

4 expert tips to keep away hair woes this winter

Man holding his hair

Don’t underestimate winter. It might seem all cold and cosy, but it can wreak havoc on your hair regardless of how you dress and who you are. So, we spoke with our pals at American Crew about how to take care of it this winter in Australia and dug up these tips: Tip 1: moisturise […]

Learn the tricks of the trade – how to navigate your home loan


Home loans are hard. Really hard. And try as banks might to make it easier to navigate and despite all the info out there, it can be a bit murky. Thankfully, Andrew Walker, co-founder of Nano digital home loans, has laid a few bits bare. — For the hundreds of thousands of Aussies opting to […]