Melbourne Theatre Company’s new show: The Almighty Sometimes

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Kendall Feaver’s illuminating portrait of a mother-daughter relationship, The Almighty Sometimes, will grace the stage of Southbank Theatre, with previews beginning on 15 April. This piece unfurls with biting humour and fierce honesty, a poignant coming-of-age story that meticulously explores the tribulations of adolescence entwined with the complexities of growing up under the shadow of mental illness.

Authored by the talented Australian playwright Kendall Feaver, the play has received acclaim and recognition, winning the Judges Award at the 2015 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting – Europe’s premier playwriting competition. It has also secured both the Victorian and New South Wales Premier’s Literary Awards, earmarking Feaver as a distinguished voice in contemporary theatre.

In a new production helmed by Hannah Goodwin, audiences will see Nadine Garner (known for ABC’s Savage River) and Max McKenna (Muriel’s Wedding The Musical) bringing to life the roles of Renee and Anna, the mother-daughter duo at the heart of this narrative. They are joined by Louisa Mignone (The Twelve) and Karl Richmond (The Inheritance), adding to the play’s dynamic ensemble.

The narrative arcs around 18-year-old Anna, who discovers her old stories, unveiling a vibrant imagination that seems alien yet thrilling. This discovery becomes the catalyst for Anna’s quest to redefine her identity beyond the mental health label that has dominated her life. Yet, this quest is met with resistance from her mother, her boyfriend, and even her therapist, setting the stage for intense familial and personal conflict.

Feaver’s script resonates with the ongoing discussions surrounding mental health, capturing the heart of these conversations with empathy, wit, and a sharp eye for the human condition. It highlights the universal challenge of a mother’s struggle to release her hold and a daughter’s fight to establish her independence.

Melbourne Theatre Company’s Artistic Director & Co-CEO, Anne-Louise Sarks, remarks, “Theatre is a space where we can come together as a society and explore difficult conversations.” She lauds Feaver for creating “four deeply nuanced characters” that are bound to provoke thought and challenge societal perceptions under Goodwin’s skilled direction.

The Almighty Sometimes also boasts an exceptional creative team, including Set & Costume Designer Jacob Battista, Lighting Designer Amelia Lever-Davidson, Composer & Sound Designer Kelly Ryall, with Matt Furlani as the Voice & Text Coach, Lyndall Grant as the Fight Choreographer & Movement Consultant, Bayley Turner serving as the Intimacy Coordinator, and Jennifer Sarah Dean in the role of Assistant Director.

This production not only promises an engaging theatrical experience but also a profound exploration of the intricate web of relationships, identity, and mental health.

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