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More shows for WICKED in Melbourne

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Since its grand opening on 2 March, the resplendent Regent Theatre has been graced by the enchanting presence of “Broadway’s Biggest Blockbuster,” WICKED. To cater to the overwhelming demand and keep the magic alive, new performances have been released for sale until 28 July. Presales commence today, with general public tickets available from 12 April. The Mesmerizing Tale of WICKED The theatrical phenomenon that is WICKED has captured the hearts of critics and audiences in Melbourne, earning five-star reviews and effusive praise across social media platforms. Here’s what the critics have to say: A Worldwide Sensation Celebrating over two decades since its Broadway premiere, WICKED stands as one of the most successful and beloved musicals globally. With an audience of over 65 million people worldwide, it proudly holds the title of the 4th longest-running show in Broadway history. Accolades and Legacy Winner of over 100 major awards, including the Grammy Award, Olivier Award, six Helpmann Awards, three Tony Awards®, and six Drama Desk Awards, WICKED continues to enthrall audiences with its originality and depth. As proclaimed by USA Today, WICKED is “A complete triumph! An original musical that will make you laugh, cry and think.” Captivating Performances Under the guidance of a stellar Australian cast, led by Courtney Monsma as Glinda and Sheridan Adams as Elphaba, the musical unfolds the captivating journey of two extraordinary women in the land of Oz. The ensemble cast, with their exceptional talent and dedication, brings this timeless tale to life with every note and step. Unravel the Origins of… Read More

Melbourne Theatre Company’s new show: The Almighty Sometimes

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Kendall Feaver’s illuminating portrait of a mother-daughter relationship, The Almighty Sometimes, will grace the stage of Southbank Theatre, with previews beginning on 15 April. This piece unfurls with biting humour and fierce honesty, a poignant coming-of-age story that meticulously explores the tribulations of adolescence entwined with the complexities of growing up under the shadow of mental illness. Authored by the talented Australian playwright Kendall Feaver, the play has received acclaim and recognition, winning the Judges Award at the 2015 Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting – Europe’s premier playwriting competition. It has also secured both the Victorian and New South Wales Premier’s Literary Awards, earmarking Feaver as a distinguished voice in contemporary theatre. In a new production helmed by Hannah Goodwin, audiences will see Nadine Garner (known for ABC’s Savage River) and Max McKenna (Muriel’s Wedding The Musical) bringing to life the roles of Renee and Anna, the mother-daughter duo at the heart of this narrative. They are joined by Louisa Mignone (The Twelve) and Karl Richmond (The Inheritance), adding to the play’s dynamic ensemble. The narrative arcs around 18-year-old Anna, who discovers her old stories, unveiling a vibrant imagination that seems alien yet thrilling. This discovery becomes the catalyst for Anna’s quest to redefine her identity beyond the mental health label that has dominated her life. Yet, this quest is met with resistance from her mother, her boyfriend, and even her therapist, setting the stage for intense familial and personal conflict. Feaver’s script resonates with the ongoing discussions surrounding mental health, capturing the heart of these… Read More

Melbourne city dinner options if you’re seeing Wicked

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The Westin Melbourne is excited to announce its partnership with the internationally acclaimed Broadway musical WICKED, bringing the magic of musical theatre into the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. From March 2 through to June, an array of wonderfully WICKED-themed experiences will be on offer for guests and theatregoers, including bespoke accommodation packages, a decadent high tea, and a new cocktail menu of enchanting concoctions – sure to be ‘pop-u-lar’ with fans. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Wicked Musical Melbourne (@wickedmusicalmelb) Executive Chef, Apoorva Kunte shares, “Creating this menu has been a lot of fun and the friendship between WICKED’s main characters, Elphaba and Glinda, has been the inspiration to bring it to life. Using local and sustainable produce, I’ve paired ingredients that share a camaraderie and complement each other when served together, yet hold its own distinct characteristics and identities, just like the main leads. The show’s bright and vibrant colours also lead the high tea, with the iconic WICKED green taking centre stage”. Fans will get a fix of wicked flavours in the enchanting WICKED High Tea ($85 per person), sure to charm diners with every bite. Available daily from 11 – 5.30pm, the high tea serves up a selection of sweet and savoury treats, inspired by the whimsical world of Oz, accompanied by an Elphaba Fizz cocktail. Savoury items will include: A decadent assortment of sweets will follow, such as: Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from WICKED’s Melbourne home, the Regent Theatre, guests can turn a… Read More

Review: Wicked at the Regent Theatre Melbourne

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In an era where the fantastical often mirrors the stark realities of our world, Wicked, the beloved musical, draws thousands into its emerald allure yet again, proving its timeless relevance and enchanting allure. Its latest revival in Melbourne, commemorating the 20th anniversary of its Broadway debut, prompts the perennial question: Does Wicked continue to cast its spell over audiences, or is its magic waning? From the moment you step into the opulent ambiance of the Regent Theatre, it’s clear that Wicked hasn’t lost an iota of its charm or vibrancy. The production, with its slick costumes, precise choreography, and larger-than-life sets, remains a testament to the creative ingenuity behind this spellbinding musical. Yet, it’s not the spectacle alone that keeps audiences riveted; it’s the effervescent energy and unparalleled talent of the cast that breathe new life into the familiar tale. Courtney Monsma’s portrayal of Glinda is nothing short of spectacular, infusing the character with a delightful mix of humor, warmth, and depth. Her interaction with Sheridan Adams’ Elphaba, whose vocal prowess and emotional range anchor the show, makes for a compelling narrative of friendship, rivalry, and redemption. Together, their performances not only captivate but also elevate the material, making every note of “Defying Gravity” resonate with a fresh sense of urgency and inspiration. While the production eloquently showcases the dazzling spectacle that fans expect, it’s the underlying themes of social justice, acceptance, and the consequences of ambition that give Wicked its lasting appeal. The musical deftly navigates these complex issues, making it as much a… Read More

Moulin Rouge! The Musical in Melbourne

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Can can can they capture the Absinthe fairy magic as the Luhrmann-inspired jukebox musical returns to Melbourne? As the multiple Tony Award-winning Moulin Rouge! The Musical makes its grand encore at the majestic Regent Theatre, it’s an experience that transcends mere entertainment. Adapted from Baz Luhrmann’s iconic 2001 film, this theatrical extravaganza has once again captured the hearts of audiences, reigniting the magic of maximal musical nostalgia in a way that only the Moulin Rouge can. The visual spectacle is unparalleled, with Derek McLane’s dazzling scenic design creating an immersive world that spills off the stage and through the fourth wall. The already-majestic Regent Theatre radiates the red light district glow of hand-painted bulbs, transporting the audience back in time to the infamous Parisian club’s heyday with a touch of actual Absinthe fairy magic. Returning stars Alinta Chidzey and Des Flanagan shine even brighter in their roles as the rags-to-riches courtesan Satine and her penniless suitor Christian. Their kilowatt chemistry illuminates the show, bringing to life the 70-plus tunes woven into this jam-packed jukebox musical with remarkable grace. Their vocal prowess, combined with the demanding choreography and magnificent costumes, creates a mesmerizing experience for all in attendance. The intricately stitched orchestration, under the command of Australian musical director Matthew Carey, seamlessly weaves iconic songs into the narrative, adding layers of depth and emotion to the performance. From Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ paired with Lorde’s ‘Royals’ to Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ and Dolly Parton’s ‘I Will Always Love You’, the musical tapestry… Read More

Groundhog Day on stage in Melbourne

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“Groundhog Day” at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne is a theatrical tour de force that defies the expected pitfalls of film-to-stage adaptations with aplomb. Touted as ‘Matilda for grown-ups’, this musical delves into its existential premise with both hands, pulling out themes of despair and redemption that resonate profoundly within its audience. The narrative arc of the show, much like its temporal loops, spirals deeper into the psyche, exploring the limits of personal growth amidst a backdrop of absurdity and routine. The ensemble cast, led by the stellar Andy Karl, enlivens the small Pennsylvanian town with performances pitched perfectly between the whimsical and the profound. Karl’s Phil Connors is an anti-hero for the ages, evincing a spectrum of emotion that endears as much as it repels. Elise McCann’s Rita, with her stirring rendition of ‘One Day’, provides a foil to Phil that is both grounding and aspirational, ensuring the production’s emotional beats are both earned and impactful. Genius stagecraft coupled with Tim Minchin’s razor-sharp lyrics elevates the commonplace into a commentary on life’s cyclical nature. Repetition here is not redundant but revelatory, offering the audience new insights with each iteration— a testament to the narrative and thematic depth carved by Danny Rubin’s book. The meticulous play with props and set design, particularly in scenes such as the ‘Hope’ number, exemplifies the ingenuity at work. Ending on notes that evoke both introspection and uproarious applause, “Groundhog Day” is a triumph in storytelling that is unabashedly comedic yet profoundly human. Its success with local audiences and the… Read More

Experience mesmerising Miss Saigon before it closes 16 December!


Brace yourself for a truly extraordinary love story that has captivated audiences and garnered rave reviews. Don’t miss your chance to witness the breathtaking Australian production of Miss Saigon before its final performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Saturday, 16 December. Critics and fans alike have been swept away by this mesmerizing theatrical experience, praising its “hugely talented cast” and deeming it “as powerful and affecting as ever.” Produced by the legendary Cameron Mackintosh, this production of Boublil and Schönberg’s award-winning musical is a must-see event. Taking center stage is the internationally acclaimed performer Seann Miley Moore in the role of The Engineer, alongside the talented Abigail Adriano as Kim and Nigel Huckle as Chris. The stellar cast also features Kerrie Anne Greenland as Ellen, Nick Afoa as John, Laurence Mossman as Thuy, and Kimberley Hodgson as Gigi. Together, they bring depth and emotion to the captivating story. Prepare to be enchanted by the full 24-piece orchestra, which breathes life into the soaring musical score created by the renowned duo behind Les Misérables. From the powerful anthems like “The Heat is On in Saigon” and “Last Night of the World” to the unforgettable melodies of “The Movie in My Mind” and “The American Dream,” the music will transport you to another world. Since its premiere on the West End, Miss Saigon has garnered an impressive 70 major theatre awards, including three Tonys and two Oliviers. It has been performed in 15 different languages, captivating audiences in over 32 countries and 350 cities worldwide. Set against… Read More

All about Miss Saigon in Melbourne – see it now

9. The Australian production of Miss Saigon Photo by Daniel Boud

Melbourne theatre-goers are in for an absolute treat as Cameron Mackintosh’s latest production of the award-winning musical, Miss Saigon, graces the stage of Her Majesty’s Theatre for a fleeting 7-week stint. The return of this heart-wrenching tale comes after a resoundingly successful Sydney season, and a 16-year hiatus since Miss Saigon last enthralled Melbourne audiences on the very same stage. Boasting a resplendent full 24-piece orchestra and an exceptional cast of 42 representing the length and breadth of the Asia-Pacific, this is a revival that is bound to take your breath away. Leading the standout Australian ensemble with aplomb is the internationally acclaimed Seann Miley Moore, who brings an electrifying performance in the role of The Engineer. Fresh-faced talent Abigail Adriano and Nigel Huckle as Chris make a formidable pair and, together with a supporting cast that includes the likes of Kerrie Anne Greenland, Nick Afoa, and Kimberley Hodgson, infuse new life into this timeless classic. Miss Saigon is a tale of love, loss, and resilience in the backdrop of war, and is set to a captivating score by Boublil and Schönberg that includes classics such as ‘The Heat is On in Saigon’ and ‘The American Dream.’ Since its premiere, this epic production has garnered an impressive 70 major theatre awards and has been performed in 15 languages across 350 cities worldwide. The reception to this rendition has been nothing short of ecstatic, with The Daily Telegraph calling it “thrilling,” and The Daily Mail dubbing it “the greatest musical of all time.” Don’t miss out… Read More

Phantom of the Opera is on in Melbourne: why it’s a must-see

Phantom Opera Melbourne

Since 1986 when Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera took to the stage, it did so much more than that. It took the hearts and minds, imaginations and operatic passions of everyone who’s seen it since – including the latest round of audience members in Melbourne Australia with the debut of the latest production touring the city this year in 2022. Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera will wow audiences throughout the summer months has welcomed a stellar cast talented ensemble cast including Elliot Baker, Anton Berezin, Laura Bianchi-Bishop, Eleanor Blythman, Gavin Brown, Ben Clark, Bridget Costello, Andrew Dunne, Lewis Francis, Christina Gibbs, Claudia Hastings, Olivia Jenkins, Daniel Koek, Naomi Livingston, Josephine Lonergan, Aaron Lynch, Imogen-Faith Malfitano, Kayleigh Marven, Emma McFarlane, Lachlan O’Brien, Brittany Page, Edward Smith, Anna Stephens, Tod Strike, Troy Sussman, Raphael Wong, Jack Wunsch and Elisha Zion Lee. And though the story’s already held in the firmament of what’s good in the world of theatre, new direction by director Laurence Connor with choreography by Scott Ambler, set design by Paul Brown, Tony Award-winning original costume design by Maria Björnson make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience on stage. The production of Melbourne’s Phantom of the Opera is on until 5 February 2023. Get tickets at the Phantom of the Opera website

Melbourne theatre: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is on in August

Charlie Chocolate Factory 3

If your childhood dreams of binge eating chocolate in a factory made of dreams never quite came true, then give it a second chance: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is coming to Melbourne in August. Playing at Her Majesty’s Theatre, it will follow a hugely successful season in Sydney. Tickets will go on sale on Friday 15 March at 1pm.  Willy Wonka, the most amazing, fantastic, extraordinary chocolate maker the world has ever seen, is played by Paul Slade Smith. Slade Smith was part of the original Broadway cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, appearing as Grandpa George, and most recently appeared in the Broadway revival of My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center. Ninety and a half year old Grandpa Joe, an enthusiastic storyteller and eternal optimist, is played by Australian show business royalty Tony Sheldon. Sheldon is best known for playing the role of Bernadette in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert for over 1,900 performances in Australia, New Zealand, London, Toronto and on Broadway, winning the Theatre World Award and nominations for the Tony Award as Best Actor in a Musical, the Drama Desk Award, the Drama League Award and the Outer Critics Circle Award. In the role of Mrs Bucket, a kind, caring mother and a woman of few words, is Lucy Maunder. Most recently Lucy played songwriter Cynthia Weil in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, and prior to that toured New Zealand, Adelaide and Perth in Matilda: The Musical, in which she played Miss Honey and was nominated for a Helpmann Award. Jake Fehily and Octavia Barron Martin play Augustus Gloop and Mrs Gloop, Karina Russell and Stephen Anderson are… Read More