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New gallery in Sydney: A Secondary Eye opens

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Sydney, Australia is set to welcome a profound addition to its art scene as A Secondary Eye announces the launch of a new gallery space nestled in the arts district of Woollahra. Opening its doors on Friday, 3 May 2024, this new venture promises a fresh perspective on Australian Indigenous and contemporary art. Founded in 2020 by Jesse-Jack De Deyne, a seasoned specialist in the secondary market for Australian Indigenous art, and Boris Cornelissen, formerly of Sotheby’s London and Hong Kong, A Secondary Eye has quickly established itself as a key player in the art world. Their focus on developing the secondary market for art and collectibles in Australia has led to the exhibition and sale of works by prominent artists like Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Sidney Nolan, and Fred Williams, among others. The gallery’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, with several pieces entering the collections of Australia’s most prestigious art institutions. Strategically located in Queen Street, a spot historically linked with the crème de la crème of secondary market art dealers, the new gallery is poised to continue its tradition of excellence. The inaugural exhibition will shine a spotlight on Rover Thomas, a luminary and trailblazer in the Australian art landscape. Known for his significant influence on the East Kimberley school of painting, Thomas’s works are lauded for their modernist abstraction and profound connection to ancestral land and Indigenous life. The exhibition, titled “Rover: Master of the Kimberley”, marks the first solo presentation of Thomas’s work in Sydney in nearly two decades. It will showcase… Read More

TarraWarra Museum of Art explores the best in contemporary art

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The TarraWarra Museum of Art is on the verge of captivating art enthusiasts with three concurrent exhibitions that shine a light on the intricate dance between contemporary art and modernist principles. Set to open from 23 March to 14 July 2024, these exhibitions feature the innovative works of Melbourne-based artists Peter Atkins and Dana Harris, alongside a groundbreaking survey of Clement Meadmore’s industrial designs. Titled SUPERsystems, Atkins and Harris’s exhibition is a testament to the vibrant dialogue between new artistic visions and the foundational elements of modernism. Atkins’s readymade abstraction brings everyday imagery into the realm of high art, redefining American designer Maurice Binder’s iconic title sequence for the film Dr. No into 92 distinct abstract paintings. Harris, on the other hand, offers fancywork, a series of hand-embroidered panels that capture the desolation and beauty of Melbourne’s CBD during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Her work meticulously explores the city’s altered rhythms through intricate patterns, supported by Creative Australia. Parallelly, The Industrial Design of Clement Meadmore: The Harris/Atkins Collection grants a comprehensive look at Meadmore’s trailblazing modernist designs, curated meticulously over two and a half decades by Atkins and Harris. This exhibition encapsulates Meadmore’s innovative manipulation of basic materials into functional, yet beautifully minimal designs. Complementing these exhibitions, Systems and Structures draws from TarraWarra’s own collection to spotlight Australian artists who embody the principles of pattern, geometry, and repetition. This show underscores the common threads that link contemporary artistic practices back to the legacies of modernism. Curator Anthony Fitzpatrick regards these exhibitions as a unique opportunity to… Read More