Jac+Jack have a new range of quilts with Two Good Co.

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Social enterprise Two Good Co. has once again partnered with the esteemed fashion brand, Jac+Jack, to unveil a special edition quilted blanket collection aimed at providing warmth and comfort to those who need it the most. This remarkable collaboration, marking their second liaison, continues to champion an innovative “buy one, give one” scheme. With every purchase from this line, an identical blanket is donated to a woman finding solace in a shelter, in a heartwarming attempt to extend support and nurturing to those in distress.

Rob Caslick, the visionary founder and CEO of Two Good Co., passionately expressed the foundational belief underpinning this initiative, stating, “We believe that love and respect can change the course of someone’s life. All of our Good Things are designed to remind women that they are worthy and loved, and this collection is no exception.” This sentiment is wholeheartedly endorsed by their partners at Jac+Jack, with co-founder Lisa Dempsey adding a personal touch by sharing her hopes for the recipients, emphasizing that these blankets should serve as a symbol of care, equality, and the sheer importance of every individual.

The collection draws inspiration from the traditional Indian Razai quilts, employing the unique technique of Kantha to stitch together layers of incredibly soft, muslin-like cotton, ensuring optimal warmth. The choice of an exaggerated quilting pattern alongside a classic colour palette of pale grey and off-white, characteristic of Jac+Jack, infuses a modern twist into these time-honoured methods. Each blanket is presented in a quirky, dip-dyed muslin bag available in either lilac or rust, adding an element of joy to this profound gesture of kindness.

A notable aspect of this collaboration is the inclusion of individually numbered blankets, each matched with its donated counterpart through a coded tag, yielding a series of paired designs unique to each purchase. This innovative approach not only heightens the personal connection between the donor and recipient but also reinforces the message of solidarity and shared experiences.

Simone, a Work Work participant at Two Good, summed up the project’s impact beautifully, noting, “These blankets help women and children feel warm, loved, safe, and protected. With this purchase, you can be sure that your gift will be received warmly and wholeheartedly by women and children who are so deserving of comfort, love, and a sense of home.”

The blankets are currently available for preorder on the Two Good website, with deliveries set to begin from 11 April. They will also be made available across Jac+Jack stores throughout Australia from the same date. For those wishing to support this initiative by providing the gift of warmth and love to those in need, please visit Two Good’s website for more information.