Interior style like you know what you’re doing

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Step into the world of interior styling as Justine Wilson, the visionary Founder of Vault Interiors Property Styling, shares the secrets to crafting homes that captivate and enchant potential buyers. Wilson, a seasoned expert in the field, unveils the essential principles that elevate properties to perfection, transforming them into irresistible havens for prospective homeowners. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sydney Property Stylists (@vaultinteriors) Having witnessed the remarkable impact of professional property styling firsthand, Wilson reflects on the profound transformations unstyled properties undergo. “I’ve seen the magic unfold when unstyled properties are infused with the art of styling,” shares Wilson. “Homes that were once overlooked by buyers have emerged as stars of the market, achieving incredible results that defy expectations.” In her illustrious career, Wilson has observed properties achieving up to a 10% increase in their final sale prices, a testament to the transformative power of effective styling. Through her expertise and keen eye for detail, she has revolutionized the real estate landscape, showcasing the immense value that strategic styling brings to the selling process. Join us on this journey as we delve into the realm of interior styling, guided by the expert hand of Justine Wilson, and unlock the key to presenting homes in their most alluring light. Let the magic of styling pave the way to unprecedented success in the realm of property sales. Justine’s 6 Golden Rules for Home Styling: 1. Declutter and Depersonalise: Begin by decluttering and depersonalising your space. Remove personal items and excess clutter to create a… Read More

Jac+Jack have a new range of quilts with Two Good Co.

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Social enterprise Two Good Co. has once again partnered with the esteemed fashion brand, Jac+Jack, to unveil a special edition quilted blanket collection aimed at providing warmth and comfort to those who need it the most. This remarkable collaboration, marking their second liaison, continues to champion an innovative “buy one, give one” scheme. With every purchase from this line, an identical blanket is donated to a woman finding solace in a shelter, in a heartwarming attempt to extend support and nurturing to those in distress. Rob Caslick, the visionary founder and CEO of Two Good Co., passionately expressed the foundational belief underpinning this initiative, stating, “We believe that love and respect can change the course of someone’s life. All of our Good Things are designed to remind women that they are worthy and loved, and this collection is no exception.” This sentiment is wholeheartedly endorsed by their partners at Jac+Jack, with co-founder Lisa Dempsey adding a personal touch by sharing her hopes for the recipients, emphasizing that these blankets should serve as a symbol of care, equality, and the sheer importance of every individual. The collection draws inspiration from the traditional Indian Razai quilts, employing the unique technique of Kantha to stitch together layers of incredibly soft, muslin-like cotton, ensuring optimal warmth. The choice of an exaggerated quilting pattern alongside a classic colour palette of pale grey and off-white, characteristic of Jac+Jack, infuses a modern twist into these time-honoured methods. Each blanket is presented in a quirky, dip-dyed muslin bag available in either lilac or… Read More

How to style interiors for autumn

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As the crisp air of autumn descends upon us, it’s the perfect time to infuse your living space with the warm and inviting colors of the season. Justine Wilson, the visionary founder of Vault Interiors, shares her expert advice on how to incorporate five trending autumn hues into your home, transforming it into a cosy retreat that exudes comfort and style. “Just as the leaves change their colors, autumn provides us with a splendid opportunity to breathe new life into our living spaces,” says Justine Wilson. “Whether it’s about embracing rich earthy tones or infusing vibrant summer hues, there’s a myriad of possibilities to create a welcoming and stylish ambiance in your home this season.” 1. Rich Earthy Tones Drawing inspiration from nature’s captivating palette, indulge in the allure of rich, deep earthy tones such as rust, mustard, brown, deep greens, olive tones, navy, and sky blues. These hues effortlessly weave an autumnal dream when incorporated through cushions, throws, candles, books, and artwork, infusing warmth and depth into any room. Embrace the earthy embrace of the season and watch your living space come alive with a rustic yet elegant charm. 2. Bright Summer Tones Contrast the cooler weather by infusing your living space with vibrant summer tones that radiate freshness and energy. Opt for hues like white, yellow, lime, citrus, or neon tones to create a light and playful ambiance, evoking the spirit of summertime. From new bed linen to captivating prints, florals, or decorative accents, small pops of color can instantly enliven your space… Read More

Tips for choosing furniture for the kitchen

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The kitchen area is the most crucial part of your home. From cooking to entertaining, you’ll find it’s one of your home’s busiest areas. The kitchen island or cart will become one of your most used furniture in this area. This is why you need to get it right! Your kitchen island should never look cluttered and functional at the same time. Here are the tips to kick you on the right path. Find a piece that can serve multiple purposes. Find a piece that can serve multiple purposes. If you have a small space with little room for storage, consider a kitchen island with storage drawers underneath or under-counter cabinets hidden when not in use. Or maybe you like having extra seating on your countertop or peninsula so you can have more people over while cooking together. You could even save space by installing a butcher block! Think about how the item will be used and where it will go in the room. Some items work well in an open-concept kitchen — like a large sink or cooktop — while others look better in a corner or behind an island if necessary (like a pantry). If you got small spaces to work with, consider the placement of your appliances so that everything fits together nicely. Make sure the piece works with the whole room’s style. When deciding what furniture to buy for the kitchen, it’s important to consider the whole room. Choose complementary pieces that can be matched with other pieces in the room…. Read More

All about interiors: What Adairs is up to with the world of art

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So Adairs, interiors retailer, has been busy during lockdown, making all sorts of magic with local artists. Take, for example, Miimi + Jiinda, indigenous artists whose bright and distinctive style, often inspired by their stunning ancestral homelands and strong matriarchal origins tell visual stories about country and kin from the oldest surviving culture in the world. It’s a very Adairs-esque approach to take and something for us all to really get our minds into as we emerge from this COVID polava with a hopefully refreshed approach to the world, environment and people we share it all with. We spoke with the artists about they new collaboration with Adairs, their work and how it all works. Join us and find out… How would you describe your work? Our creations are works of cultural renewal, telling visual stories that reflect our unique perspective and distinctive experience as Aboriginal women.  Our inspiration stems from our strong, feminine matriarchal line, the beautiful Gumbaynggirr country they live and work on, our dreaming and creation stories and our life today as a modern-day Goori women. What mediums do you work with? We paint with acrylic paints and have some natural ochres we sometimes use as well. Mum weaves with natural plants and fibres picked locally on country.  How did the Adairs collaboration come about? As our business expands, we feel collaborations of this nature are the perfect way to showcase our art to a wider demographic. We have always been big fans of Adairs personally and have enjoyed exploring ways to project our… Read More

Automating your home: A lot more possible than you thought

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In the days of Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri, who can do anything you need other than make your morning coffee and take your stuff to the dry-cleaners, your home is next in the long line of tech updates. And the best bit, is that the days of just being able to time your lights and flick them using an app are over – you can turn your home into something seriously ‘of the future’ with just a few updates. Think: Talking to your centralised hub like Amazon Alexa having your air conditioning units, humidifiers and more reacting together in response to changes in your home environment communicating with postmen and couriers through the door bell relaxing and unwinding in the evenings by setting schedules with connected products such as scent diffusers, lighting and curtains returning to a freshly vacuumed and mopped home, every single day. Things like this are doable with a whole range of tech, like these nifty finds. Sort your life out with Amazon Alexa From scheduling things in your calendar, to simply setting a timer, to generally reducing your screen time, these Amazon Alexa babies make life easier! Control your home’s temperature without even thinking about it Using the Connect Universal Smart IR remote with temperature and humidity sensors, helps with controlling TVs and air cons from a single remote. Set scenes to automate your life! Have constantly clean floors thanks to Ecovacs Control your personal cleaner using the the Ecovacs app or with voice command through Amazon Echo or… Read More

6 benefits of installing outdoor blinds in your home


When people think about blinds, it’s natural to envision them installed on the interior of the home and not outdoors. However, there are many great reasons and advantages to installing outdoor blinds in your home, and in this post we’ll take a look at why outdoor PVC blinds will benefit you. #1 – Bring the Indoors Outdoors What does this mean? It means you can create an outdoor space that feels like an extra room by strategically installing blinds to enclose the area. It could be a patio, balcony or even a veranda. In fact, if you install an awning and outdoor blinds together, you can effectively make a simple new room on a budget, where it feels like you’re still outside, but are protected from the sun and the elements. #2 – Outdoor Blinds Protect Your Windows When blinds and curtains are installed internally, apart from looking great, their main purpose is to block out light and give you privacy, but they do nothing to protect the windows themselves. That’s where outdoor PVC blinds can be of enormous benefit. Not only do they add even more privacy, outdoor blinds will help to protect your glass panes from the weather. They help repel the sun, wind and rain and will even help keep your windows clean during inclement weather. Vertiscreen blinds are a good option in this instance, and are the perfect solution for those large windows or balcony areas. #3 – Al Fresco Dining With Unimpeded Views When it comes to the range and… Read More

Where to hang art in your home

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Want to know one of the best kept secrets about interior design? Where you position your art, of course! It may seem obvious…the most available bare wall. But it’s not quite as simple that. The art of hanging art takes a keen and experimental eye. Follow our room-by-room guide to get the best results in every space. Living room A natural choice for hanging art, particularly as it’s the room where you spend most of your time and welcome visitors into your home. The trick to making art work really well in your living room is to think big. Don’t choose something so small that it will get lost, particularly if you have oodles of wall space. Instead, measure carefully and supersize your art to create a feature piece in the room. Bedroom The bedroom is an ideal place to decorate as you wish; a space where you can let your personality shine! Choosing art for your bedroom is all about complementing the rest of your decor. It needs to work perfectly with the colour of your walls, bed linen, curtains and other soft furnishings. To encourage a restful sleep, choose artwork that is soothing in nature and speaks to your soul.  Hallway Hanging art in your hallway not only defines the area as a clear entry point to your home, it also sets the scene for your décor style and helps to create a cohesive look. Remember the art you select for your hallway will be one of the first things visitors see when… Read More

An interior designer’s dream: I-MADE at the Saatchi Gallery London


By many schools of thought, London’s the creative capital of the world. So, the Saatchi Gallery has brought many of the top designers and creatives in the world of interior design from Italy within its walls to celebrate I-MADE, London’s design exhibition; a first for the gallery. Designed by Guilio Cappellini the exhibition will not only present Italian innovation and craftsmanship but draw on the passion and traditions of iconic Italian brands and designers that are shaping the industry today. The whole exhibition has brought together over 50 exhibitors from all corners of Italy; from some of the most influential names in the world of design to emerging artisans. Each will display their works like pieces of art across the wondrous Saatchi Gallery during the annual London Design Festival. Check some out here or at the I-MADE website. On from 19-22 September.

Styling by the experts: Sabrina Monte Carlo tells us how it’s done

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If there’s one name to know in the world of styling, it’s Sabrina Monteleone-Øeino. The founder of Sabrina Monte Carlo styling, she’s got years of experience in the fine touch to presenting any space, which this year, is honing in on the finer side of things at the Monaco Yacht Show. They’ll be celebrating the launch of the brand’s e-shop; an exclusive distributor St Louis and Lalique’s newest crystal creations alongside Paola Lenti poufs and tables, all staged in a colourful, vibrant space. We spoke to Sabrina for some tips on how it’s done and why she does it! Why do you style?  It just was always natural for me. I remember my parents left one week-end when I was thirteen and my sister and I painted a huge mural in our bedroom and redecorated it all ! What is the guiding principle that drives every styling decision you make? Optimise every corner – every space has to be useful. For example, for our Villa Riviera project we had an area above the garage with the most beautiful view of the garden. We never used it and now it is an outdoor gym! Is there a way people can easily replicate designs they like? Of course, just paint your wall a new colour, add some wallpaper, cushions, carpets – a small change goes a long way. Tell me how you approach each new project. I start with neutral colours and add touches of colour later on. Then I choose a theme, a story – don’t… Read More