Tips for choosing furniture for the kitchen

living and dining room with large kitchen

The kitchen area is the most crucial part of your home. From cooking to entertaining, you’ll find it’s one of your home’s busiest areas. The kitchen island or cart will become one of your most used furniture in this area. This is why you need to get it right! Your kitchen island should never look […]

Organise and declutter your home to create a sense of calm

Home interior living room

Home is a space of peace and calm, for most. Here’s how to achieve it.

All about interiors: What Adairs is up to with the world of art

Adairs Miimi Jiindas

So Adairs, interiors retailer, has been busy during lockdown, making all sorts of magic with local artists. Take, for example, Miimi + Jiinda, indigenous artists whose bright and distinctive style, often inspired by their stunning ancestral homelands and strong matriarchal origins tell visual stories about country and kin from the oldest surviving culture in the world. […]

Automating your home: A lot more possible than you thought

Interiors home living room

In the days of Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri, who can do anything you need other than make your morning coffee and take your stuff to the dry-cleaners, your home is next in the long line of tech updates. And the best bit, is that the days of just being able to time your […]

6 benefits of installing outdoor blinds in your home


When people think about blinds, it’s natural to envision them installed on the interior of the home and not outdoors. However, there are many great reasons and advantages to installing outdoor blinds in your home, and in this post we’ll take a look at why outdoor PVC blinds will benefit you. #1 – Bring the […]

Where to hang art in your home

Avani Broadbeach 2 bedroom suite living kitchen

Want to know one of the best kept secrets about interior design? Where you position your art, of course! It may seem obvious…the most available bare wall. But it’s not quite as simple that. The art of hanging art takes a keen and experimental eye. Follow our room-by-room guide to get the best results in […]

An interior designer’s dream: I-MADE at the Saatchi Gallery London


By many schools of thought, London’s the creative capital of the world. So, the Saatchi Gallery has brought many of the top designers and creatives in the world of interior design from Italy within its walls to celebrate I-MADE, London’s design exhibition; a first for the gallery. Designed by Guilio Cappellini the exhibition will not […]

Styling by the experts: Sabrina Monte Carlo tells us how it’s done

Table setting plates

If there’s one name to know in the world of styling, it’s Sabrina Monteleone-Øeino. The founder of Sabrina Monte Carlo styling, she’s got years of experience in the fine touch to presenting any space, which this year, is honing in on the finer side of things at the Monaco Yacht Show. They’ll be celebrating the […]

Interior design must complement architecture: Here’s why

Interior design

Architecture is the design and construction of buildings. But it’s not just about making a building stand up to the weather or fit in with the local area; architecture is about responding to ideas and creating a bold structure that speaks to the lifestyle of its inhabitants. This is why some buildings stand the test […]

Common household hazards and how to deal with them

Living room house

Keeping the house in tip top condition is something which is always super important as a homeowner. When you buy your first home and start to look after it you will start to notice the same hazards and issues become common in the home.  Today we want to talk about how to deal with some […]