Hoyts takes LUX to new heights with a menu by Manu

Hoyts Lux Manu Feildel sliders

It’s one thing to watch favourite Frenchman Manu Feildel’s innovative cooking skills and judging on television, and it’s another to experience his creations yourself. So what happens when you combine his culinary style with the most comfortable and cutting edge sound and visual cinematic experience? HOYTS LUX has crafted the perfect collaboration to take your […]

This is why gays needs guns

We know a lot about America. Their president is scary, their gun politics are even scarier and the fact that fact year, 52 people were murdered because they identified as LGBTIQ+[1] is abhorrent. That’s why ‘The Pink Pistols‘ exist. Given the number of gay hate crime acts in the US has never been higher, there’s […]

Opera Australia puts on spectacular new production of Aida as its winter season highlight

Opera Australia Aida

Opera Australia is putting on Aida this year as their headliner for the 2018 winter season.

What to eat in Barangaroo this VIVID Sydney

VIVID Sydney is the city’s celebration of light, life and love for it all, working with some of the most creative minds when it comes to creativity. But that creativity extends well past light projections and timers, knocking right on to the city’s great culinary minds and venues, serving-up some light festival-inspired delicacies befitting a […]

Arlo Blak charcoal detoxifies and purifies easily

Arlo Blak feature

Remember when charcoal beauty products came in about a year-or-so ago? People went mad for it. All-of-a-sudden it was ‘blak’ this and ‘blak’ that, turning even the most simple of products into a jet black smear that left a dusty haze in its wake. But despite the country’s penchant for all things black and charcoal […]

Why Sydney’s Spice Alley in Chippendale makes a date night

Spice Alley lanterns

Know what makes a good date night? Cold weather, coats, cosy bars and quality food and drinks, which is exactly what you get one a date night at Spice Alley, just off Kensington Street in Chippendale Sydney. It’s the city’s go-to for quality, affordable, cheap Asian eats tucked nicely behind a range of quality bars and […]

There’s a naughty dessert festival coming to Sydney: The Milk ‘n’ Sugar

Milk Sugar glow stick fairy floss

Feel that dull ache in your back teeth? Yeah, that’s your them screaming out for mercy in advance of this year’s naughtiest dessert festival coming to Sydney, Milk ‘n’ Sugar. It is set to return this year alongside VIVID Sydney at the Overseas Passenger Terminal Circular Quay next weekend, bringing together Sydney’s finest dessert enthusiasts to offer […]

Design legend Tom Dixon has partnered with IKEA and Sydney’s UTS design students to make DELAKTIG

Ikea Tom Dixon UTS Delaktig house plants

Once IKEA start, they obviously can’t stop and it’s a great thing when you consider the vast – and awesome – range of stuff they keep pumping out with designer-after-designer. We’ve been through the rounds of Scandinavian designer collaborations so far, now moving on to things with slightly a different feel in the collection between […]

Monte Alto in Crows Nest is doing classic comfort food in style

Monte Alto burger

At the top of a crest in the main thoroughfare of Crows Nest lies Monte Alto, the suburb’s new addition – right across the road from the Stuffed Beaver – turning out easy eats for those who like something a little bit different. Formerly known for its round-the-world coffee menu, Monte Alto has learnt to love a […]

Underground Cinema Melbourne is back this May with DELIRIUM

Underground Cinema Delirium nurse

Breaking news: after years of attendance, I finally guessed an Underground Cinema film when I received the first email about it. And you know what? I didn’t enjoy it any less. Loved it, in fact. The theme of the first Underground Cinema for 2018 was DELIRIUM. We lucky cinema-goers were assigned the role of US marshals and reported for duty one suitably […]

An immersive drinks experience in Sydney like no other: Enlightenment at The Calyx

Enlighten Calyx light ball

What is enlightenment to you? What would we see, if the world was more enlightened? These are just some of the many questions posed at ‘Enlightenment at the Calyx’, located in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney during VIVID Sydney 2018. The night kicks off with a short walk down to the Calyx with a quick […]

Gin Lane cocktail bar does dark and broody well with 3 words: gin on tap

Gin Lane cocktail front

There are few places in Sydney you can walk into and immediately add to your ‘must return’ list. Gin Lane on Kensington Street is one of them. It’s dark, it’s broody, it’s cosy, it’s creative and comes complete with gin and tonic on tap to make their signature raison d’être as easy to pump out as […]