Athletes: How cannabis improves their performance

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More and more evidence is being uncovered by scientists and researchers on the positive effects of marijuana on athletes’ performance. In the US, with 29 states have legalized the medical use of cannabis, the acceptance in the medical and recreational use has lead to more studies being conducted in academic and research institutions to understand further the benefits of marijuana for the well-being of the people. Different strains of the cannabis plant are being subjected to rigorous clinical testing to find out how they can help fight different health conditions. Quality strains come from quality seeds. You can either buy from the seed bank in your neighborhood or order your seeds from trusted suppliers on the internet.

The push to allow marijuana in sports due to its ability to improve athletes’ performance is unheard of just a decade ago. Today, many sports organizations still ban the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana among athletes. Given this, many prominent people in sports call for the lifting of the ban on marijuana in sports. For instance, Bob Arum, who is perhaps the most famous boxing promoter in the world, has for many years advocated the lifting of the ban on marijuana for boxers. Like Bob Arum, there are throngs of cannabis advocates, scientists, and athletes are working toward the lifting of the ban on marijuana use in the sports sector. Armed by the research findings that prove the positive effects of marijuana on health and wellness, the advocacy to lift the ban on marijuana in sports is growing every day.

If you are curious about how cannabis and cannabis-based products help improve the athletes’ performance, below is a list of the benefits of marijuana that lead to enhancement in the performance of athletes. Hopefully, with this list, we can promote better acceptance of the use of marijuana in sports. 

  • MARIJUANA IS HELPFUL IN THE MANAGEMENT OF ANXIETY – Anxiety is the constant feeling of dread. People who have anxiety disorders are in a constant state of fear and worry. The competitive and stressful nature of sports has resulted in various forms of anxiety disorders among athletes. Athletes are not just constantly tired physically. They are always tested emotionally. They often dread about competing. They often question their capacity to achieve success. In addition, the everyday regimen during practices does not help improve morale for many.

Because it has been proven in countless studies that marijuana can help manage stress and anxiety, healthy doses of marijuana can help athletes’ manage their anxiety better. Cannabidiol, the active compound in marijuana responsible for anxiety relief, is proven to block neurotransmitters in the brain that are often associated with stress and depression. As a result, athletes who take marijuana regularly often suffer less anxiety. They are also more relaxed. This, in turn, improves their capacity to manage their anxiety, which further helps them gain more confidence when competing.

  • MARIJUANA HELPS ATHLETES MANAGE THEIR PAIN – The age-old saying, “no pain, no gain,” has become the mantra for many coaches and athletes. Athletes push themselves to the limit every time they practice. They push themselves even more when they compete. These made pain an everyday reality for many athletes.

Painful muscles and joints prevent athletes’ from achieving their full potential. Chronic pain among athletes can be debilitating to the point that it prevents them from competing at all. The athletic performance also decreases because a very painful muscle can disastrously hamper athletes’ ability to extend and flex their muscles. This results in less power and slowed movement. 

Marijuana has been proven to help people suffering from chronic pain. Marijuana contains active compounds that block pain receptors. This provides excellent pain relief. For this reason, many athletes turn to medical marijuana to help them manage their pain. With less pain, the better the athletes can practice and compete. Thus, immensely improving their performance.

  • MARIJUANA HELPS IMPROVE SLEEP – Sleep is very important for the body. It is believed that the body recuperates and repairs itself during sleep. Emotionally, sleep also helps prevents stress and depression. Athletes with good night sleep are also more focused. Given this, a good night’s sleep is important for every athlete’s health and well-being. A long and uninterrupted sleep helps athletes regain the optimum condition of their mind and body.  

Two active compounds in marijuana are found to help induce sleep among people with insomnia. THC and CBD have been found in countless studies to be beneficial for people suffering from insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Given this, athletes’ who regularly take healthy doses of marijuana are able to achieve deep and uninterrupted sleep every night.

There are many scientific studies that have proven the positive effects of medical marijuana on the health and welfare of ordinary people. For athletes, who rely heavily on their physical and emotional wellbeing, marijuana has been proven to improve their performance. Armed with this knowledge, hopefully, the ban on marijuana in sport is finally lifted so all athletes can benefit from this wonder herb