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Best train journeys for your next trip

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Are you ready to venture into a world where the rhythmic chug of a locomotive becomes the soundtrack to your most extraordinary adventures? Lonely Planet’s latest masterpiece, “Amazing Train Journeys,” opens the door to 60 of the most breathtaking train expeditions on the planet, including the iconic The Ghan and the enchanting Kuranda Scenic Railway in Australia. This captivating new release invites you to explore a diverse tapestry of railway odysseys, from timeless cross-country voyages to hidden gems nestled within everyday commuting lines. In an era where travelers seek a slower, more environmentally conscious mode of exploration, “Amazing Train Journeys” stands as a beacon, heralding the 21st-century renaissance of train travel. It celebrates the allure of steel rails and spinning wheels, beckoning readers to savor leisurely days aboard classic railway marvels, high-speed trains, and urban lines, offering a distinctive and picturesque passage from point A to B. Uncover legendary routes like Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer and Australia’s The Ghan, alongside hidden treasures such as the scenic railway from Belgrade to Bar winding through Montenegro’s mountains, The California Zephyr’s renowned Amtrak route across the USA, the Mombasa to Nairobi service in Kenya, and the bewitching Swiss Alpine journey aboard the Bernina Express. Each journey profile within the book presents a comprehensive depiction of the entire expedition, encompassing practical details like ticket recommendations, key stops, and the optimal time to embark on these awe-inspiring trips. Delve into the intricacies of ‘life on board,’ ‘riding the rails,’ and learn how to ‘make it happen.’ While high-speed lines bask in… Read More

See the best of Europe in Lonely Planet’s Gourmet Trails book

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The new book from Lonely Planet Food, titled “Gourmet Trails.” This book offers a fresh perspective on the traditional cuisines of Europe, including local specialities and creative modern-day chef creations. With 40 foodie trails to choose from, travellers can indulge in both indulgent and affordable itineraries that cater to their unique tastes. Lonely Planet’s team of writers has curated an exquisite showcase of Europe’s epicurean countries, tailoring itineraries that celebrate vibrant local produce and the creative minds that deliver these culinary delights. Whether you’re foraging in the woods, trialling a country cooking class, tasting pungent cheeses, quaffing local wines, discovering local tavernas, tasting wild food, or bartering at a local market, this guide celebrates the best of Europe on a platter. The book covers popular and lesser-known food and wine stops throughout Europe, providing readers with the best places to stay, cool restaurants and bars, where to eat, what to do along the way, and local culture, including festivals and celebrations. Each trail features 6-8 must eat and drink stops, suiting a shorter getaway or jaunt of two to three days. Itineraries include a route map, photography, and planning information such as how to get there, where to stay, what to do, and the best time to visit. There’s also the chance to experience celebrated producers, sample local specialties, and learn about the history of regional dishes. Some of the highlights of this book include Alsace’s Route des Vins, an introduction to the Corsican pantry, delving into Danish pastry in Copenhagen, tasting the seasons in… Read More

Learn how to travel again with Lonely Planet’s new experience guides

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With the world unlocked and travel now a thing again, Lonely Planet has released a new range of pocket-sized guides for the savvy traveller. Or, just anyone who needs a bit of friendly reminding of how to travel and see the world again. Called the Lonely Planet Experience series, it’s a range of guides for various global cities, led by local experts with on-the-ground perspectives. The series help travellers uncover new ways to get away from the everyday. Filled with unforgettable experiences and interesting local surprises, travellers can ‘dip in and dip out’ to experience travel with a difference. The new Experience Guides are designed for today’s traveller and are based on research that identified what travellers want –being able to guide their own trip, being surprised with fresh takes on well-known places and being able to connect with their destination through authentic, memorable experiences. Taking you from pre-trip to post-trip with all the handy must-knows and dos along the way, these guides unlock the ability to be the master of any trip overseas, putting the power of local’s knowledge into your hand – all without the pesky need for data roaming and incessant Googling or visits to peer review pages. If you’re catching yourself thinking about a trip, consider some of these destinations that Lonely Planet’s already got an Experience guide for: Japan, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Scotland and Iceland. 29 new destinations will also be launched throughout 2022 including world regions, cities, and countries. For more of a look and to try them yourself… Read More

Why Australia’s your next top-three travel destination

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First came Petra in Jordan, then the Galapagos Islands, followed closely thereafter by Australia’s spiritual heartland, Kata Tjuta and Uluru. The Lonely Planet ranking comes in an unprecedented 2020 that’s limiting international travel and impacting domestic visitation. Uluru is being acknowledged for its sustainable practices and ability to connect travellers with Aboriginal culture. Uluru climbed in the rankings from 33 in 2019, to three in 2020, making it the best-performing Australian ‘must see’! Not surprising really, given its history shadows most of the items on the list we all prize over it until now, like the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum and the rest of Europe! Get booking now!

Transform your travel goals with Lonely Planet’s new guide

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What do you get out of travelling? Are you after personal growth? Wanting to see new things? A change? Whatever the reason, you’re not alone and there’s something to be taken from any and every experience you find yourself in. Lonely Planet cottoned on to this and asked 7,500 members of its dedicated community of travellers from around the world the same sort of question with 92% of respondents saying they see travel as “an opportunity for positive change” 68% saying they now care more about sustainable travel than they used t, leaving 60% who view travel as more of an opportunity for personal growth than they previously did. They’ve even brought out a new book; purposed the help guide travellers on their way to ticking-off some of the more pressing goals they had in mind before jumping on board the plane. Goals are about a life filled with variety and self-discovery. Each goal is enriching in some way, either because it’s about forging stronger connections with the natural world, helping a community clear a coastline of plastic, or spending a week on silent retreat, they say. Every goals contributes to a good trip and vice-versa, so it’s time to start ticking some of them off! To celebrate the release of Travel Goals, Lonely Planet has teamed up with World Nomads to give visitors to lonelyplanet.com/explore-every-day/competition the chance of winning an AUD $5,000 Travel Goals pack – to help inspire them to create positive, life-changing travel experiences.

Lonely Planet’s new travel quiz book will test you

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While you may have been to Nice, the Isle of Greece and sipped champagne on a yacht, doesn’t mean you’re the world’s foremost travel guru. Or, does it? There’s only one way to find out and that’s with Lonely Planet’s newest piece, the Ultimate Travel Quiz book. “This book is billed as a ‘travel’ quiz, but really it’s an ‘everything’ quiz,” writes Editor Joe Fullman in his Introduction. “After all, travel is about experiencing all the world has to offer, so we’ve tried to cram as much of the planet into these pages as we can. You’ll be tested on everything from capitals to currencies, tallest buildings to longest rivers, national dishes to international airports, ancient empires to modern art galleries, the deepest lakes to the biggest oceans, and even outer space – perhaps the greatest travel adventure of all.” Test you knowledge of countries and capitals, see if you know how many countries share a border with China, or which part of France a bouillabaisse comes from. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz Book is split into three chapters: Day-Tripper: A gentle introduction to the world of travel quizzing. Traveller: A bit more challenging. Explorer: Taking it up another notch, these questions are occasionally downright fiendish. There are 100 quizzes in all, most of which have 20 questions, amounting to a grand total of just over 2000. The majority are general knowledge, covering a wide selection of topics and regions – the whole planet is represented.  Get that brain working and the travel bug biting and find your… Read More

Lonely Planet inspires a lifetime of travel on foot with Epic Hikes of the World


Just because Lonely Planet clearly doesn’t stop, what with cruise guides amongst their myriad other things for itchy-footed travellers, they’re back this month with a reason to travel from now until forever with their Epic hikes of the World instalment. The latest book comes packed with 50 hiking routes in 30 countries along with 150 ideas to keep you putting one foot in front of the other for decades to come. It even has five amazing hikes from Australia included in there, too. There’s enough land after all… Hiking has become the number one most enjoyed activity for active travellers, according to a recent study on adventure tourism*, and Lonely Planet being the legends they are, know what we need to keep it up. The new book comes a part of the ‘Epic’ series, which gave us such pearlers as the Epic Bike Rides of the World (2016) and Epic Drives of the World (2017), offering challenge-after-challenge to the most gun-ho of travellers.   The Aussie hikes in this book they’ve included are Sydney’s Seven Bridges (27 km), The Great South West Walk (250 km), Tasmania’s Three Capes Track (46 km), Victoria’s Feathertop to Bogong Traverse (77 km) and Indiana Jones and the Gold Coast (54 km). The book is jam-packed with all the perks of true insight, like practical information on the best time of year to hike, how to get there, where to stay and what to eat. All hikes are coded according to difficulty, taking into account their duration, local conditions and possible inaccessibility. Get the new Lonely Planet book Epic Hikes of the World for $44.99 from… Read More

Lonely Planet introduces first guides to cruise travel 

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We all love the thought of jumping on board a luxury, floating palace and sailing away into the sunset on an undetermined island-hopping cruise of relaxing, eating and drinking. But, who amongst us knows the best way to go about it? Or, even where to actually go, on said cruise? Ahoy mates! ? Leading travel media company Lonely Planet realised how nuts people are for cruises, so for the first time is releasing cruise ports guidebooks to help travellers discover the best onshore experiences. Lonely Planet’s Cruise Ports series is published this month with guides to Alaska, Scandinavia & Northern Europe and the Caribbean ? #lonelyplanet #cruiseship #travel #travelgram A post shared by T H E F A U (@the_f_au) on Jul 6, 2018 at 8:14pm PDT Well, thanks to the travel legends that are Lonely Planet, their new range of cruise guides for travellers take-out the guess work, making cruising holidays a breeze. According to Cruise Lines International Association, the Australian cruise market grew by 4.4% in 2017 with more than 1.34 million Australians taking an ocean cruise last year. Australasia also accounted for 5.4 per cent of global cruise passenger numbers in 2017. With numbers like that, they were right to jump on board with the new range of books when they did. Lonely Planet’s Cruise Ports series has kicked off with guides to Alaska, Scandinavia & Northern Europe and the Caribbean, offering top-notch ideas for holidays to those of us a little more sea faring. The new books feature coloured maps, highlights, reviews and tips on how to save time and money, proving… Read More