Why Australia’s your next top-three travel destination

First came Petra in Jordan, then the Galapagos Islands, followed closely thereafter by Australia’s spiritual heartland, Kata Tjuta and Uluru. The Lonely Planet ranking comes in an unprecedented 2020 that’s limiting international travel and impacting domestic visitation. Uluru is being acknowledged for its sustainable practices and ability to connect travellers with Aboriginal culture. Uluru climbed […]

Transform your travel goals with Lonely Planet’s new guide

Couple travel travelling

What do you get out of travelling? Are you after personal growth? Wanting to see new things? A change? Whatever the reason, you’re not alone and there’s something to be taken from any and every experience you find yourself in. Lonely Planet cottoned on to this and asked 7,500 members of its dedicated community of […]

Lonely Planet’s new travel quiz book will test you

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While you may have been to Nice, the Isle of Greece and sipped champagne on a yacht, doesn’t mean you’re the world’s foremost travel guru. Or, does it? There’s only one way to find out and that’s with Lonely Planet’s newest piece, the Ultimate Travel Quiz book. “This book is billed as a ‘travel’ quiz, […]

Lonely Planet inspires a lifetime of travel on foot with Epic Hikes of the World


Just because Lonely Planet clearly doesn’t stop, what with cruise guides amongst their myriad other things for itchy-footed travellers, they’re back this month with a reason to travel from now until forever with their Epic hikes of the World instalment. The latest book comes packed with 50 hiking routes in 30 countries along with 150 ideas […]

Lonely Planet introduces first guides to cruise travel 

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We all love the thought of jumping on board a luxury, floating palace and sailing away into the sunset on an undetermined island-hopping cruise of relaxing, eating and drinking. But, who amongst us knows the best way to go about it? Or, even where to actually go, on said cruise? Ahoy mates! ? Leading travel media company […]