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Golden rules for an awesome dinner party

We don’t always have to go out to bars and restaurants when we want to socialise with friends and family. Sometimes, it’s just fine to stay indoors and spend some time together. If you want to make things a little less “run of the mill,” however, then it’s important to push the boat out a little. You could have a good day just sitting around, but there’ll also be times when it’s good to make things a little extra special. For example, by hosting a dinner party. If you have ambitions to host a dinner party, then take a read of our tips below, where we outline all you need to have a memorable event.

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The Guestlist

The food is important, sure, but even the best food in the world can’t make up for a poor guestlist. Of course, anyone who you might invite to a dinner party at your house is likely to be in your good books, but you should also think about how your guests will interact with one another. A lot of people have work friends, pub friends, hiking friends, and so on — you can blend groups at a dinner party (it’s recommended) but if space is limited, then pick people you think will get along well with the others.

Create the Space

Your usual dining area is probably pretty relaxing and informal. However, when you’re going to host a dinner party, you’ll want to make things a little more formal. In fact, if you’re looking for a specific style, we’ll say that it should be as if you’re in a restaurant. In reality, all this means is adding a table cloth, a couple of candles, and perhaps a couple of small decorative pieces. The lighting will be important, too — go for low and atmospheric lighting, rather than anything too bright.

What’s on the Menu?

If people are going to take the time to get dressed up and come to your event, then make sure that you’re serving them something special! It’s not about being the world’s best chef; it’s just about putting some thought into the menu and making something that stands out from the crowd. If you want to switch things up, then look at international cuisine. There are plenty of excellent European food dishes that are both delicious and relatively easy to make. Your guests will be impressed that you’re serving something that they don’t come across every day.

Getting the Drinks Right 

As well as the food, you’ll want to think about drinks. It’s generally a good idea to have a mix of options available, since you can never be sure what mood people will be in. One good idea is to offer a welcome cocktail. Cocktails can always create a sense of occasion, and it’s just a nice way to be greeted once you arrive. It’ll be even better if you’re making cocktails that pair well with the food that you’ll be serving, but this is far from a strict rule. 

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