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Where’s everyone travelling to this winter from Australia?

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As the Australian summer approaches, many families are planning their long-awaited getaways, seeking both domestic escapes and international adventures. According to Booking.com’s latest search data, Bali has emerged as the favourite destination, recording a remarkable 75% year-over-year (YoY) increase in flight searches. This volcanic island, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, also ranks highly in accommodation searches with three out of the top ten winter destinations, spurred by the desire to escape the recent rainy weather. Beyond Bali, Japan remains a top choice for Australian travellers, with Tokyo rising to the second most searched destination for accommodations, climbing three spots from last year. The allure of the 2024 Olympics is further driving Aussies to major European cities like London and Paris, which claim the third and ninth spots respectively in accommodation searches. In a striking trend, China has witnessed an astounding 95% YoY increase in flight searches, highlighting its growing appeal. Closer to home, the Gold Coast continues to reign supreme as the most popular domestic destination. Other notable domestic hotspots include Mooloolaba, which has seen a 25% YoY increase, and Adelaide, with a 20% YoY increase in accommodation searches. These trends underscore Australians’ favour for coastal and metropolitan locations during the summer months. Interestingly, technology is also shaping travel plans, with a recent study by Booking.com revealing that nearly a third of Millennials (31%) and Gen Z (30%) are likely to use AI in their travel planning this winter. This contrasts with Gen X (19%) and a mere 6% of Boomers showing… Read More

UN Tourism Opens Calls for Best Tourism Villages 2024

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The fourth edition of the highly coveted UN Tourism’s Best Tourism Villages initiative is now accepting applications. Established under the new moniker “UN Tourism” (previously known as UNWTO), the initiative has grown significantly in the past three years, attracting nearly 600 applications from almost 100 countries. The initiative currently unites 186 members in a global network, including 129 Best Tourism Villages and 57 villages participating in the Upgrade Programme. These member villages span 55 countries across five different world regions, a testament to the initiative’s global reach and impact. UN Tourism Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili states, “Best Tourism Villages by UN Tourism recognises rural destinations that effectively incorporate tourism as a tool for sustainable growth, opportunity and preservation of unique cultural and natural heritage. We eagerly anticipate more examples of tourism being a force for good in the 2024 edition.” Applications are now open until 24 April 2024 for UN Tourism Member States to propose up to eight candidate villages through their National Tourism Administrations (NTAs). The chosen villages will be announced in the third quarter of the year. Applications will be assessed by an independent Advisory Board with expertise spanning various fields. They will evaluate villages based on nine key areas: Cultural and Natural Resources, Promotion and Conservation of Cultural Resources, Economic Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Tourism Development and Value Chain Integration, Governance and Prioritisation of Tourism, Infrastructure and Connectivity, and Health, Safety and Security. The Best Tourism Villages by UN Tourism initiative, introduced in 2021, is a pioneering program designed to transform tourism… Read More

Surprising ways you can travel while protecting the environment


If your 2020 travel plans have been put on hold, don’t worry. It simply means you have more time to plan your next set of adventures in 2021! You may already have a destination in mind and have your flights rebooked, but have you considered how you could introduce some sustainability into your trip? International travel and air travel, in particular, are one of the biggest polluters, releasing high levels of greenhouse gases into the environment. Not forgetting large numbers of tourists using additional energy in hotels, increasing the use of single-use plastics, food waste and not forgetting further forms of transport when they arrive and travel around their destinations. Of course, tourists aren’t entirely to blame for the environmental crises we’re facing, however, if everyone (including tourists) does their bit to help the planet, we will all benefit. Here we’ll explore some surprising ways you can travel and protect the environment. Choose sustainable fashion Making simple changes can have a big impact on the environment. So, whilst packing for your trip, consider investing in pieces that have been created with sustainability in mind. For instance, Szade sunglasses stock stylish eyewear made from recycled sunglasses. Perfect for protecting your eyes in those sunnier climes, but without adding to landfill or fast fashion practices. By choosing sustainable brands and fashion, you can help protect the planet, reduce waste and save money at the same time! Reduce your meat consumption when travelling The meat industry is incredibly destructive, so reducing your meat consumption can have a profound… Read More

Why Australia’s your next top-three travel destination

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First came Petra in Jordan, then the Galapagos Islands, followed closely thereafter by Australia’s spiritual heartland, Kata Tjuta and Uluru. The Lonely Planet ranking comes in an unprecedented 2020 that’s limiting international travel and impacting domestic visitation. Uluru is being acknowledged for its sustainable practices and ability to connect travellers with Aboriginal culture. Uluru climbed in the rankings from 33 in 2019, to three in 2020, making it the best-performing Australian ‘must see’! Not surprising really, given its history shadows most of the items on the list we all prize over it until now, like the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum and the rest of Europe! Get booking now!

What travel really does for you

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Getting away from where you’re currently situated, and heading off to a completely new part of the world is one of the greatest things you can do in life. We’re naturally hunters and gatherers, you know? It might not feel that way because we’re all pretty domesticated, and we have to stay in one place for society to function properly, but our bodies and minds are supposed to explore. Nothing is supposed to be locked in a cage, and being cooped up in your own hometown for years and years may as well be the same as a pair of handcuffs.  Hopping on a plane, a train, or an automobile, and getting to see what the world has to offer is a must for absolutely everyone. Yes. Everyone. You, too! Even if you’re pretty shy and get a little anxious at the thought of it, you should still jump at the opportunity. You won’t regret it, and it would increase the quality of your life tenfold. Sure, some parts might be quite difficult, and it’s quite challenging to sleep on a plane, but the majority of this stuff makes your life so much better. Still unsure? Still need a little convincing? Want to know a few things that travel can really do for you? Well, read on and see:     Allow You To Break Free From The Status Quo Every single day, you wake up and go to work. You might not be in the strictest of routines, but you’re in a routine anyway. There’s nothing… Read More

Time for some bucket list inspiration: Consider these ideas

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We can all agree, that we can often get stuck in a rut when it comes to booking our vacations. We can often prefer to stick with what we know, after all, for some a vacation only happens just once a year. So it has to be right first time. But, because we can be a little fearful of the unknown, we can be less inclined to revert to our bucket lists and try somewhere new, even though we all would love to visit some of these places or do some of these things at some point in our lives. With that in mind, here are some of once in a lifetime experiences that are worthy of your bucket list, hopefully inspiring you to consider something a little different for this years vacation.  Image source – Pixabay – CC0 License  Witness the Northern Lights One of the most spectacular things to witness in the sky is the Northern Lights. The Aurora dance can only be seen at certain times of the year and you need to travel as far north as you can to really make the most of it. Countries like Iceland or Finland are some of the most popular ways to see them. While you are there, you could also make the most of other ways to enjoy your holiday. Exploring in the snow and even searching out Lapland.  A safari or wilderness experience  Maybe you like the idea of being in the wilderness and exploring, then a safari or trek could be… Read More

Top holiday destinations for Latinos in 2019

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When it comes to holidays and travelling, few people do it better than Latinos. According to statistics from the National Tour Association (NTA), Hispanics in the US spend over $56 billion in vacations and leisure travel every year. Also, Hispanics are noted as being the fastest-growing demographic in the States. As the number of Latinos and their purchasing power grows, these fun-loving people are increasingly looking for new and exciting holiday destinations. If you are planning a trip for the summer, and you’re looking for ideas, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ll take a brief look at how you should choose a great vacation location as well as a few ideas on some great destinations. How to Choose a Great Holiday Location. Ok, you’ve been dreaming of your summer vacation all year, and now, it’s almost here. There’s just one big question on your mind, where exactly should you go? As Sophia King, travel expert from monederosmart.com says: “Answering the big question becomes more comfortable when you can answer a few smaller questions. For example – How much is your budget? How many people are travelling with you? Are you someone that loves the rough, rugged outdoors, or are you looking to be pampered and waited on? Are you planning a romantic summer vacation, or is this a girls’ time out thing? The clearer your answers to these questions are, the easier it’ll be to make a decision.” If you’re worried about taking time off work, it’s worth checking out some of the… Read More

3 things people often forget to do before travelling abroad

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Are you travelling abroad anytime soon? We hope you have a wonderful time if so. Travel is good for both the body and mind, and you are bound to feel the benefits. However, there are some things that many people forget to do before they leave for their travels, especially when it’s their first trip abroad, and consequently, they then sabotage their dreams for rest and relaxation while away. Don’t let this be you! Consider what we say below, and be sure to add them to your pre-travels checklist, so you don’t find yourself in a stressful situation while you’re away. #1: They forget to check their travel insurance policies You shouldn’t forget to take out travel insurance; it can be a lifesaver should you get injured while you’re away, and it can offer you some solace should your bags get stolen. However, you need to make sure you have the right cover for your needs. Not every insurer will include cover for anybody injured in an accident after renting a car or motorcycle, for example, and it might not cover high-risk activities such as skiing or scuba diving. You might need to get specialist cover, such as motorcycle travel insurance, and you might also need to find an insurance provider that will give you customised cover to accommodate your specific requirements. Check your insurance policies before you leave then, and if necessary, switch to a different insurer if your current provider won’t give you what you need.  #2: They forget to call their bank… Read More

Visit the top Game of Thrones destinations in Spain by train


What’s awesome about Europe is how close everything is – rude – but it means that within a day in most cases, you can be in some of the world’s most stunning and famous areas. Thanks to shows like Game of Thrones and networks like Eurail, accessing them and being a part of it, however small, is now totally doable. Eurail connects travellers to all the cool parts of Spain that the show was filmed in. Like these… Girona, Spain The stunning Girona Cathedral was used to film numerous scenes for Braavos, Old Town and King’s Landing, including the impressive steps that became the Great Sept of Baelor. How to get there: After arriving into Barcelona from Australia, use the Eurail Global Pass or the Eurail Spain Pass to travel by train from the coastal city of Barcelona to the old town of Girona, which will take a short 40 minutes.  Bardenas Reales National Park, Spain  Situated in north-eastern Spain, the extraordinary rural desert landscape has been used to film scenes throughout Game of Thrones, using the fantastical shapes found from the clay, chalk and sandstone rocks. In Season 6, the national park was the perfect setting for the Dothraki Sea, a vast area of the continent of Essos. How to get there: From Girona, catch a train back to Barcelona and then a local train to Tudela de Navarra, the nearest station to the national park. Travellers can experience more in the Navarra region and visit the city of Pamplona to enjoy the Running of the Bulls festival in July. Seville,… Read More