The Mate X e-bike is a head-turner for good reason

Mate Bikes

There’s no disputing the fact this gal is definitely a head-turner. But good looks only take you so far and it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. And when you’re riding around the hilly eastern suburbs of Sydney, this is where you come to appreciate what’s under the bonnet – so to speak – of the Danish-designed e-bike, MATE.BIKE

Positioned as one of the youngest, leanest, and fastest-growing e-bike brands currently on the market, the MATE X model is now available in Australia. 

With a starting price of $2,699, this foldable and powerful e-bike boasts a 250W electric motor geared with top-tier specs including Shimano gears, Tektro disc brakes, USB ports, and an LCD screen. It has a range of 120km and an unlocked, off-road speed of 40km/hr. It’s available in burnt orange, subdued black, white ice, shocking pink, dusty army, and jet grey. 

We won’t go into the full specs here, as there is a detailed list on the website. But even at a glance, you can tell this e-bike is equipped with quality parts and thought has been put it into safety features such as indicators, rear brake lights, and all-terrain fat tyres which provides peace of mind when riding in off-road and on-road situations. Most importantly, the MATE.BIKE provides a comfortable ride and is certainly up to the challenge to tackle those monster hills in and around eastern Sydney. 

IMG 2786
We took the MATE X for a test run around the hilly suburbs of eastern Sydney. It ticked all the boxes.

This Copenhagen-based startup was founded in 2016 by siblings Julie Kronstrøm and Christian Adel Michael. We asked the innovative duo a few questions about the MATE.BIKE.

MATE.BIKE has been dubbed the Tesla of e-bikes. Why is that?

I think we all agree that Tesla, despite the large selection, is something special. We wanted to change the perception of e-bikes and offer a cool, high spec, and affordable e-bike with a look so different that it would turn heads wherever you go – we succeeded with that.

How do you envisage an Australian MATE.BIKE owner making the most of their bike?

In Denmark, we are very inspired by the Australian lifestyle. In many ways, MATE is designed just for that. Perfect for day-to-day transport to and from work and for leisure on the beach, in nature, the forest, and steep hills.

What makes MATE.BIKE stand out from your competitors?

We wanted to create a cool, sexy, affordable product, sort of democratize it and make it attractive, accessible, and desirable. We were on a mission to make the perfect bike with a cool design while keeping functionality in mind for any rider, any journey in any given situation. And we wanted to give people a feeling of ultimate freedom. 

I don ?t think that has changed dramatically after four years of business. We have been working on our vision statement and landed on this: We move people through free-spirited moments and cool design.

In the past, we excited people by launching a lot of surprising concepts (Burning Man Edition, MATE Music, MATE x Moncler) and disruptive products (MATE X). Many more will come – soon an SUV Cargo bike and the classic and very cool MATE City. We want to continue to develop the company together with our community to keep MATE interesting. MATE will never just be a bike for transportation.

The value we have created in the past – especially with the MATE X – will also be an important driver in the future. Full passion and desire to develop a broader range of products and new categories.

What demographic does your bike appeal to?

We had the vision to create an e-bike that was appealing to a young urban audience who wouldn’t otherwise look twice at this mode of transport. MATE is for everyone who wants to experience a little fun and adventure in their everyday commute. It’s a bike that invites you to take a detour and go beyond the beaten path. The fat tyres, full suspension, durable construction, and foldable design make it stable to ride, so it’s a great option for everybody, seniors as well.

Is the MATE X for urbanites or thrill-seekers? Or both?

Both … MATE is situated in more than 80 countries around the world. We have a strong community that shows off their life with MATE on social channels and we are thrilled to see the diversity and usage of the bikes.

To celebrate the launch of MATE X in Australia, you can buy now and pay later. Pre-order your favourite MATE X for $99 and pay the rest before it’s delivered. 

MATE.X is available for local pre-order via MATE.LAB