London: The Columbia Hotel’s got a new thing going on


Amy Winehouse was a fan. So was Oasis. And now, you will be, too. The Columbia Hotel in London fast-became synonymous with trendy hangouts and quality bevs and they’ve recently redone their look along with what’s on.


In collaboration with local artists, the hotel’s unveiled an exciting transformation and has launched five private dining lounges and intimate day-to-night bars showcasing pieces-to-purchase from emerging artists including Kate BellmYulia Iosilzon and artists from Roman Road Gallery, in which the artists will rotate every quarter.

What’s it all for? Well, The Columbia is all about providing support for two industries that have been hit hard by the pandemic around the world. They want to provide a safe and intimate space to socialise and soak-up visual art while providing a platform for artists to showcase their work outside of the traditional gallery space. 

And there’s a room deal too, if after the new menu on offer and cultural inundation, you need to just roll up and crash. Check it all out at the Columbia website.

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