The rise of Men’s wellness retreats

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Men’s health is in the spotlight with International Men’s Health week taking place from Monday 10 June to Sunday 16 June, and while there’s no doubt we need to prioritise talking about men’s physical and mental health, it can be difficult to know how to take meaningful action to support men’s wellbeing – or where to start. In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, men’s wellness retreats have emerged as essential sanctuaries for holistic well-being. These retreats offer men a unique opportunity to step away from their daily routines and immerse themselves in environments designed to nurture their mental, physical, and emotional health. By providing a supportive space for stress relief, personal growth, and community building, men’s wellness retreats address critical aspects of well-being often overlooked in traditional settings. Recent data from the Australian Institute of Families Studies shows up to 25% of men experience a diagnosed mental health disorder in their lifetime, and 15% experienced a disorder in any 12-month period. Wellness Retreats encourage open discussions about mental health, and promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle. As the importance of self-care becomes increasingly recognised, men’s wellness retreats stand out as vital tools for fostering overall health and resilience, explore personal growth, find purpose and prioritise self-care. Elysia Wellness Retreat nestled in the heart of the Hunter Valley offers a raft of escape options, seminars, activities and inspiring guest speakers dedicated to improving everything from anxiety and anger management to stress, sleep and physical health. “Historically, wellness retreats have been seen as the domain of girls’ groups… Read More

Levelling up your run could be as simple as investing in the right tech

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A simple scroll of your socials will cast no doubt that running fever is sweeping across the nation. Whether you’re a newbie or an old timer, technology advancements mean we know more about how to get the best out of a run, and how to support post-run too. From gearing up for the race to ensuring proper recovery, Withings offers a range of smart tech designed to support every step of your running journey. Here are some of our top picks from Withings to enhance your training and recovery: ScanWatch 2 ($599 AUD) Don’t be fooled by its sleek appearance; the ScanWatch 2 is a powerhouse hybrid smartwatch perfect for both your daily jog and a day at the office. This next-generation device features a suite of advanced sensors, including 24/7 body temperature tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep and activity tracking, atrial fibrillation detection, and blood oxygen level measurement. These insights help you optimise your training and monitor your recovery post-run. Body Scan ($799 AUD) The Withings Body Scan is a revolutionary connected health station. It provides detailed metrics like segmental body composition, allowing you to measure fat and muscle distribution precisely. This is invaluable for tracking how your body adapts to your training regimen. Additionally, the Body Scan offers comprehensive cardiovascular measurements, including a 6-Lead ECG, Vascular Age, and standing heart rate, making it ideal for runners focused on improving their cardio fitness over time. Sleep Analyser ($199 AUD) Recovery is a critical component of any training program, and the Withings Sleep Analyser ensures… Read More

What to know about the Ballarat Marathon in 2024


Victoria is poised to embrace a thrilling new addition to its sporting calendar, as the inaugural Ballarat Marathon takes center stage in one of the state’s largest regional cities on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April. This two-day running extravaganza, designed to honor the city’s rich sporting and cultural heritage, invites runners of all ages and experience levels to participate in five exciting events. The festival kicks off on Saturday afternoon with participants taking on the one-mile and 5km distances, traversing through Ballarat’s historic CBD. The action continues on Sunday morning with the 10km run, half marathon, and full marathon, treating runners to scenic views of Victoria Park, the Arch of Victory, and Lake Wendouree. All events will commence and conclude at the iconic Ballarat Town Hall. To ensure a premium running experience, each course has been co-designed by Ballarat local and champion long-distance runner, Steve Moneghetti, alongside the expertise of Dave Cundy, a seasoned road running course designer responsible for the design of the Sydney Olympics marathon. Expressing his excitement, Moneghetti, the race director, remarked, “As a proud local, being part of the very first Ballarat Marathon is an incredible honor. Ballarat has such a rich heritage of distance running, and I am delighted to see a world-class sporting event find a home in our city. I can’t wait to see the streets flooded with participants, supporters, and visitors, soaking up all our beautiful city has to offer.” The brainchild behind this momentous event is local visionary Adam McNicol, whose newfound passion for running… Read More

Join a run club for your resolutions


Sydney’s fervor for running has reached new heights, captivating the hearts of both fitness enthusiasts and social butterflies alike. Whether you’re a greenhorn in the running world or a celebrated Strava Local Legend, the vibrant run clubs at Barangaroo, The Rocks, and Darling Harbour offer an exhilarating blend of outdoor enjoyment, adrenaline-pumping workouts, and the potential to forge new connections. 1. The Run Club – Darling Harbour Kickstart your Monday with the Darling Harbour run club, led by an amiable and seasoned trainer. Dive into a sequence of drills and exercises meticulously designed to enhance your running technique and cardiovascular fitness. Whether you relish short-distance running or seek an invigorating challenge, the club caters to all preferences, offering a diverse array of faster and shorter runs spanning 200m to 600m, with the routes changing weekly. 2. The Run Club – The Rocks Embrace The Rocks’ allure while kickstarting your day with The Run Club. Perfect for individuals of all skill levels, this club serves as an ideal prelude to a bustling workday. In collaboration with Active Live, seasoned trainers curate invigorating workout sessions guaranteed to leave you perspiring and reveling in the rush of endorphins. 3. The Run Club – Barangaroo Conclude your workweek with Barangaroo’s freshly minted Run Club, promising an uplifting start to your day. Embark on a warm-up jog to a distinctive training spot within the picturesque surroundings of Barangaroo. Here, your affable and proficient trainer will lead you through a series of exercises and drills aimed at elevating your heart rate… Read More

Top mindfulness tips for a healthier 2024

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New year, new you has a brand new meaning thanks to some top tips we’ve gathered from Ryan Mannix, yoga superstar and lululemon ambassador. Fascial Gliding for a Vibrant Start Begin your day with a revitalizing routine known as fascial gliding. Imagine your spine moving in wave-like motions, gently flowing forward and back, side-to-side, and in circular movements. It’s like a dance of energy that awakens your body and promotes a healthy posture. This delightful practice not only invigorates your physical being but also leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day ahead. One-Minute Morning Meditation In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s crucial to take a moment to pause and connect with ourselves. Each morning, dedicate just one minute to sit still, close your eyes, and breathe quietly. Immerse yourself in the present moment, allowing the beauty of life to unfold around you. This brief meditation sets a positive tone for the hours ahead, infusing your day with a sense of calm and clarity. The Power of the Pause When the demands of work, emails, or daily tasks start to overwhelm you, it’s time to embrace the power of the pause. Step away from your desk, find a window, or step outside. Allow your gaze to extend beyond the immediate surroundings and let it wander into the expanse of the world. Whether you’re looking at the sky above or gazing at the horizon, this momentary break lets your mind expand and recalibrate. It’s a simple yet effective way to… Read More

Cory George joins THE YARD GYM

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With a solid 15 years of industry experience under his belt, Cory George is a revered figure in the realm of strength conditioning, fitness, and nutrition. His insightful tips and tricks have earned him a devoted fanbase, eagerly following his guidance to better health. Now, Cory faces his next thrilling challenge: taking the Aussie-based approach of THE YARD GYM to the global stage. Founded in 2020, THE YARD GYM has already achieved remarkable successes, thanks to the efforts of dynamic duo, Dan and Tiarne Bova. Their industry vision and comprehensive knowledge have crafted a future for fitness that Cory is thrilled to be an integral part of. With the world watching, this franchise-based business is poised for international expansion, guided by the expertise of Cory George, their new Head of Global Growth. So, why is Cory so convinced that this Australian approach to strength and condition training is the future of fitness? The answer lies in the cultural fabric of Australian lifestyle. Surfing, swimming, hiking, and simply enjoying the great outdoors — these have always been integral parts of daily life Down Under. This culture, therefore, naturally gravitates towards a health-conscious living, giving rise to the evolution of group training. Strength training, although vital, has often played a secondary role to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and conditioning, but THE YARD GYM is changing this narrative. Their innovative RIG & TURF concept introduces a renewed focus on strength, encouraging their audience to embrace this oft-neglected aspect of fitness while still adhering to their beloved routines. Cory… Read More

Skydive Therapy: An Exciting Approach to Reset Your Mental Health

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Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fuelled trend of “skydive therapy”, a unique approach that’s been taking Australia by storm. This exciting concept isn’t just about thrill-seeking, but about an innovative, effective way to boost mental health and wellbeing. Recommended by leading psychologist, Dr Eric Brymer, skydive therapy is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and fully embracing the present moment. This fascinating trend is backed by research from the adventure marketplace, Adrenaline, which demonstrates the transformative effects of such thrilling experiences. According to their findings, engaging in adventurous activities made Australians feel happier (45%), more accomplished (43%), and more self-confident (33%). Many people today are struggling with ‘routine fatigue’, a state of feeling trapped within the monotony of daily life. Over half (57%) of Australians are battling this tiresome condition, and a staggering 77% are turning to adventurous experiences to enhance their mental health and wellbeing. Dr Brymer believes that “adventure enables them to move past their comfort zones or fears and truly live in the moment, which can be psychologically freeing.” He recommends experiences that provoke emotions, connect participants with nature, and challenge them. These include, but are not limited to, skydiving, white water rafting, shark diving, canyoning, and swimming with dolphins. As Toni Westlake, Adrenaline’s Senior Marketing Manager, highlights, “completing an adventure feels incredible.” More than just the thrill of being outdoors or the sense of accomplishment, adventurous activities can have significant, long-lasting effects on happiness, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement, especially in individuals under 35. Dr Brymer provides practical guidance… Read More

Testing out the new Fitbit Inspire 3 fitness watch

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It was in August this year that everyone’s fave wearable tech brand Fitbit announced their latest and greatest – the Fitbit Inspire 3 fitness watch. And what a watch it is! Compared to other options on the market Fitbit has again knocked it out of the park with wearability, functionality and general stylishness. I mean, just look… The new Inspire was released with a couple of siblings Versa 4 ($379.95) and Sense 2 ($449.95) with itself coming in at $179.95, making it the latest, but not the greatest int he Fitbit line-up. So, why is it so good? Practicality. And function; but it’s a coupling that few other brands have mastered and here’s why. Similar to other models of the Fitbit range, the Inspire 3 comes with all the bells and more of what you want from top-of-the-range wearable tech that doesn’t let you down. Think massive features, like: With all this – plus a range of stylish colour combos to keep things interesting – there’s no wonder it’s thought of as the health & fitness tracker that helps you do what you love and feel your best. For more, head to the Fitbit Australia website

Heineken will help you actually leave work this National Go Home on Time Day

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Last week we polled our Instagram audience on how happy they were with their work life balance and only 20% of you thought you had it figured out. New research from beer icons Heineken says this may just make you a Gen Z worker as they appear to have it figured it! This November 23, National Go Home on Time Day, Heineken are encouraging you to ditch the after-hours hamster wheel by adopting Gen Z’s ways. The research from Heineken found over a third (36%) of Aussies always find it hard to log off at the end of a standard workday. In addition, a whopping 86% of workers have had to cancel or delay personal plans due to working late, with almost a third (30%) saying they do this often. Findings indicate ‘hustle culture’ has become rife, with almost two thirds (63%) of Millennial workers believing their generation subscribes to this approach. Despite its prevalence, most Aussies workers (65%) think ‘hustle culture’ is toxic, but luckily it appears Gen Z has taken notice and wants to change. Gen Z workers do less overtime than their Millennial and Gen X counterparts (2.1 hours compared to 3.2 hours and 3.7 hours per week, respectively). When it comes to setting boundaries, the research found Gen Z workers are comfortable doing so, with most (96%) having set clear working guidelines, such as declining when asked to do additional work that falls outside of their job description or contracted hours, with their managers at least once. While the benefits of… Read More

This is the fitness tracker for people serious about fitness

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There are a lot of fitness trackers on the market and finding the right one to suit your needs isn’t always so simple. We’re here to help with a review of one very slick fitness tracker that does it all. Meet the Huawei GT 3 Pro, the ultimate fitness tracker for people serious about fitness.  With a redefined smartwatch look, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is a premium and stylish tracker with enough innovative features to make any tech-nerd drool. It blends classic craftsmanship with timeless, customisable style, making it a fashion piece you’ll want to wear. With long lasting battery life (14-days of battery life for the GT 3 Pro Titanium. 7 days for the Ceramic), over 100 completely personalised workouts, remote shutter feature, answering of calls, ability to listen to tunes, its water resistance and other health-focused features, this watch builds on from its predecessor, the Huawei Watch GT 3, this smartwatch takes things even further, literally, and now boasts a diving depth of up to 30 metres! The Huawei GT 3 Pro is definitely the right fitness tracker for water babies. The Free Diving Mode is equipped with IP68 and 5 ATM water resistance ratings, allows wearers to venture 30 metres underwater, all while the watch tracks your depth and timing. While all-day heart rate tracking is part and parcel in high end smartwatches, the Sp02 monitoring to check the oxygen in your blood that the GT 3 Pro provides is very handy for divers. Now that we know the specs,… Read More