Skydive Therapy: An Exciting Approach to Reset Your Mental Health

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Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fuelled trend of “skydive therapy”, a unique approach that’s been taking Australia by storm. This exciting concept isn’t just about thrill-seeking, but about an innovative, effective way to boost mental health and wellbeing. Recommended by leading psychologist, Dr Eric Brymer, skydive therapy is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone […]

Doritos is supporting Aussies to be bold and Reach Out

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Doritos have partnered with mental health service ReachOut to encourage all Australians to be bold, and reach out when they’re feeling blue to have the important conversations needed to stay connected and safe. 

Help support the mental health of Australia’s youth this Fairy Bread Day

Fairy Bread Day

24 November is Fairy Bread Day – a day of colourful sprinkles and sugary goodness to help support the mental health of Australia’s youth with Adam Schell, founder of Fairy Bread Day handed over the reins to long-time supporter and family-owned Australian company, Dollar Sweets, to take Fairy Bread Day national and make a […]