Virgin Active’s latest gym makes working out feel luxe

Virgin pilates

Spanning across not one but five levels, Virgin Active’s latest gem is a venue not to be missed. The gym is so schmick, it will convert non-gym goers into working out. Gone are the days of a sweaty, dark, gym. Bligh Street offers so many first-of-its-kind experiences you can’t count them all on one hand. […]

Suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle

Woman fitness back muscles

Managing your health is one of those things that we all know that we should give our full undivided attention, but the general fuss of our daily lives can get in the way. This can be the case regardless of where you currently fall on the spectrum of fitness, and one of the difficult things […]

Anna Flanagan explores Esquared; the new fitness app for anywhere you are

Esquared Anna Flanagan 2

I was a little hesitant attending my first ‘App launch’ on Wednesday night. And safe to say I really didn’t know what to expect. The launch was for ‘eSquared’, a fitness app that shows you where all the classes are in your area. For example you press on ‘Pilates’ and on a map it pops […]