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Maha Melbourne is a must for Middle Eastern food

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Step into the vibrant world of Shane Delia’s acclaimed Middle Eastern restaurant, Maha, where culinary innovation meets tradition in a symphony of flavours and aromas. For the first time in over a decade, Maha is proud to unveil its latest offering – an enchanting à la carte lunch menu that promises a personalised dining experience like never before. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Maha Restaurant Melbourne (@maharestaurant) Embrace Choice with Maha’s New Lunch Menu At Maha, diversity reigns supreme as the restaurant introduces an array of new options to cater to varied palates and preferences. Alongside the cherished tasting set menus, guests can now relish the freedom of choice with the introduction of both à la carte and vegan à la carte lunch selections. Priced individually, these offerings allow diners to curate their lunch experience according to their cravings and desires. A Gastronomic Journey Through Maha’s Lunch Menu Dive into a world of culinary wonders with Maha’s thoughtfully crafted lunch menu, designed to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your senses. From delectable small plates to sumptuous main courses, each dish is a masterpiece in its own right, promising a symphony of flavours that celebrate the essence of Middle Eastern cuisine. Elevate Your Lunch Experience at Maha Available from 12 pm to 3 pm every day of the week, Maha’s new à la carte lunch menu offers a flexible dining option for busy city dwellers, power lunches, or those seeking a refined culinary escapade in the heart of Melbourne. Immerse yourself… Read More

A new FroYo collaboration to get excited about

YoChi pistachio frozen yoghurt

When the nation’s beloved frozen yogurt chain, Yo-Chi, partners with the widely acclaimed Pistachio Papi, it’s not just a collaboration; it’s a phenomenon set to sweep the food scene. Next month, Yo-Chi venues across Australia are gearing up for an unparalleled rush as they introduce a limited-time topping that promises to be as elusive as it is irresistible—the renowned pistachio spread from Pistachio Papi. This exciting fusion is anticipated to create waves, mirroring Pistachio Papi’s history of sell-out collaborations and social media frenzies. It’s a pairing that celebrates indulgence, innovation, and the sheer joy of savouring flavours that speak directly to the soul. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Yo-Chi Frozen Yogurt (@iloveyochi) Both Yo-Chi and Pistachio Papi are titans in their respective realms, known for drawing crowds willing to wait in lengthy queues for a taste of excellence. This shared fame for exceptional culinary experiences makes their collaboration a natural fit, one that’s eagerly awaited by fans of both brands. Scheduled from the 14th of April to the 26th of May—or until supplies run out—this partnership will offer Yo-Chi customers the delightful opportunity to elevate their frozen yoghurt or açai bowls with a dollop of Pistachio Papi’s luxurious pistachio spread, made from the finest 100% Italian pistachios. Amidst the excitement, Yo-Chi takes a moment to honor tradition and family values by incorporating a heartfelt initiative—”Share The Chi with your Nonna” on the 21st of April. This thoughtful event offers all nonnas a taste of appreciation in the form of free Yo-Chi,… Read More

A subterranean bar and dining room in Queenstown NZ


Queenstown, New Zealand – Ayrburn, one of New Zealand’s most anticipated openings, invites guests to experience the precinct’s latest launch, The Barrel Room; an intimate underground wine cellar, piano bar, and dining room. Heroing a sophisticated offering of locally sourced dishes, and an extensive wine list including Ayrburn’s own curated range of wine, the sultry venue is a place to enjoy wine, dance on the tables, and tell tales long into the night. Buried underground, guests are invited to follow the candlelight, past the grand piano to the wine cellar lined with 56 barrels, setting the scene for the opulent ambience that follows. With the ability to host 50 guests for an intimate candle-lit soiree through to larger lively late-night gatherings and everything in between, the Barrel Room is perfect for any occasion. Designers SA Studio and Alexander &CO were briefed to create a secret hideaway for bespoke experiences that deliver both escapism and excellence, reflecting the heritage of the surrounding precinct whilst maintaining the atmosphere of an authentic wine cave reminiscent of those found in France and Italy. Visual Stylist Alexandra Watts and scenic artist Andy King were engaged to ensure the walls and flooring of the new build venue felt genuine, using their set-design experience to create a space that looks as though it could have been an original feature of the 160-year-old property. Beyond a bespoke steel gate by local metalworkers, hand-forged with a custom designed Ayrburn motif, guests will discover a sanctuary filled with an eclectic mix of modern and vintage… Read More

There’s a new high tea at El Primo Sanchez in Sydney

High tea El Primo tequila

High tea, traditionally an elegant affair reserved for the afternoons, often conjures images of fine china, delicate pastries, and an air of sophistication that feels a step removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Historically, it was seen as a somewhat staid and elderly pursuit, reminiscent of cosy gatherings with grandparents, not unlike how Whiskey on the Rocks has been pegged as a drink for the older generation, and Cosmopolitans have started to seem a touch passé. Yet, in an era where blending tradition with contemporary sensibilities is more en vogue than ever, an innovative transformation is afoot. Breaking away from the conventional, Jose Cuervo, in partnership with Abbie Chatfield — a figure renowned for her challenge against puritanical norms — is pioneering the introduction of High TeaQuila. This refreshing twist on the classic high tea experience is set to redefine social gatherings. Set against the vibrant backdrop of El Primo Sanchez, High TeaQuila presents an opportunity to trade the customary tea pots for tequila cocktails, shedding the rigidity of yesteryear for a more laid-back vibe. With Jose Cuervo’s storied legacy as the most ancient tequila brand globally, this event marks a significant departure from its traditional roots, inviting attendees to loosen up and immerse themselves in this novel concept. Those keen to be part of this revolutionary blend of tradition and modernity can secure their spot by booking tickets on TryBooking. The event, open to the public, unfolds over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of April, at El Primo Sanchez,… Read More

Yarraville Victoria Hotel in Melbourne is back open

Victoria Hotel Melbourne

The iconic Victoria Hotel in Yarraville has proudly reopened its doors, unveiling a much-anticipated $2.5 million renovation. This transformation introduces a brand-new beer garden and a delightful children’s play area, enhancing its reputation as a family-friendly destination in the region. For the first time in its history, the pub now boasts an expansive beer garden that can accommodate up to 170 guests. This newly designed space features comfortable picnic table seating among lush greenery, a dedicated outdoor bar, and an impressive children’s playground. These additions solidify The Victoria Hotel’s status as the go-to venue for family-friendly dining in the community, designed with the needs and desires of its patrons in mind. Venue Manager Anthony Cook expressed his excitement about the renovation, stating, “It’s exciting to finally open the new beer garden and kids’ play area for our patrons. This well-deserved renovation brings modernised features, tailored spaces for all ages, and so much more to our local, meaning it will continue to be a space for all to enjoy.” In addition to the beer garden, the renovation brings a refreshed bistro and a brand-new adjoining kids’ play area, replete with interactive features to keep the young ones engaged. The children’s area is a miniature representation of Yarraville itself, including a Yarraville Sun Theatre feature wall, an interactive train & kiosk, reading nooks, tech corners, drawing stations, a soft play area, and much more. The culinary experience at The Victoria Hotel has also been elevated, with a refreshed menu featuring delicious share-style plates, pizzas, and pub classics,… Read More

Inaugural Sydney Spirits Festival launches this May

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Australia’s spirits scene is on the brink of an exhilarating elevation with the announcement of the inaugural Sydney Spirits Festival. Set to unfold from 10-12 May 2024 at the splendid Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney Cove, this landmark event promises to be a confluence of spirits enthusiasts, industry experts, and world-renowned brands. With over 148 spirit brands on display, the festival is shaping up to be a monumental celebration of craftsmanship and culture in the world of spirits. Among the festival’s highlights are two new masterclasses designed to intrigue and delight. The first is an exclusive exploration of Planteray Sealander Rum, led by the distinguished Grazia di Franco. Participants will be taken on a flavorful voyage through the unique rum profiles of Barbados, Mauritius, and Fiji, uncovering the nuanced tastes and traditions that define each. The second is a celebratory Espresso Martini masterclass on Mother’s Day, offered by Kendor Distillery. This engaging session offers a joyful blend of coffee culture and cocktail craft, making it an ideal gift to share with the remarkable mothers in your life. The Sydney Spirits Festival is more than a gathering; it is an immersive experience that extends beyond tastings and masterclasses. Industry legends, including Tasmanian whisky pioneer Bill Lark and bourbon aficionado Gee David from Buffalo Trace Distillery, will share their insights and stories, enriching the festival with their profound knowledge and passion for spirit-making. The event also caters to the gastronomically adventurous, with an array of international cuisines and unique offerings like HUGO Vodka tastings paired with a Caviar… Read More

The best of Sicily in Sydney this summer

Aperol spritz

Prepare for a taste adventure that whisks you away to Italy’s vibrant regions, all without leaving the heart of Sydney. From April 10th, Fratelli Fresh invites you on an unparalleled Italian Spritz Tour, a celebration of Italy’s rich culinary diversity across all 5 of our scenic locations in Sydney. Sip your way through Italy with ten uniquely crafted spritz cocktails, each a tribute to the distinct flavours and traditions of Italy’s regions. From the zest of Veneto’s Aperol Spritz to the tangy delights of Sicilia’s Blood Orange Spritz, your palate is in for a thrilling expedition. Dive into the effervescence of Italy for $21 per glass or opt for a shared experience with our $44 jugs—perfect for toasting to the art of Italian aperitivo with friends. Don’t miss your passport to Italy’s spritz culture. Make Fratelli Fresh your next destination for an Italian escapade that’s just a sip away! Reserve your spot on the Italian Spritz Tour and indulge in the sunny spirit of Italy at Fratelli Fresh. Saluti! Make a booking

Rombe is Melbourne’s new culinary space at Burwood Brickworks

Rombe restaurant outside

Wednesday, 3rd April 2024 marks a significant milestone for Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre as it opens its doors to Rombe, an enchanting all-day dining and event space that promises an unparalleled modern-Australian culinary experience. Nestled amidst the verdant rooftop garden, only 14km from the heart of Melbourne, Rombe stands as a testament to the centre’s vision of blending community with unique dining experiences. This rustic rooftop haven is specifically designed to foster connections and memorable dining encounters against the backdrop of Burwood Brickworks’ bustling environment. Rombe’s introduction to the centre is part of a broader initiative by Burwood Brickworks to redefine the traditional shopping centre experience. “Our goal has always been to create a space that is more than just a destination for shopping but a vibrant community hub where individuals can gather, dine, and celebrate,” articulates Robert Breda, the Centre Manager. Rombe’s existence on the rooftop is a bold step towards fulfilling this vision, offering locals and visitors a remarkable dining setting surrounded by a community garden. The design of Rombe exudes a romantic charm, featuring a light-filled dining room with windowed vistas offering panoramic views of the rooftop garden and the Dandenong Ranges. With both indoor and alfresco dining options, Rombe caters to various dining experiences, from serene morning breakfasts to lively weekend brunches. The menu, curated by Head Chef Jerry Yi, a veteran with experience at Shihuishi and Red Spice Road, showcases the richness of locally sourced, seasonal produce, married with inventive Australian cooking. Whether it’s the ricotta hotcakes for breakfast, yellow… Read More

5 top South Australian restaurants for food and wine

Cocobei Food 27

Australia’s culinary landscape is as diverse and vibrant as its breathtaking scenery. From the bustling laneways of Melbourne to the sun-kissed shores of Sydney, each corner of this vast continent offers a unique gastronomic experience. This article introduces you to an array of distinctive restaurants that not only showcase the rich tapestry of Australia’s food culture but are also worth the trip in their own right. Whether you’re craving the freshest seafood, innovative plant-based cuisine, or flavours that traverse the globe, join us as we explore the establishments that are putting Australia firmly on the world’s culinary map. Karrawatta Wines Located at 164 Greenhills Rd, Meadows SA 5201, Karratta Wines’ highlights let you discover the scenic beauty of Adelaide Hills on your way to Karrawatta Wines, a place where passion meets tradition. Enjoy the breathtaking views and taste wines that are a true expression of the region, thanks to their commitment to low-intervention winemaking and organic farming. Explore the essence of their vineyards, perfectly suited to the Adelaide HIlls, McLaren Vale, and Langhorne Creek. Magill Estate Restaurant Find it at 78 Penfold Road, Adelaide SA 5072, where, nestled in the beautiful Adelaide foothills, Magill Estate Restaurant offers a blend of modern dining and stunning scenery. Guests can enjoy contemporary dishes and an impressive wine selection, all while taking in breathtaking views that make every meal special. Restaurant Botanic At Plane Tree Dr, Adelaide SA 5000, Botanic’s highlights are that it’s located within the stunning 51-hectare Adelaide Botanic Garden, Restaurant Botanic provides a unique dining experience… Read More

Top restaurants open in Sydney this Easter weekend

Cirrus lobster seafood

Easter weekend in Sydney is not just a time for egg hunts and chocolate bunnies; it’s also an opportunity to explore the city’s vibrant culinary scene. From waterfront dining with breathtaking views of the Harbour to cosy laneway eateries serving up inventive fusion cuisine, Sydney offers a plethora of dining experiences to make your Easter weekend unforgettable. Whether you’re in the mood for freshly caught seafood, authentic Italian pasta, or a modern Australian feast, we’ve scoured the city to bring you the best places to eat in Sydney this Easter weekend. Hop into Easter at The Rocks, Barangaroo and Darling Harbour with a range of long lunches and exclusive Easter menus.  The Rocks Promising some of Sydney’s best Easter eats, indulge in a themed afternoon tea, signature hot cross buns and artisanal goods. More details here. Darling Harbour Elevated Easter feasts, family fun and long lunches! Darling Harbour truly is Sydney’s hub for Easter festivities, no matter what you’re looking for. More details here. Barangaroo Embrace the true essence of the Easter long weekend by indulging in long lunches, feasts and sweet treats by the water in Barangaroo. More details here.