Unleash inner chef at Bottega Coco’s pasta classes

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If you’ve ever dreamed of mastering the art of pasta-making or simply seeking a delightful winter activity with friends or solo, look no further than Bottega Coco. Located in Barangaroo, this all-day Italian dining restaurant and Patisserie is ready to turn your carb-loving fantasies into a delicious reality. Monthly pasta cooking class with executive chef Dario Nencioni Led by the talented Executive Chef, Dario Nencioni, Bottega Coco’s monthly pasta cooking class is a culinary escapade not to be missed. In a 90-minute immersive session, Chef Dario will unravel the secrets of crafting authentic pasta from scratch, transporting you to the heart of Italian culinary tradition. By the end of the class, you’ll be wielding your rolling pin with finesse, cooking up dishes that would make Nonna proud! Indulge in a Masterclass experience Experience an array of delights during the pasta cooking masterclass: Event details Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Italian cuisine at Bottega Coco’s Pasta Cooking Class. Book your spot now for an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, learning, and a whole lot of pasta-making magic!

Where to get pizza in Watson’s Bay Sydney

Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel Fungai Pizza

Experience a slice of Italy right on the shores of Sydney with Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel’s latest culinary delight! This Autumn, we’re warming your hearts and plates with our new woodfired pizza menu, passionately crafted by Italian-born Pizzaiolo, Andrea Di Vaio. Indulge in authentic Italian-style pizzas adorned with imaginative toppings, all for under $30. Situated on the iconic harbour beach, our hotel is not just celebrated for its scenic views, clinching the 10th spot among the world’s finest rooftop bars (Mandoe Media study), but also for our luxurious bayside retreat with classic coastal interiors and a Hamptons-chic twist. Andrea’s latest creations, from the spicy kick of Sopressa Salami to the earthy tones of Fungai and hearty Double Smoked Ham pizzas, are hand-stretched, topped with the freshest seasonal ingredients, and fired to perfection in our very own pizza oven. For our health-conscious and diet-restricted guests, gluten-free and vegan options are thoughtfully available, along with indulgent add-ons like creamy burrata and delicately hand-filleted Olasagasti anchovies. Fancy a beachside picnic or a casual seaside gathering? All pizzas are available for takeaway from our kiosk daily, between 12-8pm. Dive into the luxurious world of waterfront dining and exquisite tastes at Watsons Bay. Your perfect Autumn treat awaits! ?? The menu: Margherita ($24) Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, parmesan Sopressa Salami ($26) Fennel and garlic sopressa salami, mozzarella, chilli honey Smoked Chicken ($28) Smoked chicken, spinach, green olive, taleggio Fungai ($25) roasted mushrooms, pecorino, fior di latte, parmesan Zucchini & Prawn ($29) Prawn, passata, fior di latte, grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes… Read More

Zero95: Melbourne’s Best-Kept Secret for Authentic Italian Cuisine

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Nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling suburbs, Zero95 has quietly been setting the gold standard for Italian cuisine, becoming a cherished secret among the locals of Doncaster and Dromana. This remarkable restaurant and pizza bar is more than just a dining destination; it’s a culinary voyage to Southern Italy, offering an authentic slice of Italian culture with its delicious food, warm hospitality, and traditional charm. For over a decade, Zero95 has captivated the palates of its visitors with an array of dishes that epitomise the essence of Italian cooking. At the core of their menu is an unparalleled selection of wood-fired pizzas. Crafted in custom-made pizza ovens imported directly from Napoli, these Neapolitan pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients and baked to perfection for exactly 90 seconds. This meticulous attention to tradition and detail results in pizzas that are not only authentic but are widely regarded as some of the best in Melbourne. The culinary delights at Zero95 extend beyond their renowned pizzas, offering a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. From the classic tomato-based Pizze Classiche featuring the exquisite San Daniele and Frutti di Mare, to the innovative Pizza Bianche with favourites like the Amalfi and Etna, there’s a slice of Italy for everyone. Beyond these, the restaurant also serves a delectable range of Stuzzichini (small bites), Antipasti (entrées), and Pasta Fresca, with each dish showcasing the richness of Italian cuisine. For those with a sweet tooth, Zero95’s Dolci menu is a dream come true. From the warmth of the Date… Read More

Go to Adrian Richardson’s new Italian joint, Pasta Bambino

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Affordable Gourmet Pasta and Classic Cocktails at Bouvier Bar In a heartwarming homage to his Italian roots and an answer to the current economic squeeze, celebrated chef Adrian Richardson unveils ‘Pasta Bambino’, a winter pop-up nestled within the cozy confines of Bouvier Bar, on Melbourne’s iconic Lygon Street. Offering an escape into the warmth of Italian cuisine, this pop-up is poised to serve up an array of classic Italian pasta dishes, alongside handcrafted cocktails and wine, all priced to please. Since its opening in 2017, Bouvier Bar has become a staple in Brunswick East, known for its classic cocktails and unmatched hospitality. Adrian Richardson, the culinary force behind La Luna Bistro and now Pasta Bambino, aims to stir the pot in the current dining scene with affordable, yet gourmet, pasta offerings reflective of his Italian heritage. Drawing from childhood memories of making pasta from scratch with his Italian grandparents, Adrian’s approach with Pasta Bambino is simple yet profound. “Some of my fondest food memories are helping my Italian grandparents in the kitchen,” Richardson recounts, tying his culinary endeavors back to his foundational experiences with food. The pop-up restaurant’s menu sings a ballad of traditional Italian comfort food, with the promise of changing offerings to keep the palette intrigued. Patrons can look forward to starting their meals with tasty smaller plates like crumbed and fried mozzarella and an antipasto board brimming with Mediterranean delights. Main dishes feature a variety of handmade and locally sourced gourmet pasta such as casarecce bolognese and fresh ricotta gnocchi, not to… Read More

Don Fred Sydney is hosting bottomless

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Whilst the art of savoring a meal has been perfected by Italians for centuries, Sydneysiders are now invited to embrace this tradition of leisurely summer dining within Newtown’s lively streets. At Don Fred, a genuine Italian Paninoteca Bar has opened its doors on 28 King Street, presenting a luscious three-course set menu at just $49 per person. From noon to evening, every Friday through Sunday, treat yourself to this exquisite experience from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Elevate the occasion with our Bottomless Spritz option for an additional $65 per person, enjoying endless sips of aromatic Aperol or tangy Lemon Gin Spritz. These effervescent libations are the perfect complement to your elegant dining affair and spirited exchanges, adding a refreshing zest that encapsulates the essence of summer*. The crafted menu includes: Whether it’s to relax post-work, rendezvous with friends, or indulge in a pre-dinner aperitivo before delving into Sydney’s dynamic nightlife, Don Fred’s Bottomless Aperitivo embodies the epitome of summer evenings spent unwinding in style. Address: 28 King Street, Newtown, New South Wales, 2042, Sydney, Australia. Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

A taste of authentic Italy in Sydney at Don Fred

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Imagine stepping into a vibrant, bustling street in Italy, where the air is filled with the tantalising aroma of delicious, authentic Italian cuisine. Now imagine experiencing this right in the heart of Sydney. Welcome to Don Fred, the newest gem on King Street in Newtown, that’s redefining the city’s culinary landscape. Opening its doors in February 2023, Don Fred has carved out a unique niche in Sydney’s food scene, offering a 100% plant-based menu that doesn’t compromise on the classic Italian flavours we all adore. The mastermind behind this innovative concept is Lorenzo Petrachi, former Restaurant Manager of Gigi Pizzeria, who has poured his passion and expertise into creating a dining experience like no other. As you walk into Don Fred, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight into a classic 1970s Paninoteca Bar in New York. The design choices are a nod to Petrachi’s Uncle Alfredo’s journey from Italy to New York in the early 60s, where he opened his own panino shop in the Bronx after overcoming numerous personal adversities. The burnt yellow walls, authentic Italian tiles, and brown timber tables resonate with the nostalgia of a bygone era, creating an ambience that’s both inviting and enchanting. But Don Fred is not just about aesthetics. Quality is at the heart of everything they do. Every ingredient used is ethically sourced and as fresh as can be, ensuring that customers enjoy the best plant-based alternatives available in the market. Petrachi sources local produce and ingredients, but also stays true to his Italian roots by… Read More

Art of perfect pasta: a guide to authentic Italian cuisine

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Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, the secret to great pasta lies in simplicity and quality. At 400 Gradi, they have honed the pasta-making process to create mouth-watering dishes that our patrons simply can’t get enough of. Remember, the key to perfect pasta is attention to detail, patience, and love for the process. So roll up your sleeves, and let’s bring the charm of Italian cooking right into your kitchen!

Italian restaurant in Melbourne: Officina Gastronomica Italiana

Officina Gastronomica Italiana chefs

This spring heralds an exciting transformation for the cherished espresso bar and bistro, Officine Zero, located in Prahran. The venue will undergo a complete rebirth, taking on a new avatar as Officina Gastronomica Italiana (OGI). The refurbishment will expand the establishment’s physical space, while also introducing an evening menu, seamlessly transitioning patrons from daytime to nighttime. Emilia-Romagna native Claudio Casoni, the proprietor, ensures that OGI stands as a testament to true Italian authenticity and craft. The pasta, traditionally made or “fatta in casa” by a Turin native, Gabriele, along with exquisitely hand-picked Italian artisan wines curated by Florentine Front of House Manager, Armando, contribute to OGI’s authentic Italian atmosphere. Casoni envisioned more than just an espresso bar when he first opened Officine Zero in 2014. His dream was to create a venue for sharing his passion for Italian crafts, sustainable producers, and classical hospitality with the local community. With this expansion and the renaissance of Officina Gastronomica Italiana, this vision is about to become a reality. Upon entering, patrons will be welcomed by a central bar, coffee, and food counter, whether they’re visiting for a morning dose of espresso or an evening glass of wine. In true Roman style, patrons can enjoy their meals at tables arranged on three sides of the room, bathed in the vibrant energy of the bustling village beyond. The entire gastronomic journey is navigated under the amiable guidance of the front-of-house manager, Armando Al khatib, whose warm Italian-style hospitality has been a cornerstone of the venue’s sustained success. Head chef… Read More

We’re calling it, this is the best Italian restaurant in Sydney

casa mia osteria newtown italian

This is a huge call, but we’re willing to make it. The best Italian restaurant in Sydney is Casa Mia Osteria in Newtown. We’ve tried a lot of them, but this intimate joint at the end of King St has blown us away with it’s authentic Roman dishes and delicious Italian wines. Casa Mia translates to “at home”, and that’s exactly how you feel entering their doors. The team are the epitome of generous Italian hospitality and make thoughtful recommendations. Casa Mia Osteria is the personal project of two friends who have known each other from back in Italy, Andrea Nazzari (from Tetsuya’s, Rockpool Bar & Grill, and Baccomato Osteria) and Valerio Boncompagni (previously executive chef at Baccomato Osteria). Boncompagni cooks everything in-house including the sourdough, focaccia and salumi. After learning how to make salumi from his uncle during his childhood in Toscana, he developed a passion for cured meat that he marinates with nearly 15 different herbs and spices and of course with no addition of preservatives. Depending on the days, you may taste Pancetta, Wagyu bresaola, capocollo, Lamb prosciutto, finocchiona, mortadella, nduja (a spicy pork spread), guanciale (pig cheek), and more. You’ll get something new every time you dine and in true Roman style, nothing is wasted, so come with an open mind. One of their best items on the menu has to be the wood-fired pinsa Romana (Roman pizza), which are cooked in the traditional way and more oval in shape. The dough is made from three types of flour and rested… Read More

Where to get authentic Neapolitan pizza Melbourne

Pizza 400 Gradi

This year on 9 February, the country celebrates National Pizza Day. So if you need another reason (not likely) to smash a pizza, then get excited, because this one’s sanctioned by the motherland itself. Italy, if you didn’t figure that out. The award-winning Melbourne restaurant brand 400 Gradi is celebrating the day in full force, pumping out their Italy-approved pizzas for Melburnians. 400 Gradi was the first ever Australian pizza chain to sell traditional Neapolitan pizza, which needs to adhere to the guidelines of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association in order to be allowed to sell it. The brand was recently voted one of the best pizzas in the world in the 50 Top Pizza Award Night in Madrid, where Johnny di Francesco’s popular pizza was ranked 6th in the world. Guests visiting the restaurant on National Pizza Day will have the opportunity to try this traditional Italian pizza along with a range of other options with high-quality Italian ingredients.  So, get onto it and make a booking!