Adelaide Restaurant Botanic gets a new menu

Botanic chefs cooking kitchen

Restaurant Botanic today announces a comprehensive overhaul of its menu, spearheaded by Executive Chef Jamie Musgrave.

The venue’s team has crafted a completely new tasting menu that places a strong emphasis on native Australian ingredients and artisan, small batch producers sourced from across the country.

Under the helm of Chef Jamie Musgrave, the new Restaurant Botanic menu will continue to pay homage to the gardens that surround the heritage-listed space while elevating the menu’s focus on a broader range of Native Australian ingredients. Executive Chef at Restaurant Botanic, Jamie Musgrave, said: “My vision for the menu is to take Restaurant Botanic to the next chapter, where we continue to forage in the garden but push the boundaries of presenting native ingredient profiles from around Australia. The garden will continue to serve as the ethos of the restaurant but it won’t be the main component of the menu. I want to bring the taste of Australia into Restaurant Botanic and to showcase the best Australian artisan producers under one roof.”

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Reflecting on his new role, Musgrave expressed excitement about showcasing his ideas on food and hospitality. He looks forward to delving into the rich tapestry of native Australian ingredients and drawing on inspiration from his time at Fervor, where they embarked on foraging expeditions alongside Aboriginal elders, spanning the breathtaking landscapes from Esperance to the Kimberleys.

The new menu also draws inspiration from Musgrave’s time overseas, in places such as Hong Kong where he worked at James Sharman’s esteemed One Star House Party, which Jamie credits to giving him an eye-opening experience into the attention to detail and work that goes into creating such intricate food.

A standout dish is the Marron, featuring freshwater crayfish from Western Australia. The marron is grilled over rum, brushed with sea lettuce butter made from foraged seaweed, and served over a paste of fermented peppers and sunrise lime. It is finished with a sauce of smoked eel and koji, and pickled lemon myrtle buds.

Another innovative creation is the crocodile Chawamushi, a savoury Japanese egg custard. This dish layers custard made from a dashi using crocodile bones with hot-smoked crocodile rib meat. It is finished with a crocodile foam and vinegar made from lemon aspen leaf.

The new menu will come into effect as Jamie Musgrave starts his service as the new Executive Chef on July 18. More at the Botanic restaurant website