The best of Sicily in Sydney this summer

Aperol spritz

Prepare for a taste adventure that whisks you away to Italy’s vibrant regions, all without leaving the heart of Sydney. From April 10th, Fratelli Fresh invites you on an unparalleled Italian Spritz Tour, a celebration of Italy’s rich culinary diversity across all 5 of our scenic locations in Sydney.

Sip your way through Italy with ten uniquely crafted spritz cocktails, each a tribute to the distinct flavours and traditions of Italy’s regions. From the zest of Veneto’s Aperol Spritz to the tangy delights of Sicilia’s Blood Orange Spritz, your palate is in for a thrilling expedition.

Dive into the effervescence of Italy for $21 per glass or opt for a shared experience with our $44 jugs—perfect for toasting to the art of Italian aperitivo with friends.

Don’t miss your passport to Italy’s spritz culture. Make Fratelli Fresh your next destination for an Italian escapade that’s just a sip away! Reserve your spot on the Italian Spritz Tour and indulge in the sunny spirit of Italy at Fratelli Fresh. Saluti!

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