A new FroYo collaboration to get excited about

YoChi pistachio frozen yoghurt

When the nation’s beloved frozen yogurt chain, Yo-Chi, partners with the widely acclaimed Pistachio Papi, it’s not just a collaboration; it’s a phenomenon set to sweep the food scene. Next month, Yo-Chi venues across Australia are gearing up for an unparalleled rush as they introduce a limited-time topping that promises to be as elusive as it is irresistible—the renowned pistachio spread from Pistachio Papi. This exciting fusion is anticipated to create waves, mirroring Pistachio Papi’s history of sell-out collaborations and social media frenzies. It’s a pairing that celebrates indulgence, innovation, and the sheer joy of savouring flavours that speak directly to the soul.

Both Yo-Chi and Pistachio Papi are titans in their respective realms, known for drawing crowds willing to wait in lengthy queues for a taste of excellence. This shared fame for exceptional culinary experiences makes their collaboration a natural fit, one that’s eagerly awaited by fans of both brands. Scheduled from the 14th of April to the 26th of May—or until supplies run out—this partnership will offer Yo-Chi customers the delightful opportunity to elevate their frozen yoghurt or açai bowls with a dollop of Pistachio Papi’s luxurious pistachio spread, made from the finest 100% Italian pistachios.

Amidst the excitement, Yo-Chi takes a moment to honor tradition and family values by incorporating a heartfelt initiative—”Share The Chi with your Nonna” on the 21st of April. This thoughtful event offers all nonnas a taste of appreciation in the form of free Yo-Chi, celebrating the blend of modern innovation with timeless familial bonds.

The enthusiasm surrounding this collaboration is palpable, with Ollie Allis, Yo-Chi’s Brand Partnerships Leader, and Mark Abdelmalik, founder of Pistachio Papi, both expressing their excitement and pride in this unique partnership. Together, they foresee this collaboration not just as a culinary venture, but as a memorable experience that resonates with their customers and sets the stage for more innovative ventures in the years to come.

In essence, the Yo-Chi x Pistachio Papi collaboration is more than just a gastronomic delight; it’s a testament to the power of creative partnerships in crafting unforgettable experiences. It’s an invitation to explore new tastes, to partake in the joy of shared moments, and to celebrate the flavours that connect us. For more information and to locate your nearest Yo-Chi venue participating in this limited-time event, visit yochi.com.au and follow the buzz on Instagram.