Three hacks to cut down the ‘Singles Tax’

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By Sophie Ryan, iSelect Spokesperson

Sneaky tricks to do now that will save you money before end of financial year

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With tax time looming, now is the time to think about lodging your annual tax return. Over the coming months, 13 million Australians will be lodge a return. About 84% of them will get a refund, and with the average size of refunds last year exceeding $2,500 for taxpayers lodging through myTax and over $3,450 […]

Invest smarter: Stake Black is back with a better offering than ever

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So, if you’re in the investment game in Australia, you’d know about Stake Black. And if not, then sit up and pay attention. The new Stake Black membership is bringing sharper trading tools for the U.S. and Australian markets together for the first time. This includes in-depth data for all ASX equities, plus features such […]

I’m a financial advisor and here’s my 5 step checklist to keep stress about money away

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Meet Gerry Incollingo, Managing Partner of LCI Partners financial advisers. He’s jumped in this month with some insight directly from him as to how you can best keep the stresses of your bank account to a minimum. Here we go… Thanks to COVID-19, the never-seen-before, once in a century type of weather events that nowseem […]

Lend your stocks with Stake: how and why you’d want to do it

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The thought of giving someone else access to your hard-gotten stocks and shares in companies or funds you love is a new concept for a lot of us, but it turns out, not the worst decision you could make! Of course with anything regarding your own cash and investments, do your own research, but here’s […]

Trade crypto from where you are with Stake

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As of now, you officially don’t need to download yet another finance app to buy, sell and trade your choice of endless crypto options: Stake is adding it to the mix. Adding to their trinity of awesomeness when it comes to trading-on-the-go, they are adding crypto to the line-up of over 8,000 investment products available […]

The ultimate personal finance question, answered: should you invest with your partner?

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To invest or not to invest with your partner? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from couples who are a) in a de facto relationship, b) already have an established investment portfolio or c) have previously been burnt and would prefer to keep their investments separate. Does sharing life together mean you […]

Stake Black: the only thing you need for investing

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Investing is one thing, but doing it as a newbie or without much experience can be daunting to put it lightly. There are heaps of changes in the world of investment; from opting for fund managers like Vanguard Australia to doing it yourself with Stake, resources are everywhere when it comes to info and making […]

Investing in bonds: what they are and how to get into them

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If you listen to Warren Buffet, the world’s most renowned and successful investor (he’s worth over $104bn), then there’s one thing you should look into for your own success. That’s holding in your portfolio around 10% bonds. And the rest of it, he suggests, should be thrown into a good exchange traded fund (ETF) that […]