A digital journey through the National Gallery’s rich history

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As we delve into the heart of the National Gallery’s captivating legacy, a treasure trove of stories and experiences awaits, unveiling the profound impact of art on lives and communities. The gallery’s illustrious history is woven with tales of generosity, evolution, and the remarkable individuals who have contributed to its timeless allure.

A Legacy of Artistic Influence

Life surrounded by art clearly had an impact on several young children of the National Gallery’s founding figures – two of whom later exhibited at the prestigious Royal Academy as esteemed artists, testament to the profound influence of artistic immersion from a young age.

Threads of Generosity and Growth

Numerous narratives within NG Stories spotlight groups instrumental in nurturing the collection’s growth. The 113 subscribers who united to purchase Constable’s iconic “The Cornfield” in 1837, grounding a legacy that resonates to this day. Additionally, reflections on pivotal campaigns to preserve masterpieces by Titian for the nation in 1972, 2008, and 2012 underscore the enduring impact of collective generosity, shaping the collection’s remarkable scope.

Evolution of Roles and Significance

NG Stories delves into the evolution of pivotal roles at the Gallery, encompassing scientific, learning, framing, and art handling aspects, each intricately woven into the fabric of the Gallery’s mission. This exploration illuminates the vital significance of these roles in the day-to-day care of the collection, enriching our understanding of the meticulous curation and preservation efforts that safeguard the Gallery’s cultural treasures.

Embracing Digital Enrichment

Lawrence Chiles, Head of Digital at the National Gallery, expresses a resolute commitment to leveraging digital technology to forge deeper connections and enrich experiences for audiences. This visionary project seeks to cultivate a broader understanding of the Gallery’s collection, unveiling the captivating narratives that have flourished over 200 years of dedicated custodianship. By fostering dialogue with both seasoned patrons and newcomers, the National Gallery aims to evoke shared sentiments and foster newfound connections with its audience.

Unveiling Fascinating Narratives

Alan Crookham, Research Centre Manager at the National Gallery, underscores the profound allure of the captivating stories that have shaped the institution’s history. This initiative seeks to extend the reach of these enthralling chronicles, allowing individuals to not only glean wisdom from the past but also establish a profound connection with the narratives that have defined the Gallery’s rich heritage.

NG Stories is made possible through the generous support of Bloomberg Philanthropies, serving as the National Gallery’s esteemed Bicentenary Digital Partner, further underscoring the collaborative spirit that propels this ambitious undertaking forward.

As NG Stories unfolds, it invites all who are captivated by the power of art and the enduring legacies of cultural institutions to embark on a digital voyage that promises to illuminate, inspire, and resonate with hearts old and new.

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