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What to know before buying a sustainable wine

sustainable wine

Have you tried a sustainable wine? Or rather, have you gone to try one and quickly realised that you’re not really sure what to look for, what’s fact and what’s “greenwashing”, and what even tastes good?! According to a study from Finder, 1 in 2 Australians are seeking out greener products and local bottleos are now full of sustainable tipples, so what’s worth buying? Rewild Senior Winemaker Tony Allen wants to cut the green spin and help you find the best sustainable wine amidst all the ‘green sipping’. Firstly, what is sustainable wine? Sustainable wine refers to wine that is produced using environmentally responsible and sociallyequitable practices that prioritise the long-term health and viability of the vineyard, surroundingecosystem and the community. The goal of sustainable wine production is to minimiseenvironmental impact while producing high-quality wine that meets the needs of consumers. Writing sustainable wine on the label doesn’t automatically make it organic, biodynamic or natural, it does however define the wine as being made with a conscious effort to reduce harm to the environment during the winemaking process, such as reducing wastefulness in winemaking, water consumption, energy usage, carbon emissions on top of utilising eco-friendly farming practices. How do you know if a wine is sustainable? Check the label! In order to be certified, vineyards and wineries must go through rigorous third- party evaluations to ensure their farming practices are top-tier and hit all the sustainable standards. Look out for a certification seal on the bottle such as the SWA Logo, which demonstrates that the… Read More

Be the first to see Australia’s Eco-Flat wine bottle

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You may not be thinking about the carbon footprint of your wine while you’re sipping away, but the footprint is driven up quite a bit by the shipping of the full glass bottles themselves! Australian wine brands Banrock Station and Taylors Wine are addressing this by being the first to launch the innovative eco-flat wine bottle. Accolade Wines, who launched the eco-flat bottle two years ago in Europe, is on a mission to improve the sustainability of the wine industry and has ambitious targets to advance circular economy packaging across its entire portfolio. Banrock Station has 25 years of sustainability heritage through their production efforts, vegan friendly blends and now even lighter and more recycled material bottles. The potential for the eco wine bottle to improve the carbon footprint for winemaking is also important for Taylors Wines particularly given that viticulture is one of the most climate-sensitive agricultural businesses, and as we know Australian bushfires, drought and flooding have hurt wine growers over the last few years.  So what is so special about the eco-flat bottle? Well, the bottle is made entirely from Australian-sourced 100% recycled PET plastic. Which is helping to reshape the carbon footprint of wine by targeting the industry’s environmental hotspot, the glass bottle. Using recycled PET also saves weight  during shipping and with the bottles being 83% lighter, emissions in transport are reduced as well as the energy in production and recycling to further tackle greenhouse gas emissions. The slimmer, flatter profile allows twice as many bottles to fit in a… Read More

A new range of delicate French Rosé that’s perfect for your next party or picnic

Everything's Coming up (French) Rose!

Are you looking to add a bit of ‘French Flair’ to your next get together? Or what about something a little special for mum for Mother’s Day?  Thanks to Dan Murphy’s there are now four new elegant, light French Rosé available to gift mum or help make your next celebration a hit. But what’s so special about French Rosé you ask? Well, French Rosé tends to be drier and more delicate. The best rosé wine in the world is considered to come from France, in particular the Provence region. While traditionally it was enjoyed during the summer months in France, the French have now taken to enjoy this elegant wine all year round and usually have it as an aperitif or with a meal.  “We are really excited to offer these stunning French Rose wines to Australian rosé lovers. They have been carefully sourced from some of the leading winemakers in France from the renowned rosé regions of Provence and Languedoc and many have won awards for their outstanding flavour,” said Anne Charlotte Ferrari, business manager at Dan Murphy’s Imported Wine.  Meet the range, now available in Dan Murphy’s. Mirval Cotes de Provence Rosé (RRP $34.99): This rosé is a complex, flavoursome blend of cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Rolle, bursting with notes of raspberry, wild strawberries, citrus and melon. Recently place in Wine Spectator’s Top 100, this delicious rosé is considered to be one the best examples of rosé in the world. Surrounded by exclusive valley locations and exceptional terroir, this rose is the result… Read More

This FebFast we’ve got your back with a range of new zero-alcohol wines to enjoy

non alcoholic wine

Will you be joining the Febfast challenge this year? Well, the good news is, if you are, Fourth Wave Wine has launched a delicious range of new, zero-alcohol wines to make the perfect choice for any social occasion this Febfast.  Let us introduce you to Sobriety Society, a new vegan-friendly and organically farmed range of wines; Plus & Minus Premium, and Plus & Minus Prosecco in a handy 250ml can. The demand for zero-alcohol wines has rocketed in the last twelve months with many Australians simply choosing to consume less or even no alcohol, said Ross Marshall, general manager of Fourth Wave Wine. “This is seen across all age groups but particularly amongst 18–24-year-olds, where the number of non-drinkers has doubled in the past 20 years.” He added part of the reason for the alcohol-free trend was many young people were making either healthier choices or choices more suited to their lifestyle or beliefs. In many cases either reducing their alcohol or simply having decided not to start drinking alcohol at all. He said there were those who preferred to reduce their alcohol intake, as well as a growing number of ‘Sober Curious’ in the older age groups who are looking to moderate their drinking habits. The Sobriety Society range ($17.99 per bottle) Blanc de Blancs All the fizz without the fuzzy head. A classic example of Blanc de Blancs, brimming with citrus and apple and a freshly effervescent mouthfeel. The palate is full-flavoured and ends dry with a hint of sweetness and cleansing acidity.  … Read More

Hampton Water Rosé has landed in Australia

Hampton water wine

When someone mentions Jon Bon Jovi, you instantly think rock icon and ‘Living on a Prayer’. But who would have thought this rocker also dabbles in winemaking? In 2018, Bon Jovi joined forces with acclaimed French winemaker, Gérard Bertrand to launch Hampton Water Rosé in the US. Fast forward three years and this outstanding wine has since won many prestigious awards and is now available in Australia. This venture was inspired by Bon Jovi’s son, Jesse Bongiovi, who played a pivotal role in the brand’s creation. The idea to create a wine, emblematic of a vacation focused lifestyle, emerged from a long-standing joke between Bon Jovi and his son.  What is Rosé? Rosé, a popular drink for the Bongiovi’s, had initially been dubbed ‘pink juice’ by Bon Jovi until Jesse and a friend inadvertently coined the brand name and an idea was born. Bon Jovi and Jesse began exploring this idea as a real enterprise, designing bottles and nailing down concepts. They were eventually introduced to Gérard Bertrand by a mutual friend and the three quickly developed a shared vision, to create a unique rosé, uniting the essence of the relaxed lifestyles of East Coast beaches and the South of France. Hampton Water is available from Dan Murphy’s stores, RRP: $33.99, $32.30 6-pack, $193.80 case of 6.  Hampton Water Rosé Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Recipe Ingredients – 1.5 oz tequila – 1/2 oz jalapeño syrup – 3/4 oz watermelon juice – 1 oz lime juice – 2 oz Hampton Water Rosé Method Add all ingredients… Read More

She’s bold. She’s gutsy. She’s Madam Sass Pinot Noir


Audacious and daring, Madam Sass is a bold new addition to the red wine market, paying homage to the gutsy and rebellious among us. All the way from the Central Valley in Chile, this seriously sassy Pinot Noir comes to life with silky tannins, fragrant blackberry and sweet dark cherry characters.  Madam Sass Head Winemaker Alison Jones is all about producing brave, bold and seriously sassy wines.  “With a no rules policy, Madam Sass is synonymous with breaking the mould and championing bold flavours from around the world. True to its brand personality, Madam Sass advocates untraditional, daring pairings when it comes to food and wine. Pair with anything you like and drink it on your own terms. This is a Pinot Noir for people who are becoming more adventurous with their palate yet still want to be confident they are choosing a  quality wine,” says Jones.  Unleash your inner hero or heroine with Madam Sass Pinot Noir. Available now exclusively at Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores nationally with an RRP of $20.   About Madam Sass: Madam Sass lives her life with daring indulgence. She pays homage to heroines. Gutsy women who hold little regard for the establishment and relish in taking risks. An enticing range of wine full of attitude, style, and extravagance. Their squad is luscious, lively, and Seriously Sassy. She plays with the rules and plays where it’s hot. She doesn’t stick to dates and can come from anywhere.

A night in with Jacob – Australia’s newest premium sparkling wine

Jacob sparkling wine

South Australian premium wine brand JACOB is offering a bookable sparkling tower experience for the month of November to celebrate the launch of Australia’s newest premium vintage sparkling wine. Using classic champagne varieties of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier and an extensive ageing period of 32 months, this gorgeous sparkling has arrived just in time to be enjoyed over summer and the festive season. Talk about timing!  2020 has certainly made us rethink the way we do things, including get-togethers with our friends. And that’s why this concept is pure genius. There’s no need to worry about crowds at bars because this sparkling wine tower comes to your home! Jacob wine expert, Kristy Farrell will introduce you to the 2017 vintage while you and your friends enjoy a glass of this very enjoyable drop, coupled with a sumptuous antipasto board. The ‘event’ features three tiers of Jacob sparkling wine, a staff member that will assist with setting up the wine tower and antipasto board, your very own JACOB wine expert, and a seriously delicious antipasto board from The Grounds. Even the glassware is provided. All you need to do is call up the friends and stream some good music.  Valued at over $500, the event is priced at $150 and runs from 6 – 8 pm every Friday and Saturday night during November for groups of people between 7-14. Oh, and obviously you’ll need to be over 18 years old to enjoy the sparkling wine.  Here’s what people are saying about Jacob: “It’s a… Read More

It’s okay to drink chilled red wine, but if you don’t believe us, ask the experts at Taylors Wines

Taylors Wines Summer House

Contrary to popular belief, you can enjoy a chilled, full-bodied red wine over summer. “Sacré bleu!,” we hear you say! But yes, it’s true. Gone are the days when red wines are said to be enjoyed best at room temperature, by the fireplace in the middle of winter.  And in fact, the concept of drinking wine at room temperature originates from Europe, where wines were kept in chilly cellars at ‘Europrean room temperatures’. The average room temperature in Australia is approximately 23 degrees, which is somewhat warmer than the chilly cellars of Europe, making it just that little too warm for the optimum serving temperature.  According to Taylors Wines, full-bodied reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz should actually be served at between 16 to 18 degrees celsius. If you prefer a lighter-bodied red such as Pinot Noir, it should be served at 12-14 degrees celsius. Experts at Taylors also say if red wine is served too warm, the alcohol will dominate and mask its subtle flavours. But if you need further convincing that drinking chilled red is actually okay, then it’s best you hear it from the experts at Taylors Wines, who are launching the Summer House of Shiraz – a 90-minute, temperature themed wine tasting experience at a stunning Point Piper venue overlooking Sydney Harbour. To access the venue, you will be transported to and from the Summer House via private water taxi from Rose Bay. The Summer House will open its doors and private jetty for two days, Saturday 7 December and… Read More

Organic, Vegan, Natural and Biodynamic – The New Health Wine Trends Explained

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A visit to your local wine store can be confusing, with so many brands, blends and varieties to choose from. Add in the growing range of organic, vegan, natural and biodynamic labels, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Perhaps that’s why 80% of people tend to choose a bottle with the most attractive label, regardless of its origin or blend[i].  Victoria Angove, Joint Managing Director of Angove Family Winemakers and 5th generation winemaker, is the go-to expert on the differences between these designations and what the word on your wine label really means. “With so many people concerned about their individual health and the health of our planet, I’m not surprised that more than 65 percent of Australian’s are choosing to purchase certified organic products in a bid to live healthier lives and use products that do less harm the environment[ii],” says Victoria. This growth in organic wines reflects society’s overall move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. People are now choosing wine to reflect their changing lifestyle tastes and goals to complement the more natural and organic foods they eat. Research shows that a daily glass of wine has benefits for our health, [iii] [iv] and with the substantial rise in organic wine sales in the last year (up by 50%), it’s time to get the lowdown on the best certified organic, vegan, natural or biodynamic wines to complement your healthy and sustainable lifestyle.[v] The difference between Organic, Vegan, Natural and Biodynamic  “Increasingly, amongst the millennials, and broader consumers, people are… Read More

Impress your friends with these perfect Italian food and wine pairings

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Italy is the world’s largest producer of wine and home to (arguably) some of the best grapes in the world. So, it makes sense then, that former Penfolds winemaker, Mike Farmilio’s new range, Altero, is made up of Italian and Spanish styles grown and made in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. According to Mike, it’s the ideal climate for the grapes as it has the “closest climate to the Mediterranean”. Altero brought us a night of delicious food and wines at Pasta Emilia in Surry Hills. These reds are meant to be enjoyed fresh, with food and we’ve got the perfect wine and food pairings for you, straight from the horse’s mouth. Mike Farmilio’s ultimate food and wine pairings are: Sangiovese & Pizza Sangiovese is the perfect accompaniment to pizza. Italy’s most popular wine, the fruity flavours of plum, cherry and sour cherry delightfully balances the savoury flavours of the pizza toppings and the high acidity of the wine blends well with the tomato. This means that this wine will go well with any tomato-based dish. Nero d’Avola & Pasta The name refers to the colour of the grapes and the town of Avola in Sicily where this grape originates. Nero d’Avola is a medium bodied red, full of ripe, earthy flavour, just like a Pinot Noir. It pairs well with most pasta dishes. Tempranillo & Roasted Lamb Tempranillo is a Spanish black grape with subtle notes of plum and cherry. This wine is highly versatile and pairs well with slightly heavier dishes like lasagne, roast lamb, or… Read More