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Organic, Vegan, Natural and Biodynamic – The New Health Wine Trends Explained

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A visit to your local wine store can be confusing, with so many brands, blends and varieties to choose from. Add in the growing range of organic, vegan, natural and biodynamic labels, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Perhaps that’s why 80% of people tend to choose a bottle with the most attractive label, regardless of its origin or blend[i].  Victoria Angove, Joint Managing Director of Angove Family Winemakers and 5th generation winemaker, is the go-to expert on the differences between these designations and what the word on your wine label really means. “With so many people concerned about their individual health and the health of our planet, I’m not surprised that more than 65 percent of Australian’s are choosing to purchase certified organic products in a bid to live healthier lives and use products that do less harm the environment[ii],” says Victoria. This growth in organic wines reflects society’s overall move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. People are now choosing wine to reflect their changing lifestyle tastes and goals to complement the more natural and organic foods they eat. Research shows that a daily glass of wine has benefits for our health, [iii] [iv] and with the substantial rise in organic wine sales in the last year (up by 50%), it’s time to get the lowdown on the best certified organic, vegan, natural or biodynamic wines to complement your healthy and sustainable lifestyle.[v] The difference between Organic, Vegan, Natural and Biodynamic  “Increasingly, amongst the millennials, and broader consumers, people are… Read More