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The best non-alcoholic tipples to try this Dry July

Research from DrinkWise indicates that 43% of all alcohol drinkers want to cut down their consumption. Dry July is a great annual reminder to reflect on your drinking habits and reset. Not familiar with the month-long challenge? Dry July is simply a month of going “dry” on alcohol for whatever reason speaks to you, whether that’s to raise money for charity, try to curb negative drinking habits, or even lose a couple kilos. Whatever your reasons, the challenge doesn’t have to be shall we say, challenging, when it comes to socialising or knocking off work for the week. Every year more and more great alcohol free alternatives besides the standard soft drink or soda water are popping onto the market and we’ve rounded them up for you. For the wine lovers Hardy’s, ZERO Hardy’s has taken their wine making experience and perfected it to make alcohol free wine. The Hardy’s ZERO range is crafted using state-of-the-art technology that gently de-alcoholises the wine at a cooler temperature while retaining natural flavours, aromas and body, just like regular wine. The process also makes it lower in sugar and calories  compared to other zero-alcohol wines that use traditional dealcoholising methods. Boasting three varieties: ZERO Shiraz, ZERO Chardonnay and ZERO Sparkling, you can sip the wine you love without the alcohol. Plus and Minus, Zero Alcohol Wines Plus and Minus offers a contemporary range of wines developed to be richer in antioxidants, minus the alcohol. ?Their latest innovations are the Plus and Minus Bubbly Rose and Plus and Minus… Read More

This FebFast we’ve got your back with a range of new zero-alcohol wines to enjoy

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Will you be joining the Febfast challenge this year? Well, the good news is, if you are, Fourth Wave Wine has launched a delicious range of new, zero-alcohol wines to make the perfect choice for any social occasion this Febfast.  Let us introduce you to Sobriety Society, a new vegan-friendly and organically farmed range of wines; Plus & Minus Premium, and Plus & Minus Prosecco in a handy 250ml can. The demand for zero-alcohol wines has rocketed in the last twelve months with many Australians simply choosing to consume less or even no alcohol, said Ross Marshall, general manager of Fourth Wave Wine. “This is seen across all age groups but particularly amongst 18–24-year-olds, where the number of non-drinkers has doubled in the past 20 years.” He added part of the reason for the alcohol-free trend was many young people were making either healthier choices or choices more suited to their lifestyle or beliefs. In many cases either reducing their alcohol or simply having decided not to start drinking alcohol at all. He said there were those who preferred to reduce their alcohol intake, as well as a growing number of ‘Sober Curious’ in the older age groups who are looking to moderate their drinking habits. The Sobriety Society range ($17.99 per bottle) Blanc de Blancs All the fizz without the fuzzy head. A classic example of Blanc de Blancs, brimming with citrus and apple and a freshly effervescent mouthfeel. The palate is full-flavoured and ends dry with a hint of sweetness and cleansing acidity.  … Read More