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A beginner’s guide to red wine

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Stepping into the world of red wines can seem daunting at first, with countless varietals to choose from. Australian brand Rewild offers a range of eco-conscious, 100% vegan-friendly wines, making the process of choosing your perfect red wine easier. Rewild’s new Red Blend, along with their Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Shiraz, is a must-try for any wine lover seeking a quality wine at an affordable price. You can find these at Dan Murphy’s and select BWS stores nationally.

Four Somme are reinventing how wine clubs work

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Wine clubs have gotten a stale reputation over the years. The same old bulk delivery from a winery you visited on a romantic weekend away 5 years ago and you can’t quite figure out how to cancel, is long gone thanks to Four Somme. Four Somme are the self professed World’s First Wine Club designed just for Millennials.  According to a study by Wine Intelligence, millennials were the major driver in wine consumption during the pandemic. What differentiates millennials from the older generations is that they are looking more for variety and experiences and less moved by low prices and familiar brands, meaning that they are a bit more adventurous with what wines they want to try. Four Somme’s wine club is of course open to every generation, as they deliver the perfect experimental pack to discover new wines that suit the members’ unique preferences. The concept is super simple: Sign up on foursomme.com and you will receive your Preview Pack with 4 x 187ml red or white wines (your choice) Taste the wines in the Preview Pack with your friends, following along with the online sommelier guide and choose your favourites in the virtual tasting platform. Think cold climate reds from Australia’s best regions, and there’s always a mystery region included to keep even the most avid wine drinkers on their toes. Once you’ve chosen your favourites (could be all of them!), your customised wine selection of 8 x 750ml bottles will be sent to you for $170 (40% cheaper than cellar door pricing…. Read More

Jam Shed throws out the rule book and says chill your red wine this summer

Jam Shed red wine

If the weather predictions are correct, Christmas is looking to be a warm one for many of us around the country and for red wine lovers, this is the perfect opportunity to break the rules and chill your red wine. Yes, you read correctly….chill your red wine!  Take, for instance, Jam Shed Shiraz and Jam Shed Red Blend. Both of these uncomplicated and delicious wines show their best attributes when cooled down a touch, making them perfect for summer sipping. Sporting smooth, rich and fruit-driven profiles, Jam Shed wines are crafted for people who simply want to enjoy a quality drop at an affordable price all year around. The Jam Shed range also prides itself on being easy drinking, making it an excellent introduction to red wine for new wine drinkers. “Red wine is often misunderstood, and a common myth is that reds should be served at room temperature. Chilling wine allows the flavours to become focused, with the alcohol less evident and the structure tighter. Additionally, wines that are particularly fruit-forward can get lost when they are enjoyed too warm,” says Alison Baker, Jam Shed winemaker.  “Experiment with chilled reds over summer – whether it be serving Spanish-style Sangria or cooling down your favourite bottle of red in an ice bucket. Appreciating wine shouldn’t be complicated and there is no right or wrong way – just find what you enjoy best”. Jam Shed Chill Out Chilling a bottle of red can be done in one of three ways – in the fridge, in the… Read More

She’s bold. She’s gutsy. She’s Madam Sass Pinot Noir


Audacious and daring, Madam Sass is a bold new addition to the red wine market, paying homage to the gutsy and rebellious among us. All the way from the Central Valley in Chile, this seriously sassy Pinot Noir comes to life with silky tannins, fragrant blackberry and sweet dark cherry characters.  Madam Sass Head Winemaker Alison Jones is all about producing brave, bold and seriously sassy wines.  “With a no rules policy, Madam Sass is synonymous with breaking the mould and championing bold flavours from around the world. True to its brand personality, Madam Sass advocates untraditional, daring pairings when it comes to food and wine. Pair with anything you like and drink it on your own terms. This is a Pinot Noir for people who are becoming more adventurous with their palate yet still want to be confident they are choosing a  quality wine,” says Jones.  Unleash your inner hero or heroine with Madam Sass Pinot Noir. Available now exclusively at Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores nationally with an RRP of $20.   About Madam Sass: Madam Sass lives her life with daring indulgence. She pays homage to heroines. Gutsy women who hold little regard for the establishment and relish in taking risks. An enticing range of wine full of attitude, style, and extravagance. Their squad is luscious, lively, and Seriously Sassy. She plays with the rules and plays where it’s hot. She doesn’t stick to dates and can come from anywhere.

It’s okay to drink chilled red wine, but if you don’t believe us, ask the experts at Taylors Wines

Taylors Wines Summer House

Contrary to popular belief, you can enjoy a chilled, full-bodied red wine over summer. “Sacré bleu!,” we hear you say! But yes, it’s true. Gone are the days when red wines are said to be enjoyed best at room temperature, by the fireplace in the middle of winter.  And in fact, the concept of drinking wine at room temperature originates from Europe, where wines were kept in chilly cellars at ‘Europrean room temperatures’. The average room temperature in Australia is approximately 23 degrees, which is somewhat warmer than the chilly cellars of Europe, making it just that little too warm for the optimum serving temperature.  According to Taylors Wines, full-bodied reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz should actually be served at between 16 to 18 degrees celsius. If you prefer a lighter-bodied red such as Pinot Noir, it should be served at 12-14 degrees celsius. Experts at Taylors also say if red wine is served too warm, the alcohol will dominate and mask its subtle flavours. But if you need further convincing that drinking chilled red is actually okay, then it’s best you hear it from the experts at Taylors Wines, who are launching the Summer House of Shiraz – a 90-minute, temperature themed wine tasting experience at a stunning Point Piper venue overlooking Sydney Harbour. To access the venue, you will be transported to and from the Summer House via private water taxi from Rose Bay. The Summer House will open its doors and private jetty for two days, Saturday 7 December and… Read More