Hampton Water Rosé has landed in Australia

Hampton water wine

When someone mentions Jon Bon Jovi, you instantly think rock icon and ‘Living on a Prayer’. But who would have thought this rocker also dabbles in winemaking? In 2018, Bon Jovi joined forces with acclaimed French winemaker, Gérard Bertrand to launch Hampton Water Rosé in the US. Fast forward three years and this outstanding wine has since won many prestigious awards and is now available in Australia.

This venture was inspired by Bon Jovi’s son, Jesse Bongiovi, who played a pivotal role in the brand’s creation. The idea to create a wine, emblematic of a vacation focused lifestyle, emerged from a long-standing joke between Bon Jovi and his son. 

What is Rosé?

Rosé, a popular drink for the Bongiovi’s, had initially been dubbed ‘pink juice’ by Bon Jovi until Jesse and a friend inadvertently coined the brand name and an idea was born.

Bon Jovi and Jesse began exploring this idea as a real enterprise, designing bottles and nailing down concepts. They were eventually introduced to Gérard Bertrand by a mutual friend and the three quickly developed a shared vision, to create a unique rosé, uniting the essence of the relaxed lifestyles of East Coast beaches and the South of France.

Hampton Water is available from Dan Murphy’s stores, RRP: $33.99, $32.30 6-pack, $193.80 case of 6. 

5 5 Cinco de Mayo Cocktail @the.boozy
Spicy, with a hint of sweetness, this delicious margarita cocktail made with Hampton Water Rosé will quench your thirst on a hot summers’ day.

Hampton Water Rosé Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Recipe


– 1.5 oz tequila

– 1/2 oz jalapeño syrup

– 3/4 oz watermelon juice

– 1 oz lime juice

– 2 oz Hampton Water Rosé


Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a glass with ice. Garnish with fresh jalapeño slices and watermelon.