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See the best of Europe in Lonely Planet’s Gourmet Trails book

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The new book from Lonely Planet Food, titled “Gourmet Trails.” This book offers a fresh perspective on the traditional cuisines of Europe, including local specialities and creative modern-day chef creations. With 40 foodie trails to choose from, travellers can indulge in both indulgent and affordable itineraries that cater to their unique tastes. Lonely Planet’s team of writers has curated an exquisite showcase of Europe’s epicurean countries, tailoring itineraries that celebrate vibrant local produce and the creative minds that deliver these culinary delights. Whether you’re foraging in the woods, trialling a country cooking class, tasting pungent cheeses, quaffing local wines, discovering local tavernas, tasting wild food, or bartering at a local market, this guide celebrates the best of Europe on a platter. The book covers popular and lesser-known food and wine stops throughout Europe, providing readers with the best places to stay, cool restaurants and bars, where to eat, what to do along the way, and local culture, including festivals and celebrations. Each trail features 6-8 must eat and drink stops, suiting a shorter getaway or jaunt of two to three days. Itineraries include a route map, photography, and planning information such as how to get there, where to stay, what to do, and the best time to visit. There’s also the chance to experience celebrated producers, sample local specialties, and learn about the history of regional dishes. Some of the highlights of this book include Alsace’s Route des Vins, an introduction to the Corsican pantry, delving into Danish pastry in Copenhagen, tasting the seasons in… Read More