Book Club key to surviving the winter blues? Top tips for starting one

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– Lucy Pearson, Bibliotherapist and Scribd Ambassador It’s no secret that I have a love affair with reading. Beyond expanding my mind and helping me relax, one of the things I love most about a great read is discussing a text, whether that’s at the Bondi Literary Salon or with friends.   Clearly I am not […]

Why Covid was a dream for new writer Mark Ashbury: about his new book ‘The Fallen’

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If there was one thing Covid gave the world – other than unconquerable frustration – it was time. Time, which new author Mark Ashbury used well, to achieve new projects and mount new heights! His new book The Fallen, is the first volume one of the engrossing ‘Book of Souls’ saga. The new book has […]

How to get a good job after 50

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After the last year or so we’ve all had, you could hardly be blamed for beginning to think well into the future, off the back of a lot of people’s reassessment of their lives, future and desires, right? So, thinking about your middle age and what that’s going to look like’s a pretty good idea, […]

Lockdown or not, don’t stop reading: try Terry Flynn’s ‘I Owe you One’

Terry Flynn I Owe You One book

Lockdown might be done in Oz, but that doesn’t mean your capacity to and desire to read should vanish, just ‘cos you’ve got more on all-of-a-sudden, right? So with that in mind, for dudes and Dads all over the country, this is one for you: Terry Flynn: I Owe You One; the first book in the series by Australian […]

We’re all killing the planet: The Waste Less Workbook will help you be better


Try as we might, being more green can be hard. So, environmentally-friendly movements like Banish – a fast-growing Australian waste-reduction education platform and online market place – are doing what they can to make it easier! Say hello to the Waste Less Workbook, the answer Banish has come-up with to tackle our unintentional (hopefully) contribution […]

Water so good, they put it in a book: Lonely Planet’s latest release, ‘The Joy of Water’

Tommy Clarke

You know the concept of the coffee table book, right? Now, blow it outta the water with Lonely Planet’s new addition to their range: The Joy of Water. For the Aquarius’ in the house, this is the book for you (and everyone else, really, too); because it takes a look at idyllic wild swimming holes, […]

Catch up on your reading list this Covid-19 lockdown with Readly

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We’re all spending a lot more time at home with the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, so – though we’re three weeks of lockdown on – it’s kind of good to remember the world exists outside of Netflix. Think: reading! Magazines across might be going through a rough time but they live on, just in another form. […]

Covid got you (locked) down? Why not remodel the house?

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Nothing says ‘fresh start’ quite like a spring clean. And though it’s only spring on one side of the world, it’s worth taking-on the challenge and throwing open the doors as you play with some of your own interior handiwork. Here are the best books this season to get you there. Still: The Slow Homeby […]

Travelling sustainably: Lonely Planet’s guide to not killing the earth while you holiday

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Think off-grid camps, community stays, responsible wildlife encounters, cultural immersion tours, conservation opportunities, green hotels and more, the new guide book by Lonely Planet, available this March, has the Earth’s back. “While the global tourism industry has made great strides towards sustainability in recent years, achieving sustainable tourism is a continuous process,” Lonely Planet says. “This process […]

What it’s really like to work in a corporate environment: ‘Dancing with the Bull’ reveals all

Dancing Bull

Sure, the corporate life might pay well, but is it the be all? Matthew Simon was one of those people who thought so. Until he didn’t. He’d spent 25 years in senior executive roles for multinational companies, but one day he realised he’d had enough. That was in April 2011. In 2019, he released a […]

Look up: Where to see the best skies in the world

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Astrotourism is big. Really big. Some would say sky’s the limit-big. And Lonely Planet are the people to listen to when it comes to getting a good grip on where’s good to go to see some of the best skies the world has to offer. The travel gurus based in the UK, with reach to […]

5 top reads this November

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The southern hemisphere’s getting hotter, the north’s getting colder and no matter how you’re looking at it, it means more down time. Which also means book time. Which means you need some new material to keep you company. Here’s what we’ve dug up… Queer Ink: A blotted history towards liberation A history of the Rorschach […]