What to learn when you’re traveling as a couple

Couple travel travelling

Traveling is needed in anyone’s life. It makes you relax and leaves you rejuvenated all the time. If you travel as a couple, you will build your relationship and see how the two of you can rely on each other. You then need to take a break from your online casino games from sites like […]

What travel really does for you

Man airport plane travel

Getting away from where you’re currently situated, and heading off to a completely new part of the world is one of the greatest things you can do in life. We’re naturally hunters and gatherers, you know? It might not feel that way because we’re all pretty domesticated, and we have to stay in one place […]

Lonely Planet’s new travel quiz book will test you

Girl backpack travel photo

While you may have been to Nice, the Isle of Greece and sipped champagne on a yacht, doesn’t mean you’re the world’s foremost travel guru. Or, does it? There’s only one way to find out and that’s with Lonely Planet’s newest piece, the Ultimate Travel Quiz book. “This book is billed as a ‘travel’ quiz, […]

No1 Airport Lounges open The House in Melbourne and Sydney International Airports

No1 Melbourne Bar

No longer do you need to be basic find yourself sitting outside of the luxury of the the flight lounges at Melbourne and Sydney airports like the proverbial naughty puppy dog left out in the rain. No1 Lounges have opened in Sydney and Melbourne International Airports, giving all manner of travellers access to something to […]

How to travel the world as an exchange student on a budget


Studying abroad is a dream that many students will never see come to fruition, not because of lack of funds or ambition, but because of lack of knowledge. You might be thinking that being able to study abroad is nothing more than a pipe dream… but what if it wasn’t? What if you could make […]