Best train journeys for your next trip

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Are you ready to venture into a world where the rhythmic chug of a locomotive becomes the soundtrack to your most extraordinary adventures? Lonely Planet’s latest masterpiece, “Amazing Train Journeys,” opens the door to 60 of the most breathtaking train expeditions on the planet, including the iconic The Ghan and the enchanting Kuranda Scenic Railway in Australia.

This captivating new release invites you to explore a diverse tapestry of railway odysseys, from timeless cross-country voyages to hidden gems nestled within everyday commuting lines. In an era where travelers seek a slower, more environmentally conscious mode of exploration, “Amazing Train Journeys” stands as a beacon, heralding the 21st-century renaissance of train travel. It celebrates the allure of steel rails and spinning wheels, beckoning readers to savor leisurely days aboard classic railway marvels, high-speed trains, and urban lines, offering a distinctive and picturesque passage from point A to B.

Uncover legendary routes like Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer and Australia’s The Ghan, alongside hidden treasures such as the scenic railway from Belgrade to Bar winding through Montenegro’s mountains, The California Zephyr’s renowned Amtrak route across the USA, the Mombasa to Nairobi service in Kenya, and the bewitching Swiss Alpine journey aboard the Bernina Express.

Each journey profile within the book presents a comprehensive depiction of the entire expedition, encompassing practical details like ticket recommendations, key stops, and the optimal time to embark on these awe-inspiring trips. Delve into the intricacies of ‘life on board,’ ‘riding the rails,’ and learn how to ‘make it happen.’ While high-speed lines bask in the limelight, “Amazing Train Journeys” also sheds light on other facets of rail travel, including innovative sleeping compartments on new night trains. Moreover, the inclusion of inspiring photographs and illustrated route maps brings every train adventure to life within the pages of this remarkable book.

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This incredible book showcases various Australian and New Zealand journeys, each offering a unique glimpse into the scenic wonders of these regions. From the legendary Ghan’s luxurious 3000km odyssey from Adelaide to Darwin, to the serene South Coast Line’s relaxing day-ride down Sydney’s coast, and the awe-inspiring TranzAlpine journey across New Zealand’s stunning landscapes, “Amazing Train Journeys” captures the essence of magical train travel.

“Amazing Train Journeys” encapsulates the magic of train travel, presenting a diverse selection of luxurious and budget-friendly options that cater to every wanderlust-filled locomotive heart. Priced at $44.99 AUD, this captivating read is available where all good books are sold or online at Are you ready to embark on a journey that transcends time and space? Step aboard and let “Amazing Train Journeys” transport you to destinations beyond your wildest imagination.