7 top independent jewellery brands in London

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Journey into a world of quality metals to wear on your body, as we explore the realm of independent jewellery brands by various jewellers in the vibrant city of London.

Diamonds, but not like you know them: we speak to Moi Moi in Melbourne

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As the world becomes more conscious about the impact we have on our planet, many are seeking ethical and sustainable alternatives to traditionally sourced products, including diamonds. That’s why lab-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular among consumers who want the beauty and durability of a diamond without the negative environmental and social costs associated with mined diamonds. Some hardcore diamond enthusiasts may still have reservations about lab-grown diamonds. They may believe that they are somehow inferior to mined diamonds, but the truth is, they are virtually identical in every way. Both are made of carbon, and lab-grown diamonds are created under controlled conditions that replicate the natural process that occurs deep within the earth. We spoke to Lauren Chang Sommer, the founder and managing director or Moi Moi, who said, “One of my favourite things about them is that they come at a fraction of the price of mined gems which makes it possible for our customers to purchase their dream jewellery and afford bigger stones. LAVANA Lab Grown diamonds are ethical and socially responsible and come with a guaranteed source of origin, promising that brilliant jewels don’t need to cost the earth.” In fact, lab-grown diamonds are so similar to mined diamonds that in 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled that a diamond is a diamond no matter where it comes from. This means that lab-grown diamonds can be graded, certified, and sold in the same way as mined diamonds. At Moi Moi, they offer LAVANA lab-grown diamonds and SUPERNOVA Moissanite, which is… Read More

7 ways to get ready for summer – and the tools you need to do it

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Summer is here, and with it comes endless opportunities for outdoor activities, beach days, and fun in the sun. So, it’s time to ditch the cozy winter clothes and start grooming yourself for the warmer months. Here are some of the best ways to get summer-ready and enjoy the season in style. In the summer, dehydration is a constant threat. The heat can cause you to lose more fluids than usual, so it’s essential to drink plenty of water. Drinking water will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also help keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. This dentist who does quality periodontics in Greeneville also adds that water is also beneficial for your dental health as it helps in neutralising the acid in your mouth. Haircuts are an easy and effective way to refresh your entire look. Consider getting a shorter, more manageable hairstyle that will help you stay cool during the summer. Trim your beard and mustache to keep them looking maintained and neat. It’s Mother’s Day in Australia soon, too, so if you’re getting something for yourself, get something for her, too! Shaver Shop Australia has it all. Summer means spending more time outdoors, which also means more exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. So, it’s crucial to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Look for a non-greasy formula that won’t clog your pores or leave a messy residue. Hot temperatures and too much sun can leave your skin dry and flaky…. Read More

3 ways to feel more confident in your appearance

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Confidence can be key to succeeding in almost anything, but it can be hard to do this if you don’t like how you look. You’ll need to be confident in your appearance before you can be confident in almost anything else. That sounds like a complicated and daunting process. With the countless ways to feel more confident in your appearance, however, it doesn’t have to be. You’ll have more options than you’d think. While it’ll take you a little time to achieve and maintain this, it’s worth using a few of these so you can get there. 3 top options 1. Address What You Don’t Like You could have a few things about your appearance you don’t like or that makes you feel embarrassed. It’s worth tackling these as much as possible, with there being countless ways to achieve it. Everything from getting nicer clothes to penis augmentation procedures fall into this, depending on what you don’t like about yourself. By spending time focusing on this, you can get rid of the associated embarrassment. You’ll end up feeling increasingly more confident about your appearance with relatively little effort. Determine what you feel embarrassed about, and take appropriate measures to rectify it. 2. Practice good posture Slouching is often a sign you don’t feel confident in yourself or your appearance. It subconsciously affects how you feel about yourself, but it’s quite an easy thing to fix. Practice good posture to help avoid this. Doing so offers a few other benefits, such as making you appear more… Read More

Thanks to nature shampoo: Luxe quality without the salon price tag

Thanks to nature shampoo

Why wouldn’t you treat your hair as you would your skin with quality, sulfate-free products? Using products that contain sulfates are potentially not only bad for the environment but also bad for your scalp. For instance, did you know sulfate-free products help maintain the natural oils on your scalp and hair, whereas products containing sulfate can strip your scalp of natural oils? So if you’re looking for affordable, salon-quality hair products, the newly launched Thanks To Nature brand may very well be your new go-to.  Husband and wife co-founders, Natalie and Sean Cassar have seen great success in the hair, health and beauty industry, successfully launching Headgear, Barber & Co and Jack the Barber brands. However, they saw a clear gap in the market that will now be filled by Thanks To Nature.  “There was a huge gap in the market for salon-quality, naturally derived, efficacious hair products for women that were available in a supermarket. Australian women spend so much on salon shampoos and we wanted to make salon-quality more accessible,” said Natalie.  All products in the collection are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, contain no parabens and are sulphate-free. Not only is this luxury haircare range developed using the best naturally derived ingredients but is also accessible, affordable and comes with a huge 500ml of product.  All products in the Thanks To Nature collection are delicately fragranced and come in a luxurious matte finish bottle with copper detailing. The packaging is so slick, you’ll be proud to display the products in your bathroom. And may we… Read More

The best of Danish design: Nynne does Copenhagen Fashion Week

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All about empowering women, Nynne recently took over Copenhagen Fashion Week, showcasing the best of not just Danish design, but why Danish women rank amongst the world’s finest fashion figures. Motivated by the joy and excitement of creating a universe where women feel comfortable and glow with confidence. Continuing from the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, which played tribute to the softer features and gentle expressions of women, this season NYNNE continues its quest to create a community of extraordinary women lifting one another up; Women For Women. Scroll on for images and find out more about the brand at the Copenhagen Fashion Week X Nynne website.

Catch up on your beauty sleep with Papinelle’s 100% silk sleep masks

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Don’t you just want to roll out of bed every morning and look/feel like you’ve had the best night’s sleep, ever? If you’re experiencing poor sleep because of that niggly first light finding its way through the blinds at 6am or you’re just battling insomnia because of the current state of world affairs, then maybe you need to a sleep mask.  Really? A sleep mask? Yes, sleep masks are actually a very useful sleep aid. Of course, masks made from natural, breathable fibres are going to be your best bet – such as silk or cotton. You’ll be glad to know that sleepwear brand, Papinelle offers a beautiful range of 100% silk eye masks  Eye masks not only block out light and maximise your beauty sleep, but they also protect the delicate skin around your eyes. True story! If you wake up with pillow impressions your face, this can apparently result in wrinkles over a period of time.  Sleep masks are a good non-chemical alternative to medication, as it can trick your brain into thinking it’s time for the land of nod by muting distractions such as noise and light. And if anything, alcohol is more likely to disrupt your sleep so don’t bother going down that path.  Papinelle offers beautiful boxed silk sleep masks which make great gifts for those who are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. You could also pair it with Papinelle’s new range of headbands that are made with the highest quality of pure silk. Cute, right!  So if… Read More

These are the cute and comfy ballet flats your feet have been yearning for

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There are two types of ballet flats in the world. There are the budget ballet flats that may see you out for one season if you’re lucky (you know the type we mean) and then there are quality ballet flats – stylish yet playful and made from superior fine leather that will last for years. Most importantly, they feel heavenly when you slip them on. Let’s take a look at the latter, because let’s be honest…nobody likes the alternative.  Never settle for less when shopping for ballet flats, because your feet and wallet will hate you for it. Enter Cammino ballet flats – the softest, comfiest and cutest ballet flats your feet will have the pleasure of experiencing.  Translated from Italian, Cammino means ‘to walk’. The brand was founded by Australian Designer Katrina Verso, after observing family and friends wearing “shoes either beautiful but impractical, or functional but unfashionable.” Designed in Melbourne and beautifully crafted by hand in Le Marche, Italy, Cammino shoes have a reputation for comfort, quality and playful use of colours, so there’s something to suit all tastes. Because they are made with high quality calf leather, the ballet flats will mould to your foot and loosen with wear.  They also fit neatly in your carry bag which make them perfect for travelling or commuting to and from work. The shoes come beautifully boxed and include a handy little shoe pouch to pack your flats away in your carry bag.  And because Cammino flats are made from the finest leather, you shouldn’t… Read More

Your face can save lives: WWF Australia and VisionDirect create sustainable sunglasses

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They’re now turning gill nets into sunglasses and the world’s bloody thankful! The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia and eyewear company VisionDirect are teaming up to upcycle the plastic net, taking enough of the stuff to make 1,000 pairs of shades for the environmentally-minded trendsetter amongst us. It all comes after the initiative from 2018, where thousands of supporter donations helped WWF-Australia buy and retire the licence for the last commercial gill net operating full-time in the northern Great Barrier Reef. Talk about success. At the end of the day, it was all to protect dugongs and other endangered marine creatures which can be accidentally caught as bycatch and quickly drown; but not anymore. VisionDirect CEO David Menning said upcycling old nets is another way to give back to the community, following on from the company’s program to donate eyeglasses in less fortunate nations. But what will they do with the first thousand pairs they’ve made? Well, they come embossed with a marine animal whose future depends on a Net Free North, and half of the money they make from sales will go back to WWF for conservation work like advocacy for a #NetFreeNorth. For more info and to be apart of it all, head to the Vision Direct website.

Nike gets inclusive: The new BETRUE 2019 collection

Nike Betrue sneaker

As we approach the half way point of 2019, NIKE has joined the fold, becoming more inclusive than ever before and turning out a new collection that’s all about inclusivity. The Nike BETRUE 2019 collection pays homage to activist Gilbert Baker and his iconic rainbow flag design that 40 years later remains a worldwide symbol for the LGBTQIA community. For the first time, the footwear, apparel and accessories all feature the icon’s original eight-colour flag, a timely homage in this era of diversity and acceptance, that no one is alone. It also celebrates the fact that Baker handmade everything he designed. Nike designers gave each shoe a hand-crafted effect by embroidering symbols including the eight-layer Swoosh on the Nike Air Max 90 BETRUE and the rainbow flag on the Tailwind 79. Get the shoes from Supply and Sneakerboy and the clothes online.