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7 top independent jewellery brands in London

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Journey into a world of quality metals to wear on your body, as we explore the realm of independent jewellery brands by various jewellers in the vibrant city of London.

Hershan’s HAULIER collection: clothing done right

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Australian independent designer, Jeremy Hershan unveiled the highly anticipated HAULIER Spring Summer 2024 ready-to-wear collection during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week at the stunning 25 Martin Place in Sydney. The iconic Harry Siedler-designed office tower served as the perfect backdrop for the presentation, leaving Hershan feeling privileged to present his collection on schedule for the first time. Hershan, who trained at RMIT and previously worked as a design director at Alfred Dunhill in London and R.M. Williams, is renowned for his keen attention to detail and draws inspiration from architecture, air travel of the 60s and 70s, and cinema. His latest collection builds upon the brand’s philosophy of Enduring Goods and presents an elevated take on everyday utility – clothing designed to be worn for life in transit. Taking inspiration from celebrity travel and the Cannes red carpet of the 70s and 80s, Hershan’s unisex collection blends elements of athletic wear, military, workwear, and tailoring to create a carefree fusion that feels both effortless and timeless. The new-generation label’s signature Utility Toe bag, which launched in 2020 and is stocked by luxury e-commerce giants Matchesfashion, Mytheresa, and Ssense, has already earned cult status. For the Spring Summer 2024 collection, Hershan partnered with Kult Australia to cast a procession of unique characters, including Rhys Kosakowski, Rachel Rutt, Taara McLean, Louis Steele, and Fraser Johns, who embody the carefree and irreverent HAULIER spirit. Esteemed multi-disciplinary artist Kristyan Low created his signature clean, fresh-faced dewy skin make-up look with a focus on gender-neutral and healthy skin. Hair stylist Aimee… Read More

7 ways to get ready for summer – and the tools you need to do it

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Summer is here, and with it comes endless opportunities for outdoor activities, beach days, and fun in the sun. So, it’s time to ditch the cozy winter clothes and start grooming yourself for the warmer months. Here are some of the best ways to get summer-ready and enjoy the season in style. In the summer, dehydration is a constant threat. The heat can cause you to lose more fluids than usual, so it’s essential to drink plenty of water. Drinking water will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also help keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. This dentist who does quality periodontics in Greeneville also adds that water is also beneficial for your dental health as it helps in neutralising the acid in your mouth. Haircuts are an easy and effective way to refresh your entire look. Consider getting a shorter, more manageable hairstyle that will help you stay cool during the summer. Trim your beard and mustache to keep them looking maintained and neat. It’s Mother’s Day in Australia soon, too, so if you’re getting something for yourself, get something for her, too! Shaver Shop Australia has it all. Summer means spending more time outdoors, which also means more exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. So, it’s crucial to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Look for a non-greasy formula that won’t clog your pores or leave a messy residue. Hot temperatures and too much sun can leave your skin dry and flaky…. Read More

Men’s jewellery any dude needs: Tom Wood

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Tom Wood is a jewellery brand that has been creating timeless, high-quality pieces for over a decade. Founded in 2009 by Norwegian designer Mona Jensen, the brand is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and the beauty of raw, natural materials. Tom Wood’s collection features an array of exquisite pieces that showcase the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and design. From rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings, each piece is crafted from the finest materials, including silver, gold, and precious stones. One of the brand’s standout pieces is the signet ring, which has become an iconic piece in the jewellery industry. With its bold, clean design and attention to detail, the signet ring has become a symbol of identity and individuality. Tom Wood’s commitment to sustainability is also evident in its vegan-friendly line of jewellery, which features pieces made from vegetarian-friendly materials such as vegetable ivory and recycled metals. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to wear on a special occasion, or a subtle piece to complement your everyday look, Tom Wood has a wide range of styles to suit any taste. With its focus on quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability, this is a brand that truly stands out in the crowded world of jewellery design. If you’re looking to add a piece (or two) from Tom Wood to your collection, head over to their website and take a look at their stunning array of products. And don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to get the latest news, updates, and exclusive offers delivered straight to… Read More

Get better boots: Julius Marlow, but not like you remember them

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As we gradually move away from the calendar summer months and take a trip to autumn for another season, it’s almost time to bring the boots out of storage and shake the dust off. But if like most, your boot-care skills are left wanting, then it might be the time to invest in some new, comfier options by an oldie-but-a-goodie; Julius Marlow. Known as the go-to in department stores around the country, the JM brand is back with a new boot for the season that uses some flash new technology: the Crystal Sole. Crystal Sole is packed with quality materials, curating the perfect work shoe. Boasting a functional sole, offering flexibility, extra grip, and ultimate durability, in this latest Julius Marlow’s Crystal Sole Work technology, the outsole has a new slip-resistant feature. With the help of Julius Marlow, Crystal Sole will be your best shoes yet this year. With genius technology in focus, The Crystal Sole Work collection is tailored to meet the specific needs of hospitality workers.The range features a professional look, and with a slip-resistant component added to Crystal Sole tech, it can be worn in the kitchen, front- or back-of-house areas. The design of the shoes is intended to provide comfort, durability for those who are on their feet for long periods of time, as well as slip-resistance for those sticky situations. Curious? So you should be. In brown, black and low cut for your more dressy occasions, they’re every man’s must-have this season. Here’s more info:

Men’s underwear subscription UK: Pants & Socks is a package for your package

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It’s all-too-easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same underwear totally to death that before you know it, you’re removing and hanging out to dry these threadbare pieces of elastic and what was cotton, thinking they’ll still pass. Sound familiar? Save your bits from yourself and consider – if nothing else, going to the shops – investing in the UK’s Pants & Socks. An online retailer that provides exactly what you’d imagine: pants and socks. Delivered regularly to keep you stocked up. Pants & Socks is a great subscription or gift. It’s easy to join the club in three little steps. Plus, for those who crave a bit of personalization, check out Custom Sock Lab, where you can design your own unique socks to add a touch of individuality to your wardrobe. Pants & Socks is a great subscription or gift. It’s easy to join the club in three little steps. 1– Find your ideal Pants & Socks with their finder. – Use the Pants & Socks finder to filter your choices to a few perfect selections or browse their online shop. 2 – Choose your subscription frequency & save 20% off every order. When you’ve chosen your perfect Pants & Socks and you’re ready to commit, select size, colour, and delivery frequency. 3– Keep getting stocked with FREE UK shipping! You’re ready to checkout! You’ll be billed each time your new Pants & Socks are delivered fresh to your door. With all of your favourite brands. Pants & Socks have curated the crème de la crème… Read More

A gentleman’s guide – How to dress for each business occasion

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Navigating your way around business events has never been an easy task for the modern man. From questioning whether to pop on a tie, wear a suit, or rock a tux – we sat down with the experts at leading Australian made-to-measure tailors Oscar Hunt to help guide us through dressing for each business occasion. Cocktail Dress When it comes to cocktail events, often it can be confusing to balance smart business with casual. The rules however, are quite simple. Do: The cocktail dress code is one of the most fun and exciting, as it gives you the greatest opportunity to express your own sense of style. Distinction to stand out is key and also a great opportunity to try new combinations and stretch the rules. We recommend experimenting with colours and patterns, whether it be a bold shirt, bold pocket square or playful socks. Do Not: Steer away from formal ties and black suits to keep it moderately casual. Also, dress to the appropriate atmosphere of your workplace (i.e. sombre tones over a bright orange shirt if your workplace is quite conservative). The Lounge Look  The lounge dress code is one of the least familiar, however one of the easiest to pull off. Much like the new kid on the block, the lounge suit sits just under the cocktail dress code – initially worn during periods of leisure (think relaxed tailoring). Do: Dress conservatively. You are expected to wear a dark suit and tie. If in doubt, select a charcoal or navy. Pair with… Read More

Your face can save lives: WWF Australia and VisionDirect create sustainable sunglasses

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They’re now turning gill nets into sunglasses and the world’s bloody thankful! The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia and eyewear company VisionDirect are teaming up to upcycle the plastic net, taking enough of the stuff to make 1,000 pairs of shades for the environmentally-minded trendsetter amongst us. It all comes after the initiative from 2018, where thousands of supporter donations helped WWF-Australia buy and retire the licence for the last commercial gill net operating full-time in the northern Great Barrier Reef. Talk about success. At the end of the day, it was all to protect dugongs and other endangered marine creatures which can be accidentally caught as bycatch and quickly drown; but not anymore. VisionDirect CEO David Menning said upcycling old nets is another way to give back to the community, following on from the company’s program to donate eyeglasses in less fortunate nations. But what will they do with the first thousand pairs they’ve made? Well, they come embossed with a marine animal whose future depends on a Net Free North, and half of the money they make from sales will go back to WWF for conservation work like advocacy for a #NetFreeNorth. For more info and to be apart of it all, head to the Vision Direct website.

Nike gets inclusive: The new BETRUE 2019 collection

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As we approach the half way point of 2019, NIKE has joined the fold, becoming more inclusive than ever before and turning out a new collection that’s all about inclusivity. The Nike BETRUE 2019 collection pays homage to activist Gilbert Baker and his iconic rainbow flag design that 40 years later remains a worldwide symbol for the LGBTQIA community. For the first time, the footwear, apparel and accessories all feature the icon’s original eight-colour flag, a timely homage in this era of diversity and acceptance, that no one is alone. It also celebrates the fact that Baker handmade everything he designed. Nike designers gave each shoe a hand-crafted effect by embroidering symbols including the eight-layer Swoosh on the Nike Air Max 90 BETRUE and the rainbow flag on the Tailwind 79. Get the shoes from Supply and Sneakerboy and the clothes online.

MR PORTER launches its Japan edit: 15 collections from Japan’s most influential menswear brands

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Some of Japan’s most revered labels are now available thanks to the efforts of MR PORTER. Japanese design is renowned for its unique takes, preference for quality fabrics and inimitable silhouettes, which make ranges some of the most desired by everyone all over the world. And now from 6 May, labels like Ambush, Auralee, Beams Plus, Blackmeans, Blue Blue Japan, Flagstuff, Hender Scheme, Human Made, Kapital, Mizuno, Needles, Neighborhood, Remi Relief, TakahiroMiyashita TheSoloist. and Wacko Maria x Fragment Design will offer 122 new pieces to the MR PORTER range online. Each brand has created a unique collection, interpreting their own take on Japanese style and culture as they nod to the leading and defining voices of Japanese design in contemporary and luxury casualwear. See the whole range at MR PORTER.