The easiest Plastic Free July swap you’ll ever make


It’s estimated that in 2021 Australians wasted 5,266 tonnes of plastic. It’s little wonder that as we become more aware of the harmful impact mismanaged plastic has on our environment, more of us are taking the time to make smart swaps. Plastic Free July is an entire month dedicated to just that – education and […]

How to live a more eco-friendly life

bamboo toothbrush

Protecting the planet has become a priority for thousands across the globe, but living a more eco-friendly life is easier said than done. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to being green, but luckily there are lots of easy ways to get started. You don’t have to completely transform […]

5 tips to support World Environment Day

Josh in white tshirt

Every three seconds, the world loses enough forests to fill a football field, and as much as 50% of our national coral reefs have been destroyed. In addition, due to our own excess waste, more than 13 billion single use plastic bottles end up in landfill in Australia alone.  However, this World Environment Day provides […]

Good & Fugly: fighting waste has never been so delicious and healthy!

Fugly fruit and veg

Did you know up to 25% of Australian produce doesn’t leave the farm because of their ‘imperfections’? But even imperfect fruit and veg deserve some loving, right? And the best part is, your love for rescued fruit and veg will help towards reducing wastage. The statistics are pretty alarming – in Australia alone, we throw […]

Earth Hour: save the date, save the planet

Earth Hour

Because if Earth dies, we literally have no hope, why don’t you try taking part in Earth Hour 2020? Born in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has since gained millions of supporters in 190  countries and territories, and more than 7000 cities. This year, 1 in 3 Australians are expected to switch off their […]

4 trendy ways to go eco friendly in 2020

Reusable water bottles

The sad and harsh truth about today’s society is that we’re destroying our beautiful planet. We’re now living in 2020, and now is the best time to begin making changes to help live a more eco-friendly life, which, in turn, will help slow down the deterioration of the earth. While you may not be able […]

We’re all killing the planet: The Waste Less Workbook will help you be better


Try as we might, being more green can be hard. So, environmentally-friendly movements like Banish – a fast-growing Australian waste-reduction education platform and online market place – are doing what they can to make it easier! Say hello to the Waste Less Workbook, the answer Banish has come-up with to tackle our unintentional (hopefully) contribution […]

Help this start-up launch their 100% plant-based disinfectant

A cause for good

As Australia slowly opens up its borders after lockdown and people return to work, now more than ever is a good time to think about how you will keep surfaces clean from viruses and bacteria in the workplace or when travelling.  Sydney based start-up A Cause for Good is raising funds and awareness in order […]

The top 5 questions to solve your first-time plant parenting problems

Houseplant 1

During these times of isolation, we have seen more people than ever busying themselves with new veggie patch ventures, making their own compost, and looking for ways to bring the outside world of nature indoors with plants. As a horticulturist and owner of Leaf an Impression, as well as an avid plant collector for over […]

International Composting Awareness Week: How you can do it, too

Worm compost

Composting is a weird concept, right? Throw your scraps into a plastic bin and let nature do its thing. But, have you ever really thought about it? Aside from essentially being a microcosm of the very way the world is meant to work harmoniously, composting is a fun passtime enjoyed by hundreds of thousands around […]