Catch up on your beauty sleep with Papinelle’s 100% silk sleep masks

papinelle sleep masks

Don’t you just want to roll out of bed every morning and look/feel like you’ve had the best night’s sleep, ever?

If you’re experiencing poor sleep because of that niggly first light finding its way through the blinds at 6am or you’re just battling insomnia because of the current state of world affairs, then maybe you need to a sleep mask. 

Really? A sleep mask? Yes, sleep masks are actually a very useful sleep aid. Of course, masks made from natural, breathable fibres are going to be your best bet – such as silk or cotton. You’ll be glad to know that sleepwear brand, Papinelle offers a beautiful range of 100% silk eye masks 

Eye masks not only block out light and maximise your beauty sleep, but they also protect the delicate skin around your eyes. True story! If you wake up with pillow impressions your face, this can apparently result in wrinkles over a period of time. 

Sleep masks are a good non-chemical alternative to medication, as it can trick your brain into thinking it’s time for the land of nod by muting distractions such as noise and light. And if anything, alcohol is more likely to disrupt your sleep so don’t bother going down that path. 

Papinelle offers beautiful boxed silk sleep masks which make great gifts for those who are struggling to get a good night’s sleep. You could also pair it with Papinelle’s new range of headbands that are made with the highest quality of pure silk. Cute, right! 

So if you’re going to be staying in a lot more, especially during the cooler months, you may as well due it in silky style with a cute headband AND get a good night’s sleep with your new favourite, silky, sleep aid.