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Your face can save lives: WWF Australia and VisionDirect create sustainable sunglasses

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They’re now turning gill nets into sunglasses and the world’s bloody thankful! The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia and eyewear company VisionDirect are teaming up to upcycle the plastic net, taking enough of the stuff to make 1,000 pairs of shades for the environmentally-minded trendsetter amongst us. It all comes after the initiative from 2018, where thousands of supporter donations helped WWF-Australia buy and retire the licence for the last commercial gill net operating full-time in the northern Great Barrier Reef. Talk about success. At the end of the day, it was all to protect dugongs and other endangered marine creatures which can be accidentally caught as bycatch and quickly drown; but not anymore. VisionDirect CEO David Menning said upcycling old nets is another way to give back to the community, following on from the company’s program to donate eyeglasses in less fortunate nations. But what will they do with the first thousand pairs they’ve made? Well, they come embossed with a marine animal whose future depends on a Net Free North, and half of the money they make from sales will go back to WWF for conservation work like advocacy for a #NetFreeNorth. For more info and to be apart of it all, head to the Vision Direct website.

Where to get new glasses for a steal on Black Friday


Vision Direct sell glasses, sunnies and everything else eye-related and this Black Friday, they have a cracker deal for anyone who’s thinking about investing. To the tune of free designer frames for the first 50 people who book an eye test in their Sydney store from tomorrow, Wednesday 21st November, they’ll score a pair of designer frames worth $100. Also for the biggest sale day of the year, they’ve got this on offer… GIVING AWAY 50 FREE FRAMES IN SYDNEY STORE ON WED 21st 2018 – FRI 23rd 2018 Flash Sale Up to 90% off (limited selection) 10% OFF CONTACT LENSES 10% OFF EYE + SUN 50% OFF LMNT, Arise Collective, Oh My Woodness! Free LMNT sunglasses, pay for the shipping Free shipping on all other brands Free returns for 100 days Two Year warranty. No minimum order value Black Friday is one of the biggest sale days in the world. An American tradition that’s made its way south, it struck a chord with Aussies. We spent $200 million on it last year alone! The Black Friday online promotions start on the 23rd of November 2018 and end on the 26th of November 2018. See more at the Vision Direct website.

Vision Direct just opened a shop in Sydney for all your eyewear needs

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For all your sunglasses and opticals needs, Vision Direct is where you need to go. But now, thanks to it being 2018 and the company branching out, you don’t need to only visit their online offering, you can now head down to George Street Sydney – or their shop in Melbourne – because they have officially opened the doors to Sydney’s first Vision Direct Optical Centre. Vision Direct is known for its world-leading catalogue of high end designer products, both in-store and online, including Marc Jacobs, Garret Leight, Calvin Klein, Mont Blanc and Porsche Design to name a few. After the successful opening of their shop in Melbourne this year, it’s obvious that 2018 is not only the year that VisionDirect.com.au, but shakes things up a little bit across the board, with it being their 10 year anniversary. The shop will echo the offering of the high-quality products that are available online, with the added bonus that customers can try on the styles and see how they look in real life. Designer frames and lenses aside, the new Vision Direct shop in Sydney will also offer eye testing and examinations by qualified opticians to really round-out the experience. Find the Sydney Vision Direct optical centre at 220 George Street, Sydney.

Affordable eyewear in the blink of an eye; only from Vision Direct

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If there’s one thing we can take away from the fashion weeks that hit us every year, it’s that what you should be wearing changes so often, you can’t keep on top of it alone! Which is why folks out there like Vision Direct make everything so much easier, offering-up the latest fresh-off-the-runway accessories like eyewear for what is comparatively a steal. What Mercedes Benz Fashion Week taught us is that bold is never old, and everything like coloured lenses, big square frames, cat eyes, small frames and metallic finishings are all the way of the future – at least for 2018. Vision Direct has opened its first offline shop in Melbourne this year, so trying them on first-hand is a lot more doable, but it’s their online offering that still reigns supreme. With hundreds of designer brands and more than hundreds of different styles, they keep their fingers on the pulse when it comes to what’s new and what you need, offering everything up for a price you can manage. No wonder Tom Ford, Miu Miu and Ray-Ban,Vision Direct’s exclusive brands such as Arise Collective, Oh My Woodness and LMNT are all on-board, joining the fold when it comes to tapping into these top trends, whilst providing a more affordable ‘high-street’ option, that don’t compromise on quality. Find your pair at Vision Direct’s website.