7 healthy hair habits to adopt right now

Woman hair

Some people take their hair for granted. They pay them no mind until they start noticing split ends, hair thinning, or, even worse, hair falling out. By then, the damage has been done, and the best thing you can do is to cut your precious locks and hope to grow them back again. If you […]

4 expert tips to keep away hair woes this winter

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Don’t underestimate winter. It might seem all cold and cosy, but it can wreak havoc on your hair regardless of how you dress and who you are. So, we spoke with our pals at American Crew about how to take care of it this winter in Australia and dug up these tips: Tip 1: moisturise […]

The Guy’s Guide to Horny Skin with Bulldog Skincare

Bulldog skincare

It’s that time of the year again when your skin is probably feeling a little dry and flakey. And if you’re wondering why this happens every winter, it’s because the top layer of skin, known as the stratum corneum (and colloquially known as the horny layer of skin) has a tendency to be susceptible to […]

2021 Fashion Week hair predictions, according to hair expert

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Whip out your Grams – it’s Australian Fashion Week time! While we don’t know what exactly designers will be presenting, we know they’ll be serving up a smorgasbord of delicious hair inspiration for the year ahead. Luke Munn, up-and-coming Australian barber who won the 2020 global American Crew All Star challenge (making him one of the best young […]

Praise be! Thanks To Nature haircare offers luxe quality without the salon price tag

Why wouldn’t you treat your hair as you would your skin with quality, sulfate-free products? Using products that contain sulfates are potentially not only bad for the environment but also bad for your scalp. For instance, did you know sulfate-free products help maintain the natural oils on your scalp and hair, whereas products containing sulfate […]

Swap your synthetically produced fragrance for clean, Australian made brand Recreation Bondi Beach

Are you over synthetically produced fragrances and seeking a clean, ethically sourced alternative? Then look no further than Recreation Bondi Beach, a locally produced clean brand specialising in fragrances and oils.  Recreation doesn’t use toxic chemicals, endocrine-disrupting ingredients or harmful synthetics. Where possible, ingredients are organic. There are no animal products in their natural fragrances, […]

Kiehl’s has the answer to dull-looking skin with their new supercharged skincare program

Do you suffer from dark spots or skin hyperpigmentation? Are you looking for a skincare product that helps visibly brighten your skin? Then apothecary-based New York skincare brand, Kiehl’s has just launched a supercharged program that targets exactly that! Clearly Corrective Accelerated Clarity Renewing Ampoules is a two-week brightening ampoule program that reveals a new […]

Top women’s hair trends for 2021

Woman hair

Ahead of L’Oréal Professionnel’s upcoming Annual Colour Trophy Awards on 22nd February 2021, the experts of this iconic brand; Mark Thompson, Artistic and Events Manager and Cara Riley, General Manager, have collated their predictions on the 5 key looks that will inspire and re-shape the industry in 2021. The bold blunt cut Strong blunt haircuts […]

Aston James: how 90s model Fabio is a household name again

Fabio Lanzoni’s the Italian-American actor, model and influencer whose hey day was earlier in the century. And now, he’s back! Known for his head of bold hair and his love for caring for it, he’s been driven in the direction of collaborator in the creation of Aston James, a new range of fancy men’s grooming […]

Are you looking for a cosmetic dentist in Melbourne? Sorted

A child at the dentist

A cosmetic dentist Melbourne is a need that you cannot ignore because it’s a matter of your dental appearance. You cannot let the look of your teeth spoil your overall look. When you feel that you don’t look as good as you can, you start losing your confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, it becomes extremely important […]

Look after your eyes, ears and skin! It’s simple!

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Your skin, eyes and ears are so important. The way we take care of them is vital to our health and looks. Our skin should always look glowing and thriving. Our eyes are supposed to be treated well and our hearing should always be checked too. It’s good to practice self care and also greatly […]

Made in Australia and no nasties. Why we love skincare brand DU’IT.

Du'It Hand cream

There’s nothing sexy about cracked heels and flaky, dried lips. But you needn’t break the bank in order to defeat dryness. An example of a reasonably priced skincare product that delivers results is Australian made and owned brand, DU’IT.  Born out of frustration from skincare products that didn’t deliver, husband and wife team, Pynith and […]