American Crew talks men and how to look good this 2022

Black man taper hair grooming

Forget ‘new year, new you’. After the shitness that has been the past 24 months, it’s all about ‘new year, happy you’ in whatever incarnation that takes. For us, it’s a quality haircut and some better-than-great hair products – like the American Crew Acumen range – with styling techniques that take your look from ‘I’ve […]

The friendlier way to start your day is officially here

What if I told you that you could begin and end every day with a practical, beneficial, refreshing and tasty ritual that’s good for you? You’d probably jump at it. Especially when you find out that as it turns out, you’re already doing it. The ritual is just brushing your teeth. But it’s not the […]

Nu Skin introduces the best of both worlds in makeup heaven

Nu skin

What happens when a high-performance liquid foundation meets a skin-loving, bio adaptive beauty balm? An innovative formula called Nu Colour Bioadaptive BB+ Skin LovingFoundation.  In essence, it’s makeup that acts like skincare. Not only does Bioadaptive BB+ enhance your complexion with a luminous finish, but it helps your skin respond to stress and helps protect […]

8 tips to make your hair more beautiful

Everyone deserves beautiful hair, so take some time to assess your hair routine. At home, you can make changes to obtain healthy, softer and shinier locks without breaking the bank.  Follow this guide for tips on achieving beautiful hair. 1) Turn down the temperature  Heat strips the natural oil from our hair. As relaxing as […]

Meet your skin’s new workout thanks to Ole Henriksen’s latest moisturiser

Ole Henriksen’s Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturiser

Meet the new personal trainer for your skin – Ole Henriksen’s Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturiser. Packed with peptides, ceramides, collagen, & hyaluronic acid, this vegan, nutrient-rich moisturiser deeply hydrates and strengthens your moisture barrier all day, helping skin hold onto moisture better. Want to know more about the ‘moisture barrier’? It’s the outermost layer […]

Gift your bae some Arbonne from their new Holiday collection this Christmas


With Christmas less than 7 weeks away, now is a good time to start putting your orders in for some thoughtful and sustainable gifts….and Arbonne has a gorgeous Holiday range that is sure to sort out even the fussiest of friends or family. For the stress head, what better gift than the InnerCalm Gift Set […]

Say good-bye to lockdown hair with True Me hair straightener

True me hair straightener

Whether it’s a Christmas gift you’re looking for or something for yourself to get your hair looking fabulous again after months of lockdown, the True Me hair straightener ticks all the boxes! First of all, there are two styles to choose from: the original or wide. While both deliver head-turning curls, the wider iron is […]

Men’s makeup: why you need War Paint for Men

Make up on men. To those who are unfamiliar or suffering from toxic masculinity, it might be a new/weird/foreign concept and something restricted to the practise of women, but Danny Gray and us might disagree. And here’s why. Since the UK cult men’s makeup brand made its foray in 2009, Danny Gray has been singing […]