Acre Eatery is one of the inner west’s best kept secrets

Breakfast at Acre Eatery

The Acre Eatery in Sydney is probably one of the inner west’s best kept secrets. A stunning farm-to-table establishment located in Camperdown Commons, this venue now stands where the Camperdown Bowling and Recreation Club once existed. The beautiful thing is that this farm-like eatery is now a community hub for locals to gather and feast. […]

Simple ways to live an eco-friendly life, starting in the kitchen

Scandi kitchen

Sustainable living seems to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment. It’s not an unfortunate trend to participate in, and it doesn’t even require too much commitment or effort. Just a few small changes here and there from as many people as possible can make a world of difference when it comes to taking care […]

Meet the man swimming across the dirtiest part of the ocean

Ben Lecomte 2

Ben Lecomte has always loved the water, his love for swimming and passion for the ocean, brought to his attention the cost that plastic was having on our oceans. 10 years later he has transformed his passion into his life mission swimming over 300nm across the dirtiest part of the ocean, the Great Pacific Garbage […]

V&A goes green: Supporting Extinction Rebellion with a new display

Extinction Rebellion 1

The Victoria and Albert, V&A, Museum in London has announced something new: they’ve newly acquired work that supports the movement of Extinction Rebellion (XR). The group is known for their non-violent demonstrations of civil disobedience and disruption, who’ve busied themselves since 31 October 2018, urging the UK government to declare a climate and ecological emergency […]

Sydney coffee brand Seven Miles launches recycling program in the right direction

Coffee cup

To say that Australians “enjoy a cup of coffee” would be an understatement. We guzzle over six billion cups of coffee every year. Manly roaster, Seven Miles are not only committed to roasting the best but being the best in sustainability. Seven Miles has partnered with Terracycle on Australia’s first free-to-use coffee recycling program. The program allows consumers to recycle […]

What to do with old fishing nets: Just ask VisionDirect


If there’s one thing the world makes too much of, it’s plastic stuff. Smart phones, milk bottles, coffee cups and fishing nets – the list goes on – but the way we are now doesn’t need to be the way we’ll be. There are organisations out there, like VisionDirect, who’re putting their weight behind the […]

Your face can save lives: WWF Australia and VisionDirect create sustainable sunglasses

Vision Direct sunglasses 2

They’re now turning gill nets into sunglasses and the world’s bloody thankful! The World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia and eyewear company VisionDirect are teaming up to upcycle the plastic net, taking enough of the stuff to make 1,000 pairs of shades for the environmentally-minded trendsetter amongst us. It all comes after the initiative from 2018, […]

The Sydney initiative giving back to the bees

Bee on a flower

“There is now alarming evidence of a serious decline in birds, bees, butterflies and other pollinators. The research is conclusive but we all recognise we are not seeing the diverse nature we experienced as children.” “This has implications for our food supply, for life. And we should not just be thinking of ourselves – the […]

Drinking from the Wave Glass means you never need to use straws again

Australia is SO anti-plastic, we’ve all heard by now the shocking reality that every piece of plastic that’s ever been created for us, or used by you, still exists somewhere on Earth. Shocking. Which is why people are making a proactive change in the level of consumption in Australia and to a lesser extent, the […]

Melbourne blooms at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Melbourne Flower Garden Show 2

No longer solely the domain of daggy dads and nannas obsessed with tending to their prized roses, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show returned for another year to show all of us city-dwelling green thumbs exactly what we can accomplish with our indoor plants and backyard veggie plots. While gardening has always been a […]