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New bar in Sydney: INNA Lounge

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Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s bustling CBD, INNA Lounge emerges as a beacon of luxury and nostalgia within the historic walls of The Republic Hotel. This latest addition to Sydney’s nightlife is not just a bar; it’s a cultural revitalisation of one of the city’s iconic landmarks. With the promise of combining unapologetic sophistication and a wink to the past, INNA Lounge invites patrons to indulge in an experience unlike any other. Stage One of an Ambitious Renovation INNA Lounge marks the beginning of an ambitious facelift for the beloved Republic Hotel. A multi-million dollar renovation aims to breathe new life into this four-story building, preserving its rich heritage while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary edge. The transformation of INNA Lounge sets the tone for what’s to come, offering a glimpse into a future where history and modernity coalesce seamlessly. A Cocktail List That Nostalgically Innovates At the heart of INNA Lounge’s charm is its inventive cocktail menu. Spearheaded by Rusty (James Russell), the Virtical Group Beverage Manager, the menu draws inspiration from the vibrant art deco era of the 1930s and post-World War I innovation. Featuring reimagined classics that spotlight iconic Australian ingredients, such as Milo and Arnott’s biscuits, each cocktail tells a story. The ‘Biscuit Tin’, a peach cobbler homage to Arnott’s, and the ‘Mayne Meal’, a marriage between Milo and the Espresso Martini, are just a taste of the creative flair INNA offers. Culinary Creations to Complement Your Cocktail Complementing the sophisticated drink selection, Chef Derek Bell curates a series… Read More

Tickets available for Chicago in Sydney

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Due to an unprecedented demand, CHICAGO, the musical described by The Times (UK) as “The sharpest, slickest show on the block”, has announced additional performances. Fans will be delighted to hear that tickets for shows up until 21 July are now on pre-sale, with general public sales commencing on Friday, 22 March. This comes as a result of the show’s immense success and stellar reviews in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, where it sold out and garnered five-star accolades from critics and audiences alike. The spectacular production is set to dazzle Sydney at the Capitol Theatre starting from 9 June. Australia’s distinguished theatre producer, John Frost for Crossroads Live, has curated a remarkable cast for this season of CHICAGO. The lineup includes Anthony Warlow, who brings to life the suave lawyer Billy Flynn, with Zoë Ventoura as the formidable Velma Kelly and Lucy Maunder as the ambitious Roxie Hart. The cast also features the comedic genius Peter Rowsthorn as Amos and the talented Asabi Goodman as the prison warden Matron ‘Mama’ Morton, alongside a vibrant ensemble that accelerates the show’s energy and style. Set in the roaring 1920s, CHICAGO offers a tantalizing tale of Roxie Hart, a nightclub dancer who turns a crime of passion into a frenzy of media sensationalism with the help of Chicago’s slickest criminal lawyer, Billy Flynn. The musical not only entertains but mirrors the scandal and the intrigue of the jazz age with its spectacular choreography, unforgettable songs, and gripping storyline. The 1996 Broadway revival of the show, choreographed by Ann… Read More

How to appear in Opera Australia’s “West Side Story”

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Ever dreamed of lighting up the stage in one of the most iconic musicals of all time? Well, pack your dancing shoes and prepare for an exhilarating experience because Opera Australia is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that’s bound to get your heart racing. For the first time in musical theatre history down under, fans of the legendary “West Side Story” can purchase a unique walk-on role, taking their place in the spotlight on the breathtaking Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour stage. Imagine the applause, the lights, the energy – and you, right there in the heart of it all! This isn’t just any role. Each night, during the up-coming season, one lucky individual will join the talented cast on-stage for the electrifying ‘Dance at the Gym’ scene. It’s a chance to not just watch the drama unfold but to be an integral part of it, to move to the rhythms of Leonard Bernstein’s timeless score amidst the backdrop of Sydney’s shimmering skyline. But wait, there’s more to this star treatment than just the performance. The walk-on role comes with perks that would make even the most seasoned actors envious. From professional hair and makeup, a custom costume fitting, to a rehearsal with the Assistant Director to perfect your moments in the spotlight. Before the show, you’ll meet and greet the ensemble, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. And because such nights are best shared, the experience includes four Premium Reserve tickets, allowing you to bring your own cheering squad. Your evening of glamour doesn’t… Read More

Scenic dining in Australia

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Australia’s culinary scene is as diverse as its landscapes, offering not just exceptional menus, but also breathtaking views and iconic locations. Whether you are a food enthusiast or an avid traveller, these destinations provide a window into the country’s unparalleled beauty. Location: 78 Penfold Road, Adelaide SA 5072 Highlights: Nestled in the beautiful Adelaide foothills, Magill Estate Restaurant combines modern dining with stunning scenery. Enjoy contemporary dishes and an impressive wine selection amid breathtaking views that make every meal memorable. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Magill Estate Restaurant (@magillestaterestaurant) Location: Plane Tree Dr, Adelaide SA 5000 Highlights: Situated within the picturesque 51-hectare Adelaide Botanic Garden, Restaurant Botanic offers a dining experience that evolves with the seasons. Chef Justin James crafts a menu to engage all your senses, ensuring a relaxed four-hour culinary adventure. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Restaurant Botanic (@restaurantbotanic_adl) Location: Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000 Highlights: Dine with spectacular views of Sydney Harbour and the city at the iconic Sydney Opera House. The menu celebrates Australian cuisine with elegant meals crafted from top-quality local ingredients. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bennelong Restaurant (@bennelong_sydney) Location: 1 Macquarie Street, Sydney Highlights: Aria boasts stunning views of Sydney’s landmarks paired with a versatile menu. Whether opting for a full degustation or a selection of dishes, the best of Australian ingredients are showcased in every bite. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aria Restaurant (@ariarestaurant) Location: 270 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000… Read More

Bar’d Work Sydney is a new kind of theatre

Bard Work Shakespeare

Australia’s favourite Shakespeare troupe, Bar’d Work, is thrilled to announce its return to the vibrant pub scene with “Much Ado About Nothing”, set to light up the Shakesbeer Sessions once again. Delving into the heart of Shakespeare’s comedic brilliance, this show pits the sharp-tongued Beatrice against the wily Benedick in a verbal duel that is as hilarious as it is timeless. Set in the convivial atmosphere of Sydney’s most iconic pubs, Bar’d Work invites audiences to experience a side of Shakespeare that’s rarely seen in traditional theatre settings. The company’s rendition of “Much Ado About Nothing” promises a whirlwind of romance, intrigue, and laughter, engaging audiences in a way that only live theatre—in the most unexpected of venues—can. Director and creator Chris Huntly-Turner makes it clear, “The Bar’d is back, taking Sydney pubs by storm, performing Shakespeare the way the Bard himself intended – for the people, in packed out pubs!” It’s a nod to the Elizabethan tradition of staging plays in inn yards, making the Bard’s work accessible and relatable to everyone. According to Laura Heuston of Theatre Travels, Bar’d Work’s approach has demonstrated that making Shakespeare accessible and entertaining for modern audiences doesn’t require radically altering the text, but rather, adapting the performance style – and the audiences have responded with roaring laughter and enthusiastic participation. Originating from a moment of inspiration among actors in 2019, Bar’d Work has grown into a beloved staple of the Australian pub scene. Its unique blend of interactive, raucous storytelling has seen the company sell out multiple… Read More

Sydney Philharmonia does Elijah this season

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Sydney Philharmonia Choirs is delighted to announce a monumental performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s Elijah, featuring the internationally renowned operatic baritone, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, in the lead role. This singular event, scheduled for 7pm on Saturday, May 18, at the iconic Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, promises to be an unforgettable evening of music and drama. Under the direction of the esteemed Brett Weymark, audiences will experience the old testament tale of Elijah, brought to life through Mendelssohn’s profound musical composition. At the heart of this performance is Teddy Tahu Rhodes, whose voice has captivated audiences across the globe for its “velvet like richness” and “great resonance,” aspects that have earned him accolades including the ARIA, Helpmann, and Limelight awards. Artistic Director Brett Weymark expressed his enthusiasm, noting that for the role of Elijah, “only one name comes to mind – Teddy Tahu Rhodes.” This performance not only showcases Rhodes’ magnificent talent but also embodies the grandeur of 19th-century music-making, enriched with the emotional depth and humanity that Mendelssohn embedded in his work. Elijah remains a masterpiece, celebrated for its penetrating exploration of human determination and faith, played out through its captivating orchestration and choral arrangements. This production by the Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, employing the powerful combination of a 400-voice Festival Chorus and a cast of exceptional soloists, is designed to mesmerize the audience with every note and emotion conveyed. Beyond the enthralling music, this event is a unique opportunity to witness a cast of established and emerging talents, including Celeste Lazarenko, Sian Sharp, Andrew Goodwin,… Read More

Being successful; Australian style, with Geedup

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The prestigious luxury whisky brand Chivas Regal breaks new ground with the announcement of its latest initiative, a series of workshops under the banner of the ‘How We Rise’ platform. Aimed at empowering and uplifting the next wave of cultural entrepreneurs, this programme is set to take the creative world by storm. Scheduled to kick off on Saturday, April 13, with an event hosted alongside Geedup Co. in Sydney, and followed by a second workshop on Saturday, April 20, with Serwah Attafuah in Melbourne, attendees are in for a profoundly enriching experience. These workshops promise an immersive deep-dive into the intellect and innovation driving some of Australia’s most celebrated creative talents. With Geedup Co., participants will uncover a wealth of knowledge essential for business success, learning to craft captivating narratives, understand their brand’s core values and target audience, and the strategies involved in transitioning from traditional brick-and-mortar establishments to flourishing online platforms. The session with Serwah Attafuah on April 20 will shift focus towards brand authenticity. Here, the budding entrepreneur will discover invaluable insights into establishing an authentic brand identity beyond the facade of social media. The workshop will cover leveraging community support, engaging target audiences in meaningful ways, and cementing a genuine brand and online presence. Appointed as ambassadors of the ‘How We Rise’ platform, Geedup Co., and Serwah represent the embodiment of hustle-led ambition and fearless pursuit of success. From its roots in Western Sydney in 2010, Geedup Co. has risen as an international fashion powerhouse, while Serwah has carved a niche in… Read More

Limbo The Return: a highlight of Sydney theatre

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Welcome to a circus spectacle of otherworldly proportions, “LIMBO The Return” is the exhilarating new headline show captivating audiences at The Grand Electric, the hottest venue in town. This acclaimed production marries the thrilling essence of live circus, cabaret, and acrobatics with the heart-pounding live music composed by New York’s own Jank master, Sxip Shirey. Set in a realm delicately balanced between heaven and hell, “LIMBO The Return” showcases an international ensemble of top-tier circus performers and musicians, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary. Having spellbound crowds in Spiegeltents across Newcastle and Adelaide, “LIMBO The Return” now sets its sights on Sydney for its headline season. The show has been embraced with open arms, drawing in audiences eager to witness its jaw-dropping, fire-breathing, and gravity-defying acts. Critics, too, have been fervently enthusiastic, with Upside Adelaide awarding the show a five-star review, lauding it as “a whirlwind of excitement and wonder… that will leave you wanting more.” Elsewhere, See Do Eat Review echoed this acclaim in their own five-star praise, highlighting the band as “musical geniuses” and heralding the show as their “favourite show of the Fringe”. More than a decade ago, the original LIMBO production propelled its creators, Strut & Fret, onto the global stage. After selling out at the Sydney Festival, it embarked on an international tour gracing stages from Brussels to Bogota. The show even captivated Madonna, who attended twice during its London season. Its follow-up, “LIMBO Unhinged,” enjoyed a hugely successful and critically acclaimed run at the Sydney Opera House, before… Read More

New Vic’s Meat at Chatswood


Calling all meat enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs! It’s time to rejoice as Anthony Puharich, the visionary owner behind Victor Churchill & Vic’s, kicks off his grand 2024 expansion with the spectacular debut of Vic’s second store at Chatswood Chase today. Expanding Horizons: A Meat-Lover’s Delight The sizzling excitement doesn’t end there, as two more Vic’s stores are set to grace Bondi Junction and Chadstone Melbourne later this year, marking an exhilarating phase in the brand’s journey. Already an iconic presence at Sydney Fish Markets in Pyrmont, Vic’s continues to redefine the meat industry landscape with its unwavering commitment to premium quality and unparalleled culinary experiences. A legacy of excellence For nearly three decades, Vic’s has been the epitome of premium quality meat, serving as the trusted supplier to the nation’s top restaurants, earning accolades for its award-winning cuts. Beyond the realms of haute cuisine, Vic’s has opened its doors to the Australian public, offering access to the most exceptional meat selections. Since its inception in 1996, Vic’s has been steadfast in its mission to unite Australia through the shared love for exceptional food. Vic’s Chatswood Chase: A Culinary Oasis Located at 345 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067, Vic’s Chatswood Chase promises an indulgent meat-shopping experience like no other. With doors open from Monday to Sunday, meat aficionados can embark on a gastronomic expedition to explore the finest cuts, expertly crafted to elevate every culinary creation. Join the Culinary Celebration As the aroma of sizzling steaks and succulent roasts fills the air, we invite you to… Read More

Sydney’s Hollywood Quarter musical journey

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Sydney’s Hollywood Quarter precinct in Surry Hills is gearing up to become a haven for music enthusiasts with the introduction of the Great Southern Nights Gig Trail, set to commence at 4pm on Saturday, March 23, 2024. This curated walk, supported by the Office of the 24-Hour Economy Commissioner’s Uptown program, invites music fans to embark on a captivating journey through free live music performances at various nearby venues, illuminated by the glow of street lights. Minister for the Arts, Minister for Music and the Night-time Economy, and Minister for Jobs and Tourism, John Graham, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Activating the much-loved venues and streets of Sydney’s Hollywood Quarter will create a vibrant musical haven in the heart of Surry Hills.” He emphasized the aim to invigorate precincts, deliver exceptional cultural experiences, showcase NSW’s creative sector, and stimulate investment in businesses, ultimately fostering a lively nightlife ambiance. As participants traverse the trail, they will be treated to diverse music and dining experiences offered by prominent venues such as Ace Hotel Sydney, The Soda Factory, Alberto’s Lounge, The Burdekin, Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Hollywood Hotel, Hotel Harry, Butter, and Paramount House Hotel. Along Foster St, a band featuring renowned musicians will entertain audiences with a rich troubadour tradition, delving into multicultural genres and captivating diners and passers-by. Additionally, talented buskers of all ages and backgrounds will add to the vibrant atmosphere by showcasing their skills to the crowd. Music Curator Trevor Brown, drawing from his experiences performing in Europe, highlighted the surprise element of the… Read More