Opera Australia doing 500 tickets for $35

Opera Australia stage

Opera Australia is rolling out the red carpet for younger audiences with its innovative Opera for Under 35s program!

A fresh initiative that aims to breathe new life into the traditional art form of opera. In a bold move to attract a younger demographic, OA is offering an enticing deal of 500 tickets priced at just $35 each. This special offer marks the launch of a program dedicated to making opera more accessible and appealing to the under-35 crowd, starting with the Australian premiere of Edward Dick’s acclaimed production of Tosca.

Scheduled to mesmerise audiences firstly in Melbourne at the Margaret Court Arena on May 24, followed by a season at the iconic Sydney Opera House starting June 25, Tosca is set to be a landmark event. This initiative is not merely about offering discounted tickets; it’s a comprehensive program designed to cultivate a deeper appreciation for opera among young Australians. Registrants of the program can look forward to a 15% discount on tickets to most OA performances year-round, alongside exclusive further discounts for select shows, with some tickets available at the low price of $35. Additionally, members will receive invitations to special behind-the-scenes events including meet-and-greets with artists, all at no additional cost.

Jo Davies, OA’s new Artistic Director, expresses her excitement about the program, highlighting it as a strategic move to lower financial barriers and make opera accessible to all, especially during tough economic times. This approach not only preserves but also propels the art form forward by ensuring it remains relevant and enjoyed by broader and younger audiences.

Tosca, described as the ultimate opera thriller, presents a gripping narrative filled with passion, betrayal, and a tragically unforgettable conclusion. Its dramatic storyline and emotional intensity make it an ideal introduction for opera newcomers, illustrating how music can elevate storytelling to extraordinary heights.

The process for joining the Opera for Under 35s program is straightforward, requiring just an online registration and proof-of-age for ticket purchases. This initiative is part of OA’s broader efforts to engage new audiences, evidenced by nearly 60% of attendees in 2023 being first-timers. Through extensive audience research and these innovative programs, OA aims to continuously expand opera’s appeal and ensure its sustainability by attracting a new generation of opera lovers.

To join the Opera for Under 35s program and for more information on how to access these special offers, visit opera.org.au/under-35s.

This program represents a significant step forward in demystifying opera and making it a vibrant, accessible, and relevant art form for young Australians. Through initiatives like Opera for Under 35s, Opera Australia is not only breaking down the cost barrier but is also inviting a new audience to explore the rich emotive power and unforgettable experiences opera uniquely offers.